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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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Instead of coming out with good arguments FOR his policies, Schultz came out name-calling Dem women

thinking he could just slam them as "radicals" and "socialists" and cause everyone to just pile on.

Instead, he looks like the obnoxious entitled brat that he is.

So the crowd who complained about the Gillette ad is same crowd complaining about Stone's arrest?

I guess they don't feel like telling Stone to "man up" - as they said to others in their outraged response to the Gillette ad. Huh.

what the right calls "free stuff" the rest of us call "a wise investment in

our people that pays for itself 100x over economically, socially and morally."

Anyone want to wordsmith that for me? Suggestions welcome.

Dear Howard Schultz: Entrenched Plutocracy is un-American.

This would be Common Sense.

Two words on trump's "Bible literacy" tweet: Two Corinthians

trump likes Open Borders - the kind that let foreign dictators pick our president

If we don't pick our own leaders then we don't have a country.

Apologies if this is wrong forum, but can we get a new Nancy Pelosi image as an Avatar?

can we get the picture of her putting on her sunglasses while leaving the White House as an available avatar? That's the image I want to use!

If this is the wrong forum I will delete...
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