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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 03:26 PM
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The public won't see anything of Trump's tax returns before the election, BUT

That's no longer a concern for me.

We've come to learn that NOTHING Trump said or did or does or says matters anymore to his core supporters. The documents could show that he actually did murder someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and then had sex with the corpse and it still wouldn't matter. It's not a big deal that the public won't see the documents before the election because they wouldn't have made any difference.

BUT, these cases are HUGE. They are a tremendous smackdown. The fact that they were 7-2 and the two justices he appointed went against him make him look craven, desperate, crooked and weak. He lost and lost big.

WE may not see the documents before the election - but the prosecutors will see them and that's probably what he's most afraid of anyway.

And, thanks to his desperate efforts to hide his ass, the Court has gone on the record to solidify the rules so that, moving forward, futue presidents can't pull the crap he's pulled.

AND, while it's not likely, it is possible that if Congress goes after him or any of his henchmen in the coming months, they can't stall the way they have in the past. Congress may actually be able to get documents.

This is a good day.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 10:34 AM (9 replies)

YES AGAIN! Court rules AGAINST TRUMP 7-2 in Congressional subpoena case!

Roberts writing.

Kavanaugh and Gorsuch with the majority

Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 10:22 AM (26 replies)

YES! Trump v. Vance goes against Trump 7-2

Court rules that the president does not have absolute immunity.

"Article II and the Supremacy Clause do not categorically preclude, or require a heightened standard for, the issuance of a state criminal subpoena to a sitting President."

Roberts wrote the opinion. Alito and Thomas, of course, dissenting. It wasn't even close and the Chief Justice wrote the opinion.

Wow! This is HUGE.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 10:12 AM (13 replies)

In first case, Court rules in favor of tribal nations 5-4

The Court ruled that, for purposes of the Major Crimes Act, land reserved for the Creek Nation since the 19th century remains "Indian country."

Gorsuch wrote opinion, joined by Court's liberals.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 10:05 AM (38 replies)

Denver white woman accosts black man minding his own business- until other white people call her out

This video shows perfectly how black folk are regularly expected to justify our right to occupy whatever space we happen to be in to white people who occupy the same space without question.

It also shows what it means to be an ally. Bravo to the girl who not only took the video but also directly challenged this woman's behavior.

It's interesting how this woman seems very sure her fellow white folk are in alignment with her - "C'mere!" as if they're on the same team - and when she realizes they're not and she's busted, she just hustles away.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 08:01 AM (67 replies)

Transcripts show they didn't just choke George Floyd to death. They terrorized and tortured him

as he begged them not to kill him. They knew he was terrified and no threat to them yet they killed him as he spent his final moments terrified and in pain.

This makes me sick all over again. That poor man.

George Floyd warned police he thought he would die because he couldn’t breathe, according to body camera transcripts

George Floyd repeatedly begged police officers not to shoot him and complained of being claustrophobic as they tried to place him in a squad car in the minutes before he was killed on a South Minneapolis streetcorner in May, according to transcripts of police body camera footage from the scene released Wednesday.

The transcripts make clear that Floyd was trying to cooperate with police but was deathly afraid of them, at times telling them that he had had covid-19 and was worried that he was going to die because he couldn’t breathe. As one of the officers — Derek Chauvin — pressed a knee into his throat as Floyd lay on the ground beneath him, he told Floyd that he must be okay because he was able to speak, saying that he was using up a lot of oxygen pleading for help.

“They going to kill me,” Floyd said as officers sat atop him in the street, according to the transcripts. “They’re going to kill me man.”

Floyd went lifeless minutes later and was pronounced dead.
[The transcripts] show that Floyd appeared to be afraid of any encounter with police, saying he had been previously shot by an officer and did not want it to happen again. He said he did not want to be placed in a squad car, said he wouldn’t hurt anyone, and numerous times explained that he couldn’t breathe and worried that he was going to die.


I've been pondering why God let him suffer like that. Now I think God took him away to stop his suffering at the hands of these animals.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Jul 8, 2020, 06:29 PM (20 replies)

OK - now they're mad because OTHER people are wearing masks

So much for that "you're interfering with my freedoms" thing.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Jul 8, 2020, 08:31 AM (96 replies)

Can we start a national conversation about why so many white guys with guns are so racist and angry?


Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 7, 2020, 10:30 PM (42 replies)

Washington Post: John Roberts was hospitalized after a fall last month

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suffered a fall at a Maryland country club last month that required an overnight stay in the hospital, a Supreme Court spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday night.

The 65-year-old chief justice was taken by ambulance to a hospital after the June 21 incident at the Chevy Chase Club, which was serious enough to require sutures. He stayed at the hospital overnight for observation, and was released the next morning.

Roberts has twice experienced seizures, in 1993 and in 2007, but Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg said doctors ruled out that possibility in the latest incident. Doctors believe he was dehydrated, she said.

Roberts did not publicly disclose the matter, and the court’s confirmation came in response to an inquiry from The Washington Post, which received a tip.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 7, 2020, 09:56 PM (2 replies)

"As a white man, I can never walk a mile in a black man's shoes, but ..."

This is lovely:

Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 7, 2020, 09:51 PM (12 replies)
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