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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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During the depression era, a cousin of my mother's played baseball for the Cleveland Indians.

He would send her and her siblings his used knee-high wool socks that were part of his uniform, and they wore them to keep warm while walking to school in the rural countryside.

I relay this personal interest story because of today's headline that the Cleveland Indians are being renamed as the Guardians.....

So proud of the Texas Dem Legislators!

They are at the "tip of the spear," as Rachel just said in interviewing one of them, with a whole busload of them in the background. It's a very brave and determined effort they've undertaken. Them meeting with US Senators may be the only way to save our democracy, and they are doing it at great personal sacrifice. They have families, jobs, businesses, and this act is their priority.

The least we could do is establish a fund to support them....Could someone here more technically knowledgeable than I am establish a GoFundMe (or some such thing) for them?

So, I lied....

Today was the day when I finally could get a repairman scheduled for routine maintenance on one of my appliances. It's a fairly new unit, and I purchased an extended warranty on it, which comes with "tune ups."

I live in the corner of a state that borders another state that is major Trump country, and I had a feeling the service area might include a technician coming from that state who likely wouldn't be masked. I put out a mask for when he arrived and met him at the door wearing my mask. Sure enough, he had no mask, so I handed him the mask I had gotten out for him, and asked "if he didn't mind..." At the first hint of a scoffing look at the mask is when the lie kicked in....."Look, I said, I'm just recovering from an illness and have a compromised immune system, so it's rather important." Bingo. He put on the mask with no further hesitancy.

Now, I know you will all say, F him. It's your house; either he complies or you don't let him in. But the fact is that this is the service company that the appliance store contracts, I've already paid for that service with the extended warranty, and in a rural area there are no alternatives. And the fact is that he was very good at his job and explained a lot about how the appliance functioned, so that I won't have the same concerns in the future about it's performance. I'll for sure give feedback to the service company that their technicians should without hesitation comply with any customer's request concerning masks.

The old saying that "you pick your battles," applies here. As a single woman, let me say I feel that I won this particular battle....without confrontation. That's satisfying to me....Sometimes I'm just not up for confrontation....
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