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Justice matters.

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Member since: Fri Dec 14, 2018, 09:16 PM
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Once this pandemic will be over worldwide (what about Climate Change)

Once this pandemic will be over worldwide, what about Climate Change thousands of Scientists warn all the lights are blinking red (two minutes to midnight), that it threatens 7 BILLION or more human lives, animal life not included? They estimate we all have just twelve years to reverse course. There's been 28 wasted years since the 1992 Rio Summit as the world's greenhouse effects emissions only got worse and worse globally.

Governments keep dragging their feet... (when not destroying the small regulations some put in place before).

We need to hammer this over and over (before it's too late, just like they did with this pandemic). We have a costly (lives + economies) example to scream at them (what happens when you keep listening to the oil-industry complex).

Idiot Orangevirus ''Likes'' this tweet?

[div]Donald Trump issues statement on Ted Cruz birth certificate



In 2018 Trump/Bolton fired the global pandemic response team (national security council) and I don't know who did it
but the funding for work on a corona-virus vaccine (SARs) was also cut too. We have him on tape (2/20) as saying that
it was a good business decision to fire those people.

How irresponsible is that?? To save a few dough for giving millionaires & billionaires tax cuts?? Screw We The People's Health & Security!

This MUST be yelled from the rooftops in MANY of the nominee's team ads over 'n over again!
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