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Justice matters.

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Member since: Fri Dec 14, 2018, 09:16 PM
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A Chilling Portrait Of T****'s Attempt To Steal The Election By Weaponizing The DOJ

... the Jan. 6th Committee painted a chilling and criminally insane portrait of the former president's attempt to steal the election by weaponizing the Department of Justice. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

Posted by Justice matters. | Sat Jun 25, 2022, 02:23 PM (3 replies)

Americans in 37 states say abortion should be legal in most or all cases

Americans in 37 states say abortion should be legal in most or all cases

Tweet text:

Carl Bialik

Americans in 37 states say abortion should be legal in most or all cases, according to @YouGovAmerica estimates based on interviews with more than 250,000 people

87% of Americans live in those 37 states


Minority rule. 🤬
Posted by Justice matters. | Fri Jun 24, 2022, 06:53 PM (3 replies)

Americans in 37 states say abortion should be legal in most or all cases


Tweet text:

Carl Bialik

Americans in 37 states say abortion should be legal in most or all cases, according to @YouGovAmerica estimates based on interviews with more than 250,000 people

87% of Americans live in those 37 states

Minority rule. 🤬

Posted by Justice matters. | Fri Jun 24, 2022, 06:42 PM (7 replies)

The Justice Department wants to see the Jan. 6 committee's transcripts

Source: NPR & NBC News

June 16, 20225:25 PM ET

The Justice Department has asked the lead investigator for the House Jan. 6 select committee for speedy access to transcripts of witness interviews, arguing the lack of information-sharing is complicating its ongoing criminal probe.

Top DOJ officials have renewed a request they first made in April — before the panel launched blockbuster public hearings in which they quoted from prosecutors' court filings and played video featuring defendants in an ongoing seditious conspiracy case the department brought against the far-right Proud Boys group.

The committee will turn over transcripts in "due time," but not by the end of the week, Chair Bennie Thompson told reporters after Thursday's hearing.

"We will work with them, but we have a report to do," he said. "We are not going to stop what we are doing to share information that we've gotten so far with the Department of Justice."

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2022/06/16/1105663992/the-justice-department-wants-to-see-the-jan-6-committees-transcripts

Link to similar report on NBC News:https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/justice-department-says-jan-6-committee-interview-transcripts-critical-rcna33995
Posted by Justice matters. | Fri Jun 17, 2022, 02:06 AM (13 replies)

Loudermilk footage

Posted by Justice matters. | Wed Jun 15, 2022, 11:06 AM (7 replies)

OPINION: The Future Criminal Case Against Donald Trump - Neal K. Katyal

The Future Criminal Case Against Donald Trump

by Neal K. Katyal
Mr. Katyal is a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, was an acting solicitor general in the Obama administration and is a co-author of “Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump.”

Congress and the Justice Department now find themselves in a complex dance, set to the tempo of the Jan. 6 hearings. The House select committee has already uncovered evidence suggesting that former President Donald Trump committed serious federal crimes.

Congress cannot bring criminal charges; the Justice Department must do so. And critics of the department are asking why it does not appear to be investigating these allegations. The hearings point to a potential answer: The committee is laying a foundation upon which prosecutors can build in a subsequent investigation.

And a subsequent investigation is virtually inevitable, given the evidence generated by the committee. How could Attorney General Merrick Garland ignore the facts the American people are now learning about?


Posted by Justice matters. | Wed Jun 15, 2022, 10:36 AM (1 replies)

DOJ Expects Transcripts from the 1,000 J6 Committee witnesses in September

If that article is true:

DOJ lawyers expect transcripts from the 1,000 January 6 committee witnesses to be made public in September

Business Insider link: https://www.businessinsider.com/january-6-committee-transcripts-witnesses-doj-investigation-2022-6

So that would be around the time the committee could have finalized its report.

It would also mean the Dems could use them to make damning ads during their campaigns...

As for the DOJ indicting GQP criminals who won't be running for the midterms, it's a big guess, but voters will see the transcripts, watch talk shows explaining what's in them, and urge them to vote for more Democratic candidates.
Posted by Justice matters. | Wed Jun 15, 2022, 08:50 AM (3 replies)

pence (poll)

Is pence guilty of concealing dump and his co-conspirators's criminal plot to "overturn the Election" (dump's own quote from a 'statement' he issued after pence's speech at cpaq)?

Posted by Justice matters. | Fri Jun 10, 2022, 05:15 PM (26 replies)

The Proud Boys right-wing violent extremist hate organization has been infiltrating the GOP

(Link to original tweet follows)


The Proud Boys right-wing violent extremist hate organization has been infiltrating the GOP from its base in South Florida for years.

When others ignored the issue, I exposed the Miami-Dade GOP getting in bed with Proud Boys now charged in a seditious conspiracy.

First, I caught the Miami GOP's then-chairman Nelson Diaz planning AND leading a hate rally with the Proud Boys after he denied involvement.

He actually lied to me and said he was afraid of the Trump people.

But I had his email planning the event.


Miami GOP Chairman just caught leading Proud Boys in attack on Democratic campaign office

Video from the hate group proves that they helped Miami’s top Republican attack a Democratic congressional campaign HQ.


The Washington Post cited my reporting in their coverage of the incident.



Even Sen. Marco Rubio denounced the Miami GOP's assault on then-Democratic minority leader Pelosi and the campaign office she visited.


But that didn't stop the GOP Chairman, and former Rubio Chief of Staff, from lying to the Miami Herald about his role in planning the event that turned into an assault.

Fortunately, I wrote to them with receipts and they updated the story.

5/ miamiherald.com/news/politics-…

But Nelson Diaz wasn't the only prominent member of the GOP who assaulted a Democratic campaign office with the Proud Boys.

Then Rep. @carloslcurbelo's former operative Kevin Marino Cabrera also participated in the assault.


Former top Curbelo aide just caught at Miami GOP’s unhinged protest alongside Proud Boys hate group

Congressman Curbelo’s former campaign field director and Director of Constituent Services led the GOP’s charge against a Democratic…


Despite video evidence to the contrary, Curbelo spread falsehoods about his former aide's involvement in the attack in a subsequent televised political debate.

Cabrera went on to be the Trump 2020 Campaign's state director.


Curbelo Lies About His Former Senior Aide’s Role In Violent Rally With Hate Group - Debbie Mucarsel Powell

Miami, FL – During a live debate on WLPG-10 this Sunday, Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo falsely claimed that his former senior aide was not part of a violent mob last Wednesday at an event in C…


Last month, Donald Trump endorsed Cabrera for the open Miami-Dade Commission seat he is running for this fall.


Donald Trump endorses Kevin Marino Cabrera for Miami-Dade Commission

‘Kevin Cabrera will represent his community with honor, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!’


But I didn't stop there. Thomas Kennedy got an exclusive video and co-wrote this set of stories with me this May. We learned that the Proud Boys had fully infiltrated the Miami GOP and had a plan to infiltrate Fort Lauderdale's GOP party apparatus too.


Police intervene after Miami GOP's Proud Boys members brawl at DeSantis' speech to the party

Miami's Republican Party has an enormous Proud Boys faction and they're getting out of control.


While gathering numerous public records in the case, we also reported that the New York Times was covering the same story we were covering.

GOOD! It's about time that the Miami GOP is exposed for what it is: a welcoming home for violent extremists and hate.


We reported on the Proud Boys' written plan, from the website of their re-branded group named "Floridians First," to take over the GOP in South Florida.

And we exposed their Proud Boys Republican Executive Committee members and indicted members.


EXCLUSIVE! Here is the Proud Boys' plan to take over the Republican Party in South Florida
Right-wing extremists from the Proud Boys have purposefully infiltrated Florida's Republican Party.


Last week, the Times shined a bright spotlight on the same issues @tomaskenn and I reported with the Miami GOP's infiltration by the Proud Boys. Shamefully, it's chairman defended the group's 1st Amendment right to associate with hate group members.


How the Proud Boys Gripped the Miami-Dade Republican Party

It was once Jeb Bush’s base of power. But an influx of far-right activists and the radicalization of other members brought turmoil.


Now, the national leader of the Proud Boys, the very individual who recorded and disseminated the 2018 attack in Miami, has been indicted on charges of seditious conspiracy to stop the peaceful transfer of power in 2020.


SEDITION! Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio, four others charged in coup plot

Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio and the four others are in deep, deep trouble now.


Posted by Justice matters. | Wed Jun 8, 2022, 09:29 AM (18 replies)

See what three degrees Celcius of global warming looks like

If global temperatures rise three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the results would be catastrophic. It’s an entirely plausible scenario, and this film shows you what it would look like.

00:00 - What will a 3°C world look like?
00:57 - Climate change is already having devastating effects
02:58 - How climate modelling works
04:06 - Nowhere is safe from global warming
05:20 - The impact of prolonged droughts
08:24 - Rising sea levels, storm surges and flooding
10:27 - Extreme heat and wet-bulb temperatures
12:51 - Increased migration and conflict
14:26 - Adaptation and mitigation are crucial

Read our briefing about a three degree world: https://econ.st/3nJiXYS

View all of The Economist’s climate change coverage: https://econ.st/3b1RwU2

Sign up to our climate change newsletter: https://econ.st/3b1dtCQ

Listen to our new climate podcast, “To a Lesser Degree”: https://econ.st/3b1RuLU

Read our special report on stabilising the climate: https://econ.st/3nw6CXK

Listen to an episode of “The Intelligence” podcast about a 3°C world: https://econ.st/2Zw3Utv

What would different levels of global warming look like? https://econ.st/2ZBsZDb

How climate modelling works: https://econ.st/3jNmlAN

Read about the IPCC’s starkest warning yet about climate change: https://econ.st/3nxagk6

What to look out for at COP26: https://econ.st/2ZHngeZ

Why the COP26 climate summit will be both crucial and disappointing: https://econ.st/3Gvvibz

Broken promises, energy shortages and covid-19 will hamper COP26: https://econ.st/3EnDBnU

Why damage from climate change will be widespread and sometimes surprising: https://econ.st/3Et40kq

Children born today are likely to face seven times more extreme weather events than their grandparents: https://econ.st/3GyuXEO

How to prepare for rising sea levels: https://econ.st/3EmtO1t

Podcast: The growing risk of deadly heatwaves: https://econ.st/3nFWFH8

The danger posed by heatwaves needs to be taken more seriously: https://econ.st/3k7SbZd

What if firms were forced to pay for frying the planet: https://econ.st/3nGpseT

deborah scranton:
There is also the problem of decreasing oxygen in our air. Cutting down massive amounts of forest & poisoning the water creatures that also produce oxygen is reducing the amount of breathable air. Also the massive amounts of polar ice melt releasing large amounts of methane in to the atmosphere does not bode well for the survival of plants, animals & humans.

Posted by Justice matters. | Tue Jun 7, 2022, 12:02 AM (5 replies)
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