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Member since: Sat Dec 8, 2018, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 1,658

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Over 4000 more dead from covid.

Almost 60 cops hurt from protecting congress.
Hospital workers struggling with all the sick and dying.
School kids and parents struggling with at home learning or exposure to a deathly pandemic.
Millions out of work.
Millions losing their jobs and homes.
Many not knowing how they are going to eat.

And some of the republicans refuse to wear masks or go through a metal detector.

Because they are f*ckheads. They are done.

I am getting tired of hearing Republicans reiterate they were only going for

Fair and balanced elections, that there is blame on both sides, and the media allows it.
It is all over the same.

And nobody seems to know where these terrorists came from. Not from the states of any repubs that were interviewed, according to them.

Gee Kevin McCarthy seems yo think their are bad people on both sides.

Is this his take on there are good people on both sides?

Republicans and media are playing the kids on The Family Circle with the little guy going "not me".

This is on them. My grandson got a bigger civics lesson than we expected. It was 1967 when I was his age.

Question for court knowledgeable people re Wisconsin hearing.

My expertise stops at the old Perry Mason in the 60's. I am very frustrated with WI supreme court conservative justices for being a pain for Tony Evers and making covid here much worse than it needed to be.

But the conservatives judges seem to be interrupting the lawyers a lot and are coming across as condenscendong. Just want some feedback before I email feedback as to the ridiculousness of the court once again. The one I sent to them last night let them know what a laughing stock they are and that they should not have used the WI Tavern league as a source to put all our lives at risk.

I may be biased...

Just throwing this out. Covid 19 will hit 10,000,000 cases in the USA today.

I for one will not forget, nor will I forgive.

My sisters response to Trumpists.

She is as liberal as anyone on DU. She is also very kind, and relocates insects and critters to the outside when she captures them. They have a bit of a mice problem at their cabin, and she will only deal with them humanely.

Now she's has admitted moving the mice into peoples yards with Trump signs. That may not be humane, but it made me giggle.

Recall effort on Governor Evers

From what I have read is being led by a woman from Burlington. That is a town of about 10,000 people. Burlington is also the town Robin Vos is from. There is some question as to the validity of the signatures she has gotten, based on local new reports. Maybe I am getting paranoid, but I don't believe in coincidences when it comes to Wisconsin Republicans.

Sorry, I don't know how to transfer sources on my Kindle. Google Misty Polewczynski if interested.


I have been catching single news stories on YouTube. I was not aware this newscast existed, and I am so excited to watch a news program that does not cause me to yell f*** you or flash my middle finger toward the tv. Just thought I would share. Maybe lots of you already know about it, but I figure there may be others, like myself, who do not.

Anybody else think republicans are trying to wag the dog with a French bulldog?

Powers that be have been looking for the cause of the current Wisconsin covid outbreak.

Trump last came to Wisconsin September 17, drawing "thousands" to northern Wisconsin. When I watched the news of that visit, those thousands were not wearing masks and were penned
Closely together. That was 14 days ago.
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