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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,877

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Did anyone see David Plouffe on Last Word?

He looked like he was sweating like crazy (or maybe just got in out of the rain)?

He did not look well....

First cases of coronavirus announced today in Iowa.

Three cases of COVID-19 in Johnson County - It's where University of Iowa is in Iowa City....about an hour drive from where I live....


Missing Sunday LOL Cats.....

again this Sunday....

Here's what I want all Democrats to know

before this election season goes any farther, and especially before we are in the GE race if Joe is the nominee...

Some probably already know, but Ive talked to quite a few well-informed voters who did not:


Edited/updated for clarification:

I'm dismayed that some have thought I was taking a "swing" at Joe for posting this. For heaven's sake, I have been a Joe fan for many years. I caucused for him in 2008, and it was my great thrill to shake his hand and tell him that at a rally in January here in Iowa before the February caucus. I posted it because I have encountered, from both sides on other boards and on FB, comments just as is mentioned in the subtitle that Joe exhibits signs of dementia. It's actually one of the Rs new lines of attack! It upsets me to no end to see those comments, born of ignorance (although the R comments are born of malice). There are many Dems who are not aware of this, IMO, heroic feature of Joes character. This article is something others might find useful in their encounters with ignorance going forward. Certainly no offense was intended, and I apologize if any was taken.

Keep your damn money and do your job!!

Fox News reporting that Trump donated $100G salary for coronavirus relief.
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