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Profile Information

Name: Cary
Gender: Male
Hometown: USA
Home country: Usa
Current location: USA
Member since: Thu Feb 21, 2019, 03:58 PM
Number of posts: 2,343

About Me

This account is inactive as of June, 2022. Went to DU jail one too many times for occasional contrarian posts.

Journal Archives

Glad to see on Twitter that Kenosha is calm tonight...

Maybe Gov Evers having the National Guard in the batter's circle was a smart move.

The NASCAR road race at Daytona tomorrow ought to be good!

The Xfinity race today was a wreckfest. Drivers are too used to ovals!

While you're like me and shut in, take some time...

To look into whether a refi on your mortgage makes sense. My back-of-the-envelope analysis shows I'd net approx.$68 a month in extra cashflow. Maybe worth it. Might be a good use for the check we'll be getting...supposedly.

Anyway, a thought.

Suffer from migraines for 25 years...

And i have tried, no lie, I bet 25 different preventatives (eg, topamax, depakote, amotrypiline, beta blockers, etc, etc). No good luck. But....In January, I got my first dose of self-injected Aimovig. 3 weeks in, Ive seen dramatic improvement. Im making it 3or 4 days headache free.

Unfortunately, it's $700 per shot per month.

So far, Life changing!

How does one stop the monthly PayPal contribution?

I donít see how to stop monthly giving. Thanks!

Ranking candidates by how they say they will govern--most progressive to least

I'm intrigued by Buttigieg, but in my research, I cant get a good feel for where he stands on the political spectrum. With O'Rourke, another one I'm researching, his record seems to be more to the middle than how he's running for President. I'm interested in how some of you would rank the candidates by how they say they will govern on the spectrum of most progressive to least.

Right now, I'm a very soft Biden supporter but am likely about to change.

If any of you can take a stab at ranking the candidates, I would be grateful.

Whatever happened to idea of disclosing names of those in Congress who had settled...

Sexual harassment claims? It was a big topic for a short while, then nothing. I can understand Congress members quashing it, but were there no journalists that persisted in finding out?
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