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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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Talk me down - 6 cats is too many.... 6 cats is too many...

We are cat lovers. We have 4 cats.

Several days ago I saw of pair of kittens I want so bad. I cannot stop thinking about them. If someone else adopts them I will be HEARTBROKEN.

But 6 cats. That is insanity. Insanity.

Talk me down. It's crazy to have 6 cats.

Is Lindsey trying to bait Dems into investigating Ivanka - and then he will attack Ds

for a "clearly retaliatory political investigation" targeting Ivanka?

Trump moved on our Constitution like a bitch. nt

Eddie van Halen is an immigrant.

Born in Amsterdam,[2] Netherlands, Edward Lodewijk van Halen is the son of Jan van Halen and Eugenia van Halen (née van Beers). Jan van Halen was a Dutch clarinetist, saxophonist, and pianist, and Eugenia van Halen was an Indo (Eurasian) from Rangkasbitung on the island of Java in Indonesia.[3][4]

We came here with approximately $50 and a piano, and we didn’t speak the language. Now look where we are. If that’s not the American dream, what is?[5]


I never knew this until 2 days ago.

my husband, scientist, generally apolitical, slight lean Dem, just said this about Bloomberg

unsolicited by me

I'm putting away groceries in the kitchen and he just says - you may not want to hear this but if Bloomberg is the Democratic nominee - he can't lose.

His feeling is Bloomberg will get all the Dems (because no choice) and the non-insane Rs.

And I said "I'd kind of like to see a Democrat be our nominee."

He said he thinks more people would vote for Elizabeth Warren than Hillary, but she has less name recognition than I think among the non-political-junkies.

Also he said there are still too many people who flat out will not vote for a woman.

Asked him about Biden -- he said second best option. He thought Biden/Warren was a good option.

I asked him what about Biden/Abrams -- he doesn't know who Stacey Abrams is.

(also - husband hates trump. hates hates hates him. thank God! we can stay married.)


I'm still processing this.

We need to be in DC protesting the GOP during the Senate impeachment hearings

we can't just be sitting home watching TV

Reminder: InvestigateIvanka.com exists to push back against attacks on Hunter Biden

please read and share - it's an aggregator of reporting from major outlets on all types of her corruption and grift



New "Ramones" song: I want nothing!


I'm sure Jim Jordan will agree: No more US Aid to corrupt Netanyahu nt

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