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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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"Republicans looking for an alternative to trump will not vote for Bernie" - McClatchy


we need to get back Obama voters who voted for trump

we don't need to keep targeting blue voters in blue states

this is a swing state election and we need a swing state candidate

not a socialist

Down-ballot is at risk with Bernie. We will lose the House.

If we nominate Bernie we will lose 45 states. Remember I told you so.

Periodic reminder: I have created an opportunity for activism to ratf*ck Mitch


The Fact Sheets report the details about the unfit, biased judges corruptly rammed through the judicial confirmation process by Trump and Moscow Mitch.

The Fact Sheets are one page, quick to read and easy to share. The post on each judge includes further extensive background information if you want to learn more.

It's not enough to say these judges are "bad." To persuade, we must share the specific facts of their own records.

Trump and McConnell are counting on the resumes of their hand-picked extremist judges going unnoticed. The opposite needs to happen - we need to shine a light on these judges and their real resumes. Download/copy Fact Sheets and post them on Instagram, share them on Facebook, tweet them, mail them, hang them on public bulletin boards, kiosks or in bathroom stalls, or hand them out on campus. #RFingTheCourts #WhitewashingTheBench Force accountability on every GOP senator who voted to confirm these judges. The American people deserve answers from these senators about their votes.

Who needs to see this information? Friends. Neighbors. Colleagues. College students. Lawyers. Law students. Law student organizations. Career services officers at law schools. Women's professional organizations. Diversity officers at any corporation or State Bar...

Dear Law Firm Hiring Partner:

Materials like these are being distributed at law schools you recruit from. Be prepared to explain your firmís role in the Federalist Society and your commitment to diversity and equality.

Dear Corporate Diversity Chair:

Materials like these are being distributed at colleges and universities you recruit from. Be prepared to explain your support of elected officials who confirmed these judges and your firmís commitment to diversity and equality.

Dear Law Student:

Before you interview with any law firm, ask the managing partner if the firmís commitment to diversity and equality is real or if the firm supports the Federalist Society. Insist on the names of the firmís Federalist Society members.



Rick Wilson warns: Fly by your instruments (your DATA) not the seat of your pants

Data = win.

Pants = crash.

GOP will try to goad Dems into running their campaigns based on ideology, based on targeting California and California-type voters.

There is no other way to run a winning campaign other than DATA. What does the DATA TELL YOU?

POLLING AND SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS - TARGET AND SEGMENT MESSAGING WITH GRANULAR POWER. Be practical. Run the ads that WIN - not the ads that make you feel good about your deepest wishes. DATA TOOLS AND ADS ARE CALIBRATED TO MOVE VOTERS. This may be somewhat or a lot different from what you would say to your "base."

GOP wants Dems to go with comfortable soft targets --- not the real hard but winnable targets like Wisconsin.

Messaging is not a monolith. Regardless of what trump says in public, he runs every shade of ad that exists all over Facebook. He targets voters almost 1 by 1.

Rick Wilson book: Dems should set up "Q" candidates/party to strip votes from GOP

following the model the GOP used with "Green Party" candidates in critical races

fake Q party to drag trump and others from the right, cause disruption

and it's even fairly cheap and very cost effective

Rick Wilson book: some Green Party candidates were GOP fronts to strip votes

a complete concoction by GOP operatives

he admits that's how it is done

politics ain't bean bag


the money and organization for the infrastructure, the digital space savvy, the great ads and the proven willingness to slap trump down in public, plus a proven winner in the critical midwest

quip from Rick Wilson's book: Dem candidate should demand a weigh-in before the debate

then when trump refuses ask him if his big belly is under audit too
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