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Justice matters.

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Member since: Fri Dec 14, 2018, 09:16 PM
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The Whole History of the Earth and Life

The Whole History of the Earth and Life 【Finished Edition】

Revised (Newest) edition :

This is a documentary which portrays the birth of the solar system, the birth of the Earth, and the emergence and evolution of life on Earth depicted through latest research activities.

Executive producer: prof. Shigenori Maruyama. Supported by Hadean Bioscience Project.

1. The Origin of the Earth. 00:00
 4.567 billion years ago : The formation of the Solar System.
 4.56 billion years:ago : The formation of the Earth.
 4.55 billion years ago : Giant impact.

2. Initiation of Plate Tectonics. 02:53
 4.37-4.20 billion years ago : The formation of the atmosphere and ocean.
 4.37-4.20 billion years ago : The initiation plate tectonics.

3. Birth of Proto-life. 06:57
 4.10(4.20?) billion years ago : The birth of first proto-life.

4. The Initial Stage of Life. 10:53
 4.37-4.20 billion years ago : The loss of the primordial continent and the generation of a strong geomagnetic field.
 4.20 billion years ago : The emergence of sun-powered life.
 4.10 billion tears ago : Mass extinction.

5. Second Stage of Evolution of Life. 16:36
 2.90 billion years ago : The emergence of photosynthetic life.
 2.70 billion years ago : Mantle overturn.

6. Third Stage of the Evolution of Life. 20:35
 2.30 billion years ago : Mass extinction by snowball Earth.
 2.10 billion years ago : From prokaryotes to eukaryotes.

7: The Dawn of the Cambrian Explosion. 25:07
 1.90-0.80 billion tears ago : The Formation of a Supercontinent.
 700-600 million years ago : The Sturtian Glaciation
 700-600 million years ago : The Leaking Earth.

8: The Cambrian Explosion. 30:57
 640 million years ago : The Origin of Multicellular Life. The Marinoan Glaciation.
 580 million years ago : Appearance of Ediacaran Fauna. The Gaskiers Glaciation.
 550 million years ago : Evolution Responds to Environmental Changes
 540 million years ago : The First Cambrian Organisms

9: The Paleozoic Era. 37:06
 600 million years ago : Expanding Habitats.
 540 million years ago : The Co-evolution of Planets and Insects
 550-540 million years ago : The Evolution of Vertebrates
 260-250 million years ago : The Largest Mass extinction of the Phanerozoic Eon. Collision with a Dark nebula

10: From the Mesozoic to the birth of human beings. 43:23
 Dispersion and amalgamation of continents, and the evolution of life.
 The birth of primates.
 66 million years ago : Dinosaur extinction.

11: The Humanozoic eon : the appearance of human beings and civilization. 50:26
 Evolution into primates.
 The birth of human beings, the fourth animal category : the Humanozoic eon.
 10000 years ago : The Agricultural Revolution.
 5000 years ago : The Urban Revolution.
 2400 years ago : The Religious Revolution.
 300 years ago : The Industrial Revolution.
 The Information Revolution.

12: Future of the Earth. 57:54
 Challenges for Human society.
 Future of Human society.
 Future of the Earth.
 200 million years later : Formation of the supercontinent.
 400 million years later : Extinction of the C4 plants.
 1 billion years later : Cessation of plate tectonics.
 1.5 billion years later : Disappearance of the ocean.
 4.5 billion years later : Collision between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy.
 8 billion years later : Annihilation of the Earth.

Posted by Justice matters. | Mon Oct 25, 2021, 04:10 PM (3 replies)

Trump Blames Biden For January 6th Riot

Trump says that January 6th was a failure of intelligence and Biden. John Iadarola and Nina Turner break it down on The Damage Report.

Posted by Justice matters. | Mon Oct 18, 2021, 12:04 AM (16 replies)

QAnon Figurehead Announces Run For Congress

Ron Watkins, the former 8chan administrator believed to be the origin of the QAnon conspiracy theory, has announced he plans to run for Congress in Arizona. In the video he used to announce his run, he claimed he was jumping into the race "to defeat the "dirtiest Democrat in the D.C. swamp," incumbent Congressman Tom O'Halleran, who has only been in office for four years. Tina Nguyen speaks with Hallie Jackson about what this could mean for the Republican party.

If he is Q, he needs to be held accountable for the craziness he unleashed.
If 700K deaths are not enough, wonder what is.
Posted by Justice matters. | Sun Oct 17, 2021, 11:29 PM (2 replies)

There has been a coup': Bernstein on Trump's role in January 6 riot

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein and John Dean reacts to a Senate probe that reveals evidence that former President Trump attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Stay tuned up to the 6th minute & beyond. See John Dean say he can't understand why there's no Inherent Contempt against these thugs.
Posted by Justice matters. | Sun Oct 17, 2021, 01:18 AM (7 replies)

Rep.Thompson On Defying Jan. 6 Subpoenas: AG Garland Has To Do His Job In A Timely Manner

Steve Bannon defying a subpoena issued by the Jan. 6 select committee, and what Attorney General Merrick Garland should do about it, are discussed by Jan. 6 select committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson in conversation with Joy Reid.

Garland does not want to be "too hard" on the domestic terrorists who attacked the United States Congress on January 6, 2021, and looked to hang the Vice President, and murder the Speaker of the House!

What is his "job" again? Is he for real? If all that is true, he should be removed and replaced by Glenn Kirschner, a true patriot!
Posted by Justice matters. | Fri Oct 15, 2021, 12:36 AM (1 replies)

The global supply chain nightmare is about to get worse

Source: CNN Business

Computer chip shortages. Epic port congestion. And a serious lack of truck drivers. The world's delicate supply chains are under extreme stress.

The supply chain nightmare is jacking up prices for consumers and slowing the global economic recovery. Unfortunately, Moody's Analytics warns supply chain disruptions "will get worse before they get better."

"As the global economic recovery continues to gather steam, what is increasingly apparent is how it will be stymied by supply-chain disruptions that are now showing up at every corner," Moody's wrote in a Monday report.

Indeed, the IMF downgraded its 2021 US growth forecast on Tuesday by one percentage point, the most for any G7 economy. The IMF cited supply chain disruptions and weakening consumption which itself has been partially driven by supply chain bottlenecks such as a lack of new cars amid the computer chip shortage.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/12/business/global-supply-chain-nightmare/index.html

Our species consumes 1.5 times the resources of this planet every year.

This runaway train of endless "New" stuff with expiration dates is unsustainable.
Posted by Justice matters. | Tue Oct 12, 2021, 11:42 PM (36 replies)

Haiti condemns Trump's 'racist' comments toward migrants

Haiti has denounced what it said were "racist" remarks from former US president Donald Trump that migrants from the island nation entering the United States would put Americans at risk of contracting AIDS.

"So we have hundreds of thousands of people flowing in from Haiti. Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem," Trump said in a Thursday interview on Fox News.

"Many of those people will probably have AIDS, and they're coming into our country and we don't do anything about it, we let everybody come in," he said. "It's like a death wish for our country."

According to World Bank data, HIV prevalence in Haiti has been steadily declining for the past 15 years, and is now estimated at a rate of 1.9 percent among Haitians aged 15 to 49.


Holy.Fu*king.Sh!t (indeed)...

When will that lying orange terrorist rapist fascist grifter get his so-deserved ticket to jail for the rest of his criminal life???
Posted by Justice matters. | Sun Oct 10, 2021, 02:04 PM (1 replies)

"only time in the past 17 years that this ... socio-pathetic Zod was not running a Doomsday Machine"

"The only time in the past 17 years that this little socio-pathetic Zod was not running a Doomsday Machine for Women was Monday, Oct 4, when Facebook went down for five hours."

Retweeted with comment by E. Jean Carroll

Don Winslow
NEW VIDEO: #DeleteZuckerberg

How many young women have to die Mark Zuckerberg?

Posted by Justice matters. | Fri Oct 8, 2021, 12:13 AM (9 replies)

House committee can't find ex-Trump aide to serve him subpoena

More than a week after subpoenaing former aide to President Trump Dan Scavino to cooperate with its investigation into the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, the House select committee has been unable to physically serve the subpoena to him, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort.

Criminal on the run!
Posted by Justice matters. | Wed Oct 6, 2021, 04:28 PM (5 replies)

There we go again (re: Russia's supersonic 3M22 tests yesterday from "quiet" sub)... sigh

Russia Says It Has Test Fired Hypersonic Cruise Missiles From A Submarine For The First Time


Not in LBN yesterday. Just seen it reported in local paper.

This species amuses itself to a forthcoming self-extinction death. White boys with war toys...
Posted by Justice matters. | Tue Oct 5, 2021, 02:30 PM (3 replies)
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