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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,941

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Who asked Trump the question about "peaceful transfer of power?"

I suspect they may have been planted so that Trump could grab the headlines away from his disastrous polling numbers, from the rushed SC pick, from the disastrous COVID numbers, from the "suckers" and "losers" comment, from Cindy McCain's endorsement of Biden, from his nearly broke campaign, etc., etc.

Shame on Rachel.

Reporting the fantastical scenerio....

Helping to suppress the vote.

Has it been announced whether or not there will be an audience at the Presidential debates?

I thought the last Dem Primary debate with just the candidates and moderator on stage, everyone properly distanced, and no audience was a perfect solution in the COVID era. I think Joe was more relaxed in that setting, too (whether or not it was because of there being no audience is debatable).

Greenfield maintains lead over Ernst in IA Senate race.


I had no idea it was this close....


Come on, Iowa....Joni has not Ernst your vote!!

All Mitch said was that Trump's nominee would get a vote in the Senate.

He didn't say when....

He could easily have been thinking about a lame duck vote....

Just listened to Joe's message for Rosh Hashanah.

Afterwards, the host Rabbi said "Joe Biden is a mentsh, and we need a mentsh in the WH."

So, let me see if I've got this right...if a journalist doesn't spill the beans

or blow the whistle, that excuses the President of the United States for not having done his job?

By no means should anyone be relying on the USPS with their vote, unless

they absolutely have to.

We must bypass the opportunity that Trump and his henchmen are taking for screwing with our vote.

Drop boxes, taking your ballot into the elections office, designating someone to deliver it for you, early voting in person being thoroughly protected with a mask and shield (construction eye goggles work well) and gloves.....all these options are possible (check with the laws in your state). Contact your local Democratic office if you need help. I'm sure they will bend over backwards to help in any way needed....



Letters from The Battle of Lake Travis

Dearest Annabel:

Although we have much to celebrate from our first encounter with the Incumbent Flotilla, they suffering heavy loss at the hands of our noble submarine forces, we see that they are mighty in number. The battle raged for the full day, and our supplies are now dwindling. We are running short of hamberders and covfefe. This war will likely last into the Fall. How I long to return to the bosom of my family.

Your loving husband.

There should be Corvette parades for Biden....

....just sayin'....
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