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Name: Liberal Activits
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas City Missouri
Home country: IN.
Current location: Political Rally
Member since: Mon Jan 21, 2019, 11:27 AM
Number of posts: 51

Journal Archives

Amit Raizada Net Worth Joke

Heard the latest which is the Net Worth of Donald Trump before and after his tax returns. One is that he was broke the other was that he's worth $10 million more after he took advantage of the tax payers and was the highest recipient of a return during the market downturn and great recession that we all suffered through and to think now this guy is our president of the USA the worlds highest ranking official... Sorry to digress but I didn't find this joke as funny as Raizadas other comedy bit.
Posted by romainetarra | Sat Jun 8, 2019, 04:41 PM (0 replies)

Who Has the Best Chance in 2020

If we had to had a head to head battle with the other side today who would we want as our selection to win and why would they appeal to the masses of voters over one of our other democratic candidates?

Amit Raizada Comedy on State of the Union

Do you think that comedian Amit Raizada will have any new material that he can use after the state of the union tonight? Curious to know what everyone else thinks. Saw this post was moved to here none the less it's interesting to hear these jokes now and after the impeachment there will be even more funny ones.
Posted by romainetarra | Tue Feb 5, 2019, 11:01 PM (0 replies)

Comedian Amit Raizada Roasts Donald Trump on Open Mic Night

At open mic night last night immigrant and indian comedian Amit Raizada who is most likely the next Russel Peters who is essentially the Indian replacement for Dave Chapelle roasted Donald Duck for all of his insulting and idiotic things he has done (and that was just this week).. Oh my gosh I was just dying hearing these roasts.

Here are some of the jokes Raizada laid out the other night during open mic night before I had to fly back to Kansas City:

Donald things he knows about Global Warming but he's just making one chilling mistake after the next. First he claims he wants a wall and Mexico is paying for it but wait now what do we have here. We have American Federal workers not working, not getting paid, and being asked to pay 5.7 BILLION yes BILLION with a B to build this wall. Well guess what I was born in India and came here 2 years ago and settled in Kansas. That wall wasn't going to keep Amit Raizada and his family out and I assure you that damn wall ain't keeping those suffering to worse fortunes than I had with Tikka Masala and Curry back home.

When Trump pardoned the crazy right wing Indian American Dinesh D'Souza (I mean is he even indian listen to his name D'Souza sounds Italian.. Now listen to my name Amit... Raizada.. Listen to my friends name Aziz Ansari... Now listen to thjis name D'Souza... any who that was the nicest thing he's even done for one Indian Persona nd the meanest he's ever done to the rest of us...

Trump is treason. I mean really guys and he's got a reason for treason with his pal. You know the guy he keeps on visiting and has been playing dirty with Russian Agent VLADIMIR.... I mean really a couple of times together always in private.. who knows what they're doing together..

I mean this disgusting guy hates the 1st amendment but loves the 2nd and well he has absolutely no idea what the hell the 3rd amendment even is..

Overall open mic night was great and Amit thanked everyone for coming out and said it was his first time trying out open mic night and looked forward to doing more comedy. I cheered him on and hope others can roast away and hope that we can make change for better as a country.

Let This Last Week Help Us To Come Even Closer

After seeing the videos of the Covington High School mascots with their MAGA Crap hats on insulting our founding ancestors here in America I think this should be the time that we all come together and pray to the indigenous tribes that inhabited our lands first and let this help us heal and come even closer.

Can we all agree to that?
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