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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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my new name for trump: #WrongDirectionDon

Everything in this country is going the Wrong Direction under trump.


The GOP is not a political party. It is a lynch mob.

McCarthy: Wah! Dems hate our voters! McCarthy: Dem voters are radical freak dangerous socialists.

never underestimate the relentless hatred GOP has for Dems, liberals, women, PoC, immigrants

these people are made of hate.

sounds like most of the GOP in the chamber are belligerently drunk now

they've probably been drinking all afternoon

at a minimum we can be proud we did not roll over for trump - we gave him hell

these white southern ChristoFascists have RAGE that women, PoC exercise power over trump

that's what I hear today. Complete and total visceral rage that women, PoC, immigrants are publicly condemning trump from the highest platform in the land and that they will shame and impeach trump today.

This destroys their view of the world (summarized in Lakoff's "Conservative Moral Hierarchy" ) .

They think they are ENTITLED to be at the top of the pecking order - always. Right now their world is inside out and upside down and they are in hell because of it. They are foaming at the mouth. Their heads are exploding.

wow. GOP is showing their true ugly souls without holding back

Grothman. What a GD pig.

new activism website coming soon: RatfuckingTheCourts.com

This site will provide a one-page Fact Sheet on the judges nominated by trump and confirmed by Moscow Mitch that you can download and share, mail, flyer everywhere.

The purpose is to make those voters who may not be paying attention acutely aware of specifically how awful these judges are, and how badly the GOP is ratfucking the courts.

For example, mailing a fact sheet to every woman partner at major law firms in Portland, Maine may create some awkward phone calls for Susan Collins. Repeat for each GOP Senator up for re-election in 2020. Get creative. Goal is to galvanize opposition, make the blood boil, generate strong financial support and activism for opponents. Bring the issue front and center. This is LOW HANGING FRUIT. This is easy. We just need to do the leg work.

Some of the first Fact Sheets are already being circulated:


Ken Buck. What a motherfucking asshole. Hey Ken let's impeach him for BABIES IN CAGES.

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