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Name: Lou
Gender: Male
Hometown: Michigan
Home country: USA
Current location: Behind enemy lines in W MI
Member since: Sun Jan 27, 2019, 12:44 AM
Number of posts: 5,918

About Me

all russian bots & anti progressives will be blocked

Journal Archives

Ontario premier pleads with incoming Biden administration for COVID-19 vaccine help

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has issued a plea to U.S. President-elect Joe Biden for help in obtaining more Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines amid a shortage of doses in Canada.

Ford made the comments during a press conference on Tuesday after the federal government announced that Canada will be receiving zero Pfizer doses next week.

“My American friends, help us out. We need help once again, as we did with the (personal protective equipment). You have a new president, no more excuses,” Ford said.


and for those who are upset, concern trolling about the source here is the CBC link


My thoughts on the Capital police, Park Police and any supporting police force that tried & failed

to control the tRump terrorist mob on 1/6.

As a party we have been against militarizing police forces & for good reasons, the Capital Police & support agencies should not have been put in a position to stop hundreds of angry RW terrorists anyway, they are not equipped for that nor should they be. The Feds had plenty of time and warning to put NG in place to negate this terrorist attack but it was blocked by the terrorist, criminal tRump administration. I do not want a police force equipped & trained to deal with a mass attack, that job should only be done by the military, the military that we spend 700 billion dollars a year on to defend us. Using the National Guard of coarse, not the way tRump's bible thumping skit was handled.

Book published nearly 25 years ago predicted America would hit a great crisis climaxing around 2020

— and that up next is a millennial vs. boomer standoff that will usher in a new world order

America sees a "turning" every 20 years as one generation displaces another, and the dynamic between one particular generation entering "elderhood" and another entering "young adulthood" creates a crisis every 80 years, according to a theory prophesied in Neil Howe and William Strauss' "The Fourth Turning."

The authors wrote that the next crisis-era would start around 2005 and "climax" around 2020, and would involve millennials and boomers fighting over the shape of the world to come.

There are some similarities between recent events and the book's predictions: The 2008 financial crisis can be seen as the catalyst they mentioned, and in 2020 and early 2021, unrest has shaken the economy, politics, and the economy.

It's unclear whether the fourth turning as Howe and Strauss characterized it really is happening right now — but the parallels are certainly eye-catching.


Not a wackadoodle conspiracy but draws comparisons to the Fourth turning theory and and events of the last few years & beyond.

Great Idea to mess with tRump humping neighbors


Let this sink in, there are now more US troops in DC than Iraq & Afghanistan combined, 21K. nt

Rep Madison Cawthorn, opposing impeachment, encourages colleagues to "put aside partisan politicking


The Home Depot guy, Ken Langone, the maga GOP donor says he feels betrayed, blasts Trump and

Capitol rioters, vows to support Biden



I bet he doesn't mind the YUGE tax breaks tRump gave him

tRump humpers are melting down on twitter going after McTurtle because he likes the impeachment

idea and the best hashtag they could come up with is Cocaine Mitch



Crazy MAGA lady yells at Chuck Schumer & says the right-wing terrorists made her "sexually excited"


FBI just now: have charged over 70 cases with over 170 cases have been opened so far with hundreds

of future cases expected, the inside & outside Capital crimes will take many months to investigate, the initial charges are only the easy ones with more serious charges being added later, this size of investigation is unprecedented in FBI & JD history. They are focusing on the worst crimes first.
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