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Justice matters.

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Member since: Fri Dec 14, 2018, 09:16 PM
Number of posts: 4,313

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The Lame-Duck Executioner: Trump Prepares to Execute Five Prisoners in Closing Days of Presidency

We look at the unprecedented five federal executions President Trump’s Department of Justice has scheduled before Inauguration Day, starting with Brandon Bernard on International Human Rights Day, and ending with Dustin Higgs on January 15, Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday!

The Fascist THUG wants to show its abject CRUELTY and for what?

LOCK IT UP (for life)

Dem Senator on FINALLY holding Trump accountable after his term (interview with Brian Tyler Cohen)

Brian interviews Senator Chris Murphy about holding Trump accountable once he leaves office, what Republican Senators are saying about Trump’s loss behind the scenes, and combating the disinformation we’re dealing with now as we move forward.

Trump flips out on reporter: 'I'm the President of the United States!'

LIES + LIES + crybaby mad king calling reporter "lightweight"

That creep is "still" dangerous: Lock him up before he does something more terrible than COVID-19!

If we don't investigate the crimes of Trumpism, we can't take the high road and tell other countries

how to handle their Justice department...

The world watched all their cRime$ in real time!

We risk getting laughed at in our faces.

Just sayin...

Tweet of the Past Four Years


Greg Olear
“The jerk who broke into our house with help from our adversaries, stole our money, got us sick w/plague that killed Grandma, caged children, poisoned the environment, gaslighted, subjected us to abuse, & held us hostage for 4 years should not be investigated,” said no one, ever.

Lawrence: 'It's All Over' For William Barr & Donald Trump

Lawrence: ‘It’s All Over’ For William Barr & Donald Trump

The Biden/Harris administration must do something (like a special Commission, for instance) to seek and review the Grand Jury Materials and the full Mueller Report Tome I and II.

Methinks William Barr should be charged with Obstruction of Justice, and Cover up of the crimes of the Trump/Pence administration at a very minimum. If Barr is allowed to walk away scot-free with all the illegality he has done to kiss the dicktatortot-wannabe's butt, the next ChRi$taliban AG (if any) will do much worse. Elections have consequences.


Trump Panama Building A Magnet For Dirty Money Laundering

Oldie but Goldie: Revisit the International Mafia Market managed by the dRumpf mob.

That's what occupies and tries to steal the White House from the People's hands.

6 post-presidency lawsuits waiting for Trump

I would add a few (Inauguration frauds, Hatch Act violations & States RICO procedures about slowing the mail?)

That's what scares him the most to the point he's obviously losing his marbles.


Stelter: Fox News has never seen competition like this in its history

Josef Goebbels's "Repeat a big lie often and it will become the truth" must be proud from his small space in hell...

'Frankly embarrassing': Tapper breaks down Trump's lawsuits alleging voter fraud

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