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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 03:26 PM
Number of posts: 18,486

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Truth: Portland's not the test case. It's the rollout

Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Jul 22, 2020, 12:48 AM (14 replies)

Excellent advice for Brian Kemp

Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 21, 2020, 03:26 PM (3 replies)

I hope folk don't make the tragic attack on Judge Salas' family the left-wing version of Seth Rich

This is a horrible tragedy for Judge Salas and her family. The speculation and conspiracy-theory-mongering likely only rubs salt in their wounds.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 21, 2020, 01:36 PM (11 replies)

We need to admit there are some reasons not to wear a mask

Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 20, 2020, 04:22 PM (3 replies)

CNN: Suspect in shooting of federal judge's son and husband at her New Jersey home has died

The person suspected of shooting the husband and son of US District Court of New Jersey Esther Salas on Sunday at her North Brunswick home has died of what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to two law enforcement sources.

Daniel Anderl, a 20-year-old student at Catholic University, was killed in the shooting, and Mark Anderl, the judge's husband and a defense attorney, was injured, according to Chief Judge Freda Wolfson. Salas was unharmed, Wolfson said.

Both the US Marshals and FBI are investigating the shooting and were working to find the suspected gunman. Initial reports from law enforcement said Daniel Anderl opened the door with his father right behind him. The door opened to a hail of gunfire and the gunman fled, a law enforcement source told CNN.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 20, 2020, 12:55 PM (64 replies)

Cincinnati Enquirer: "Honor John Lewis by getting into good trouble"

The news that Congressman John Lewis, my hero and friend, had passed away on Friday at the age of 80 literally knocked me to my knees ... Perhaps itís the deadly pandemic endlessly stalking, taunting and trapping us. Or, it could be the deepening sense of national and personal dread created by a president with too much power and no conscience, unconstrained by politicians with too few principles and no courage. Or, more likely, itís all of this and more. Itís just too much, I thought. Too much.
I will remember John Lewis for his humanity. I will remember his tenacity and refusal to give up, even when carrying on surely felt like just too much. I will remember he showed us that the way to a brighter future is not with bellicose promises to "make America great again," but with quiet determination to help our nation to do better
[Now] we must get up, just like John Lewis did, and keep getting into good trouble. We must get in the way of oppression and police brutality. Persist in our fight against voter suppression and for full voting rights. Insist that minorities, women, immigrants, the poor, and the disabled be treated with dignity and respect and equality. We can honor John Lewis by voting in November and in every election. And we need to keep making noise, loud and strong enough for our political leaders to hear us until they have no choice but to act. Tell them itís not enough to simply say nice things about John Lewis on Twitter for a day and then turn their backs on everything he stood for once the flags return to full staff.

First and foremost, call your senators and demand they support full restoration of the Voting Rights Act as John Lewis called for to his dying breath by passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which was approved by the House but has been sitting on Mitch McConnellís desk for more than eight months. (And, while theyíre at it, they can rename the bill for him, too.)

Today, we mourn the loss of this remarkable man who gave his all to the very end. But beginning tomorrow, let us stand up and answer John Lewis' call to persist, insist, make a little noise, and get into the best kind of trouble.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 20, 2020, 12:33 PM (2 replies)

We say "Black Lives Matter" because America's still struggling with the concept of "all"

Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 20, 2020, 08:18 AM (16 replies)

"THEY STOPPED A BROTHER!" Auntie Maxine jumps out of her car to monitor a traffic stop

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun Jul 19, 2020, 08:27 PM (41 replies)

If anyone tries to tell you their vote doesn't matter, tell them about John Lewis

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Jul 18, 2020, 11:03 AM (19 replies)

Rest in peace, John Lewis. We'll take it from here

He was my hero and my friend. He made me think, he made me laugh, he made me dream, and he constantly gave me hope. It's hard to imagine this world, this movement without John Lewis. But we'll figure it out, because he showed us how.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Jul 18, 2020, 12:03 AM (14 replies)
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