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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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Amy McGrath is running against Moscow Mitch. Can you send her a few bucks now?

Would be great if she reports a massive haul in the face of Mitch's corrupt impeachment rules.

well well here's baby Brett Kavanaugh sitting behind Ken Starr at Clinton impeachment

little baby partisan ratfucker.


Is Martha McSally creating a hostile workplace at the US Capitol?

did she single out a person of color, with a "foreign sounding" name, for aggressive verbal abuse and mistreatment? because she knew he would be a vulnerable target with trump's base?

looks like desperate loser Martha McSally forgot to buy MarthaMcSallyisaHack.com !!

would have been a wise move under the circumstances...

now someone is selling t-shirts there!


if you are sick of abusive trump trash Martha McSally, throw a few $$ at her opponent today

Mark Kelly


Were they planning an acid attack on Marie Yovanovitch?


"I'll let you know when she's on the move..."

remember: Stormy Daniels said a thug threatened her about trump in a dark parking lot

she was probably also being surveilled and followed up to that point at least

This is trump's MO. Surveil and find your opportunity to either threaten or hurt someone. This is what he does.

Who was talking about trump getting a taste for blood?

Some people crossing trump's path are not doing so great.




now Yovanovitch put in danger...


TRUMP is responsible for all those killed on the Ukrainian plane.

THIS IS THE EXACT REASON you don't act like an idiot ass and stir up a war for no reason.

Because in a war SHlT HAPPENS.


What happens to our billion dollar embassy if US military is forced to leave Iraq?

thanks for nothing, idiot trump
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