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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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Gene Robinson MSNBC: the point of the moderation seemed to be to spark fights


Here we go! Brian Williams MSNBC promises a discussion of the CNN moderation is coming up....

says it is "a huge topic on social media"

"Why are you a Dem if you don't believe the govt should be used to help people?"

paraphrasing, Marianne Williamson

maybe the best point of the night

My good opinions and bad opinions of candidates are reinforced tonight

those I like I like more.

those I did not like....I like even less.

DailyKos on Delaney:


tell Hicks, McGahn et al if they won't testify fully, we will make all inferences AGAINST trump

after all, this isn't a criminal trial. it's impeachment. The House makes its own standards.

I would be very happy if Dems spend the recess girding their loins for impeachment

Let's do this.

Nadler coming up on Lawrence! I hope I hear the I-word a lot

don't say "Gun Control" - say "MASS SHOOTING PREVENTION" nt

Seeing Victor Blackwell clip just makes my hatred of Chuck Todd even more intense

Chuck Todd. Suck up teachers' pet to corporate MSNBC - dumb as a fucking rock, tone deaf, sexist, biased, clueless, abusive piece of shit.
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