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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
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So, I go to my bank this morning,

and it's got a sign on the door, "closed due to COVID-19 concerns. Go to the branch office." I go to the branch office, and it has the same "closed due to COVID-19" signs. ATM machine also closed down at both places, except for withdrawals at the branch....No word about how long....Weird....

White rioter causing damage swarmed and unmasked by protesters and handed over to cops

OK, Trump, bring on the military and get these "very fine people" and bring THEM to justice....


Also this:

"Very organized...we really need to focus on these terrorist cell groups and figure out exactly who are leading them!

"Minneapolis and St Paul are being attacked by fascist 'accelerationist' white crazies. Trying to divide & destroy us." A letter from Minneapolis. - 5/30/20 "-

(I also witnessed the same type of thing in a video last night happening in Seattle. A lone white guy in black with a hammer breaking windows... Black protesters confronting him telling him not to do it and then he started walking away fast.)

"Everything changed when the sun went down. There are roving and highly organized bands of anti-government neo-nazi white supremacists.

Accelerationism: the idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world -Vox"

Expect these same types to infiltrate all of the legitimate protests happening in other cities in America. We are fighting an enemy within.

These "accelerationists" burned down the 5th Police Precinct, our post office, every pharmacy. The Wallgreens and CVS within a few blocks of our house are still burning this morning. The grocery stores were all hit. Every bank has been hit. Every liquor store, every gas station. They have guns and accelerants.

When National Guard show up, they disappear into the neighborhoods and have been setting fires. It is a violent game of arsonist wake-a-mole. There is no longer any fire fighting service available - overwhelmed. So neighbors are using garden hoses to put out the fires and save homes. Pictures neighbors are sharing - these are young white men, heavily armed.

According to authorities there are over 10,000 of these "accelerationists" in the city. St. Paul arrested over 50 people last night. ALL OF THEM were from out of state. The authorities are checking phones of the people they have arrested, doing contact tracing of sorts on these people. These people are connected to right wing militia style groups with a civil/race war fantasy. They are opportunistically using the legitimate, peaceful George Floyd protests as a cover to actualize their neo-nazi fever dream."

From a military officer friend of mine:

The important things to remember are that the Standing Rules for the Use of Force (SRUF) take precedence, and that every US Soldier is obligated to disobey any and all orders deemed to be unlawful.

Standing Rules for the Use of Force (SRUF). ROE are not applicable for domestic military operations.

The following is a lot to wade through;

U.S. Military Civil Disturbance Standing Rules for the Use of Force (SRUF)
August 12, 2011

These templates of the Standing Rules for the Use of Force were developed by Army North (ARNORTH) and approved by Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) School for commands to follow. The first two templates apply to forces under federal control. The third template is an example State RUF card for National Guard personnel in a State Active Duty (SAD) or Title 32 status. These templates are taken from the “DoD Defense Support to Civil Authorities Handbook” which includes other information relating to military support operations related to civil disturbances.

SRUF Card Template (Title 10 Forces)

RULE 1: UNIT SELF-DEFENSE – A COMMANDER always has the inherent right and obligation to exercise unit self-defense in response to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent.

RULE 2: INDIVIDUAL SELF-DEFENSE – A SERVICE MEMBER may exercise individual self-defense in response to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent.

Rule 2.1: LIMIT ON SELF-DEFENSE – A COMMANDER may limit individual self-defense by members of his unit.

RULE 3: DE-ESCALATION – When time and circumstances permit, a SERVICE MEMBER will give a threatening force warning and an opportunity to withdraw or stop the threatening actions before using force.

Rule 3.1: AVOID CONFRONTATION – Avoid confrontation with individuals who pose no threat to the unit, to non-DoD persons in the vicinity, or property secured by DoD forces.
Rule 3.2: NOTIFY CLEA – Increase self-defense posture and notify civilian law enforcement authorities (CLEA) or security agency personnel as soon as practical, if confrontation appears likely, civilians are acting in a suspicious manner, or immediately after a confrontation.

RULE 4: LIMITATIONS ON THE USE OF FORCE – A SERVICE MEMBER will use force of any kind only as a last resort and, if used, the force should be the minimum necessary to accomplish the mission.

Rule 4.1: REASONABLE – Any use of force must be reasonable in intensity, duration, and magnitude to counter the threat based on all the circumstances.
Rule 4.2: SAFETY – Exercise due regard for the safety of innocent bystanders when using any type of force.
Rule 4.3: WARNING SHOTS – Warning shots are NOT authorized.

RULE 5: USE OF NON-DEADLY FORCE – A SERVICE MEMBER may use non-deadly force to stop a threat when it is reasonable:

to control a situation and accomplish the mission,
to provide protection for himself and other DoD personnel,
to defend non-DoD persons in the vicinity, but only IF directly related to the assigned mission, or
to defend designated protected property.

RULE 6: USE OF DEADLY FORCE IN SELF-DEFENSE, DEFENSE OF OTHERS, AND DEFENSE OF PROPERTY – A SERVICE MEMBER may use deadly force to stop a threat only when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed and it reasonably appears necessary:

to protect DoD forces when a commander reasonably believes a person poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm,
to protect yourself and other DoD forces from the imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm,
to protect non-DoD persons in the vicinity from the imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm, but only IF directly related to the assigned mission,
to prevent the actual theft or sabotage of assets vital to national security or inherently dangerous property, and
to prevent the sabotage of a national critical infrastructure.
Rule 6.1: USE OF DEADLY FORCE NOT AUTHORIZED – Deadly force is not authorized to disperse a crowd, stop looting, enforce a curfew, or protect non-designated property.

RULE 7: USE OF DEADLY FORCE AGAINST A SERIOUS OFFENSE – A SERVICE MEMBER may use deadly force, but only IF it is directly related to the assigned mission AND it reasonably appears necessary:

to prevent a serious crime against any person that involves imminent threat of death of serious bodily harm,
to prevent the escape of a prisoner where probable cause indicates he has committed or attempted to commit a serious offense and would pose an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm to DoD forces or others in the vicinity,
to arrest or apprehend a person who, there is probable cause to believe, has committed a serious offense that involved imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm or sabotage of designated protected property.

RULE 8: USE OF DEADLY FORCE AGAINST A VEHICULAR THREAT – A SERVICE MEMBER may fire his weapon at a moving land or water vehicle when he reasonably believes the vehicle poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm to DoD forces or to non-DoD persons in the vicinity, but only IF doing so is directly related to the assigned mission.

RULE 9 INSPECTION OF PERSONNEL ENTERING AND EXITING AREA – A SERVICE MEMBER may inspect individuals and property, per command security guidance, prior to granting persons or property entry inside a DoD perimeter or secured area and upon leaving such an area.

Rule 9.1 DENIED ACCESS – An individual or property that does not meet the command security requirements for entry may be denied access inside a DoD perimeter or secured area.


who has gained unauthorized access inside perimeters or other secured areas, who refuses to depart such an area after being denied access,
who otherwise threatens the safety and security of DoD forces, property secured by DoD forces, or non-DoD persons in the vicinity but only IF their defense is directly related to the assigned mission.
Rule 10.1: SEARCH – Detained individuals, vehicles, and property may be searched as a force protection measure.
Rule 10.2: RELEASED TO CLEA – Detained individuals and any secured property will be released to CLEA at the earliest opportunity consistent with mission accomplishment.

RULE 11: PURSUIT AND RECOVERY OF STOLEN PROPERTY – A SERVICE MEMBER may pursue and recover stolen assets vital to national security or inherently dangerous property if:

CLEA or security forces are not reasonably available to recover them, and Commander, USNORTHCOM, has pre-authorized the pursue and recovery mission, and the pursuit is immediate, continuous, and uninterrupted.

Rule 11.1: CONTACT CLEA – DoD forces will notify CLEA as soon as practicable to inform them of the theft/pursuit.

RULE 12: REPORT VIOLATIONS OF THE SRUF – A SERVICE MEMBER will IMMEDIATELY report any violation of or non-compliance with the SRUF to the chain-of-command, Inspector General, Judge Advocate, Chaplain, or any commissioned officer with information concerning who, what, when, where, and why.

Commander’s SRUF Responsibilities (Title 10 Forces)

RULE 1: TEACH AND TRAIN – A commander must teach, train and implement the SRUF to his soldiers.

RULE 2: UNIT SELF-DEFENSE – A commander retains the inherent right and obligation of unit self-defense and defense of other DoD forces in the vicinity in response to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent.

RULE 3: INDIVIDUAL SELF-DEFENSE – A commander may limit the right of individual self-defense.

RULE 4: COORDINATE SRUF – A commander will coordinate the SRUF with civilian law enforcement authorities (CLEA) or security forces when operating in conjunction with them to ensure a common understanding. Any RUF issues that cannot be resolved will be forwarded to the SECDEF thru the chain-of-command and CJCS.

RULE 5: IMMINENT THREAT –A commander will determine if a threat of death or serious bodily harm by an individual or motor vehicle is imminent based on an assessment of all of the circumstances. If he determines such a threat is imminent, deadly force is authorized to stop the threat.

RULE 6: INHERENTLY DANGEROUS PROPERTY – A commander may designate DoD property or property having a DoD nexus as inherently dangerous. This includes weapons, ammunition, explosives, portable missiles, rockets, chemical agents, and special nuclear materials.

RULE 7: PURSUE AND RECOVER – A commander may not authorize forces to pursue and recover a stolen asset vital to national security or inherently dangerous property unless delegated this authority by the Commander USNORTHCOM. Any pursuit must be immediate, continuous, and uninterrupted.

RULE 8: MISSION-SPECIFIC RUF – A commander may request SECDEF-approval of mission-specific or supplemental RUF based on mission requirements thru the chain-of-command and CJCS. A commander of a unit detailed to another federal agency will ensure his unit is operating under a common mission-specific RUF approved by the SECDEF and the federal agency.

RULE 9: IMPOSED RESTRICTIONS – A commander may impose restrictions to the SECDEF-approved SRUF or mission-specific RUF, but must notify SECDEF thru the chain-of-command and CJCS of imposing the restrictions as soon as practicable.

RULE 10: INVESTIGATING VIOLATIONS – A commander will immediately report any suspected violation of or non-compliance with the SRUF thru the chain-of-command to CDRUSNORTHCOM, attn: SJA, investigate any suspected violation or non-compliance and preserve all evidence.

Title 32 and SAD National Guard RUF Card Template

RULE 1: MINIMUM FORCE: Military personnel will use only the minimum force required to accomplish the mission.

RULE 2: SELF-DEFENSE: Nothing in these Rules for Use of Force (RUF) shall limit a commander’s inherent duty to safeguard his/her force or an individual‘s inherent right of self-defense. An individual is always authorized and expected to use necessary force, proportional to the threat, in self-defense. An individual’s right of self defense may be limited by a commander.

RULE 3: DEADLY FORCE: Deadly force refers to physical force that could reasonably result in death, whether or not death is the intent. Discharge of a firearm is always considered deadly force. Before resorting to deadly force, all of the following conditions must be met:

a. All other means have been exhausted, are not appropriate, or are not reasonably available, including but not limited to restraining, detaining, and subduing.
b. The use of deadly force does not significantly increase the risk of death or serious bodily harm to innocent bystanders.

What the heck was in the background - Claire McCaskill on The Last Word....

It looked like some kind of human body with a goat head sitting in a chair in the background....chocolate brown....must have been a statue/sculpture, because it didn't move a bit....
Did anyone else notice?

Anyone else had the thought that Trump and Pence have dodged COVID-19

because they're having bleach injections?

Are there instructions on here somewhere for how to add photos to your post?

I can't seem to figure out how to do it.

(Sorry to be so techno-challenged....)

Revelation 13:5

The beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for 42 months.

As I listened to Rachel detailing....

....the many announcements Trump made in the presence of all the business leaders of all the programs that were to be rolled out, like testing in parking lots, etc., but which have not materialized, I couldn't help but think of the famous aspect of the Ukraine quid pro quo in which the Ukraine President was urged to make just an announcement that an investigation was underway. That's all that was needed, just an announcement (so that the story, the propaganda, could follow from that).

It certainly seems like that's what's happening now with the Trump administration coronavirus non-response. Make an announcement, an empty announcement, for appearances' sake only to make it look like there's a Federal response, to deflect from and cover for the fact that they have no intention and never had an intention to do anything....It's all been a p.r. show by the p.r. President. And behind the show? He doesn't care if people in blue states are dying, if Democrat governors are left to fend for themselves and look incompetent, if healthcare workers have no supplies....He only wants to deflect attention away from the schemes of stealing supplies and selling them for a profit, promoting "cures" to which he has financial ties, etc., not to mention the workings of a very sick personality that only seeks to punish those who did not and will not vote for him, who are not loyal to him, or in the case of SDNY who may be seeking to bring him to justice.

It's the only way he knows how to operate.....a very sick and cynical individual....

Did anyone see David Plouffe on Last Word?

He looked like he was sweating like crazy (or maybe just got in out of the rain)?

He did not look well....

First cases of coronavirus announced today in Iowa.

Three cases of COVID-19 in Johnson County - It's where University of Iowa is in Iowa City....about an hour drive from where I live....


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