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Skya Rhen

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Member since: Wed Apr 10, 2019, 10:56 PM
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Harris Backs Away From Busing As A Federal Mandate After Biden Attack (Huffpost)

The comments section is interesting...


*NEW* Ipsos/Reuters (B+ Rated) Poll - Biden 22%, Sanders 16%, Harris 10%, Warren 9%


***NEW*** Washington Post/ABC (A+ Rated) Poll - Biden 29%, Sanders 23%, Harris 11%, Warren 11%

This was conducted many more days, post-debate, than the other newly-released polls (June 28 to July 1).

The bubble has already burst!


New Suffolk University Iowa poll actually shows that Joe Biden maintains the same lead as last month

and remains at 24% - the same as last month.

Yet some publications are making it seem as if Biden polled poorly in the recent Iowa poll. Why does the media engage in this type of misrepresentation?

Thankfully, the below article gives a more fair analysis:



In a new Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll, Biden continues to lead the field, backed by 24% of those who say they are likely to attend the Democratic caucuses in Iowa that will open the presidential contests next year. Harris jumped to second place, at 16%, leapfrogging over Sanders, whose support sagged to single digits. At 9%, he finished fourth, behind Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 13%.


So, nothing has changed with Biden since last month. He is still at 24% and he still maintains the same 8 point lead. The only change is that Harris switched places with Sanders. He was at 16% last month, now she is at 16% this month.

CNN Poll - Biden 43%; Sanders 13%; Harris 12% ** Best Chance to Beat Trump **


Cf Paragraph 11

Also was reported live on CNN
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