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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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FYI: Find 60+ articles on Ivanka's corruption at InvestigateIvanka.com - a clearinghouse

A central location to find the major outlet reporting on Ivanka's corruption, nepotism and grifting.

You can either share a link to the site itself, share a link to the articles via the site (FB and twitter) or click on the articles and share the article directly from the source of the original reporting.

https://www.investigateivanka.com <--------------

Please share with the tag #InvestigateIvanka


There is also a page for Jared:


Goldberg: The Bernie juggernaut


Goldberg: The Bernie juggernaut

By MICHELLE GOLDBERG | c. The New York Times Company
PUBLISHED: January 28, 2020 at 3:55 pm | UPDATED: January 28, 2020 at 4:07 pm

There are no moral or intellectual comparisons between Sanders and Trump, but there are structural similarities between the Sanders campaign and the one Trump ran in 2016. Trump thrilled conservatives with his unembarrassed embrace of far-right figures disdained by mainstream Republicans. He inspired alienated men on the internet to mobilize behind him. Party elites wanted to stop him, but his solid core of support allowed him to romp through a fractured field.

The parallels with Sanders are obvious. He’s running a campaign steeped in the ethos of an anti-establishment left, and benefiting from elite Democrats’ failure to coalesce around someone else. He has an enormous online following, with legions of trolls intimidating Democrats who seem to stand in their way. An outsider who long refused to join the party whose nomination he’s seeking, he appeals to people who distrust most political institutions, the mainstream media very much included.

Fox cut away from trump when he started talking gibberish


Pam Bondi raking in the consulting fees from Qatar

ongoing hush money for covering up trump university fraud?


Apparently Hayley Cornyn making good bank off daddy's name


Did your child get into their dream college or university?

I'm going through so much emotional angst over this sometimes I think I just can't deal.

Do something constructive now: Exploit this pressure point on Susan Collins

she can't undo her votes.

she can't undo who she put on the Federal Bench --- or who she enabled the GOP senate to put on the Federal Bench, even if they allowed her "catch and release" voting to try to save her seat.

We should paper so many places in Maine with these Fact Sheets on the trump judges. One sheet per judge - it's more effective than the 12 page position papers I've seen (useful but no one is reading them).

Any place where people would be enraged to see what she has done. Colleges. Law schools. Businesses. Libraries. Anywhere. And law firms. MAKE THEM KNOW EVERY LAW STUDENT COMING THEIR WAY IS GOING TO ASK THEM "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH THESE FEDERALIST SOCIETY BIGOTS?"

Tweet them. Post them on kiosks. Post them at Starbucks. Post them in libraries. Hang them in restroom stalls. Share them on Facebook. Mail them. Google maps is your friend. Start on one end of Main Street and work your way to the other. "SUSAN COLLINS CONFIRMED THIS JUDGE."

I want her to know that there will be accountability for extremist court-packing. IT'S NOT JUST KAVANAUGH, EVERYONE!

"But MUH Conservative judges" JUST STOPPED BEING AN ASSET. It's now going to be something she runs from.

https://twitter.com/DavidJollyFL/status/1220906170866716673 <-------- WE WILL MAKE IT SO




The easiest assist of all -- retweet @DaisyTom5 tweets that have the tag #RFingTheCourts.



Adam Schiff is Atticus Finch. Atticus also knew he was right and probably wouldn't win but

nevertheless he persisted.

You can tell GOP is scared, freaking out: Ted Cruz now "demanding" Hunter Biden testify

they know they are getting hammered hammered hammered by Schiff & Co.

Meaningful action you can take instead of hand-wringing - ratf*cking Mitch. Here's how.






From the ACTION page:

The Fact Sheets under the Blog tab list the ugly details about the unfit, biased judges corruptly rammed through the judicial confirmation process by Trump and Moscow Mitch as they pack the courts.

The Fact Sheets are one page, quick to read and easy to share. The post on each judge also includes extensive background information if you want to know more.

It's not enough to say these judges are bad. To persuade, we must share the specific facts of their own records.

Trump and McConnell are counting on the resumes of their hand-picked extremist judges going generally unnoticed. The opposite needs to happen - we need to shine a light on them. Download Fact Sheets and post them, share them, tweet them, mail them or hand them out. Force accountability on every GOP senator who voted to confirm these judges. The American people deserve answers from these senators about their votes.

Who needs to see this information? Friends. Neighbors. Colleagues. Lawyers. Law students. Law student organizations. Job placement officers at law schools. Women's professional organizations. Diversity officers at any corporation or State Bar...

From the ABOUT page:


Trump and the Senate GOP are using the judicial confirmation process as a political tool — filling lifetime appointments with unfit and unqualified radical conservatives whose records prove they will not protect our rights.

An excellent explainer can be found here: What Trump Has Done to the Courts, Explained. See also this report from the Alliance for Justice.

Americans deserve fair, impartial, independent and non-partisan judges and justices who will safeguard the rights of all —not unqualified, smug political hacks, closed-mined ideologues, self-righteous zealots, liars, predatory corporatists, abusive bullies, hate group leaders, racists, bigots and misogynists. Which the Trump judges are.

As of January 2020, 85% of Trump's judicial nominees confirmed by the GOP Senate are white and 75% are male. Some Trump judges have never even tried a case. Most are members of the ultra-conservative Federalist Society or have been selected and groomed by the Federalist Society to pervert our justice system and enact a fascist agenda that fundamentally undermines democracy and human dignity, especially for vulnerable Americans. They are using the courts to execute a wildly unpopular, minority agenda that they could not accomplish at the ballot box.

Republicans blatantly abused or ignored the rules of the Senate to hold vacancies open for years, contemptuously blocked President Obama's nominees, and rammed through (with less than two hours of debate allowed per nominee) an unprecedented number of Trump judges with the express, stated purpose of packing the courts. They don't deny it. They laugh and brag about it. Ratfucking the courts.
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