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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 03:26 PM
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Palmer Report: Lay off Chuck Schumer

But this overwhelming tidal wave of facts just doesn’t seem to matter to the defeatists. They’re insisting that Chuck Schumer be replaced so things can move more quickly, as if there’s a magic wand that Schumer is simply refusing to wave, and that some other Democratic Senate Majority Leader would simply wave. This is a kindergartner’s view of the world. And yet so many liberal defeatists are subscribing to this nonsense, it’s more or less taken over the political discussion this week on social media.

The problem here is two fold. First, it does extraordinary damage when so many liberal activists are so clueless about how anything in politics works, they’re mistakenly demanding the ouster of their own Majority Leader because they mistakenly think the battle over voting rights legislation is somehow lost. These dummies are taking out Schumer’s legs, and thus taking Schumer’s leverage over Manchin away from it. So these dummies who hate Manchin are unwittingly helping Manchin, because they don’t even understand what they’re watching unfold.

Second, this is a time when the Democratic Party leadership – which is fighting like hell for us in smart and savvy fashion – needs us to help out by applying real pressure to opportunists like Manchin and clowns like Sinema. The way you apply pressure is to push Manchin and Sinema to cave on voting rights, and make clear to them that you’re not going to let up until they do cave. You 100% assume you’re going to be able to bend them to your will, and then you do it.

In contrast, the defeatists are unwittingly doing the opposite. They keep insisting that Manchin and Sinema will never cave no matter what. In so doing, they’re telling Manchin and Sinema that they’re off the hook. When you concede defeat right off the bat, what your adversary is hearing is that they’ve won, because you’ve given up trying. This kind of defeatist “activism” is actually the opposite of activism; it’s how you turn a potential win into a guaranteed loss.
So what’s the solution? As always, we have to educate ourselves about how the political process actually works. We have to remember that most of what transpires in politics takes place behind the scenes. We have to keep in mind that when politicians speak in public, it’s only ever for the sake of posturing, or trying to influence what’s going on behind the scenes; it’s never to be taken as a statement of fact. Most importantly, we have to keep in mind that placing pressure on your adversaries, and assuming you’re going to be able to get them to cave, is how you win; assuming you’re going to lose is how to guarantee you’ll lose. Political activism isn’t about trying to lose so you can feel outrage. It’s about trying to win, so you can make things better for everyone.


Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jun 8, 2021, 01:37 PM (4 replies)

To everyone with their shorts in a bunch over DOJ's argument in the Trump in rape case

Take a breath.

This is SOP - the Department needs to protect its institutional prerogatives because future presidents won't be criminals like Trump. Their position actually has nothing to do with Trump or his guilt or innocence at all. This is about being able to defend presidents and other government officials who aren't criminal rapists from lawsuits in the future.

Also, this isn't a good development for Trump. If you were in Trump's shoes right now, would you want your defense to be in the hands of the Biden/Garland Justice Department? I sure wouldn't.

I wouldn't be surprised if he settles it soon just to make it and them go away - which may also be part of DOJ's strategy.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jun 7, 2021, 11:24 PM (60 replies)

Question for the "Democrats need to force Manchin to get in line" folks:

Manchin is obviously not going to "get in line" to vote for the bill into current form or to get rid of the filibuster, so now what?

The Voting Rights bills are NOT going to pass as is without Manchin and a few Republicans. Do you think Biden and the Senate Dems should make some compromises to try to swing some Republicans to vote for some type of voting rights protections (with or without Manchin) or stand their ground and just let the bill die?
Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun Jun 6, 2021, 10:49 AM (55 replies)

Yet another reason to love Joe.Biden

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Jun 5, 2021, 09:47 PM (31 replies)

Akron Beacon Journal: Mic cut fallout - American Legion Post's charter suspended, leader resigns

The charter of Hudson's American Legion post was suspended as its leader resigned Friday after a veteran's mic got cut while he spoke about Black Americans' role in the history of Memorial Day.

The actions come four days after the leader of the Hudson Legion and head of the Legion's auxiliary were involved with cutting retired Army Lt. Col. Bernard Kemter's microphone during a Memorial Day ceremony in Hudson.

"Effective immediately, [American Legion Department of Ohio] Department Commander Roger Friend has suspended [the] Hudson Lee-Bishop American Legion Post 464 Charter pending permanent closure," stated a news release issued by the American Legion Department of Ohio Friday afternoon. "Upon demand, Jim Garrison has also resigned as a Post Officer and we have since demanded that he resign his membership altogether. The American Legion Department of Ohio does not hold space for members, veterans, or families of veterans who believe that censoring black history is acceptable behavior."
Both Garrison and Cindy Suchan, who chairs the Memorial Day Parade committee and is president of the Hudson American Legion Auxiliary, had been asked by Friend to resign after the state office's investigation determined the two "intentionally censored Lt. Col Bernard Kemter, US Army (Ret.) during his Memorial Day speech hosted by American Legion Post 464 of Hudson, Ohio." Suchan has not resigned, but Heller said her case is being handled by the American Legion Auxiliary of Ohio. Heller said Suchan also is being asked to give up her membership in the auxiliary.
The state Legion said its investigation found Suchan received a copy of Kemter's speech in advance and asked him to remove a portion of the speech where he described how newly freed Black slaves gave an honorable burial to deceased Union soldiers shortly after the end of the Civil War. In its news release, the state Legion said it determined the "censoring" of Kemter's speech was "pre-meditated and planned by … Garrison and … Suchan."

Posted by StarfishSaver | Fri Jun 4, 2021, 07:45 PM (34 replies)

People fought like hell to get Biden elected

But now some people here are second-guessing him like he's Boo Boo the Fool.

Why can't folk recognize - or even just take a breath and consider the possibility - that President Biden has been around long time, knows the players and the game, and understands better than any of us what he can and can't get and how to negotiate the best possible deal for us and the country?
Posted by StarfishSaver | Fri Jun 4, 2021, 02:15 PM (55 replies)

Breaking: Facebook just suspended Trump for two years

Facebook suspends Trump for 2 years in response to Oversight Board ruling
By Elizabeth Dwoskin

Breaking: Facebook said Friday that it plans to suspend Trump for two years following his comments in the wake of the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, and will only reinstate him” if the risk to public safety has receded.“


Posted by StarfishSaver | Fri Jun 4, 2021, 12:40 PM (30 replies)

A Thomas Jefferson descendant explains why Critical Race Theory is a "white supremacist's nightmare"

This is an excerpt, but please click on the link to read the full Facebook post. Every word he writes is important.


by Lucian K. Truscott IV

You are looking at a photograph of me and my cousin Shannon Lanier. It’s a photograph that illustrates why the 1619 Project is such a white supremacist’s nightmare, teaching that racism and slavery played a major role in the founding of this nation. It’s a photograph of the truth exposed, at least in part, by critical race theory, an academic discipline that teaches the same thing. It is not only a photograph, it is a fact. It is history staring you in the face, history in flesh and blood, history that cannot be rewritten, cannot be buried, cannot be denied, because we are alive to tell it.

That’s Thomas Jefferson’s grave we’re standing on. We are 6th great grandsons of Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s third president long idolized as a founding father of the United States. Shannon is descended from Jefferson’s 36 year relationship – if relations between an enslaved person and a slave owner can be called that – with Sally Hemings, who is his 6th great grandmother. I am descended from Jefferson’s relationship with his wife Martha, who is my 6th great grandmother. Shannon’s great grandmother was enslaved by my 6th great grandfather. We are tied together not only by blood but by the stain of slavery on our family and our country. We are cousins, and we are also blood brothers. We carry in our souls the legacy of the slavery that brought our great grandparents together. We are descendants of slavery. It lives within us.
I appeared with Michelle Cooley, one of my Hemings cousins, on the Today Show. Shannon and Michelle and I gave interviews to television crews from places like Bangkok and Paris and Moscow. And that afternoon, the death threats started. They came by email and by phone at first. Later, they would come in the mail to my home in Los Angeles, more than a hundred them.

One I remember very, very well because somehow this man had gotten my phone number, and he called me in the middle of the night. He threatened me, told me he knew where I was staying in Charlottesville and where I lived in California. When his threats had finally sputtered to a stop, I asked him why, and it led to a conversation that lasted about five minutes. He called me a traitor to my race and several other things involving the “N-word.” I asked him why he felt so strongly the way he did. He told me I was trying to change the way things had always been, that Black people were inferior, that they didn’t deserve to be treated the same way as whites. I asked him if he thought Black people should have the right to vote. He said, of course not. They weren’t real Americans. He said something like, “you don’t know it yet, but one day we’ll get things back to the way they used to be, before n-----s had rights and everything went to hell in this country.”

Today on its front page, the New York Times informs us that the state of Texas is entertaining “a flurry” of laws that would “reframe Texas history lessons and play down references to slavery and anti-Mexican discrimination that are part of the state’s founding.” The states of Idaho, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Tennessee are all considering bills that would ban teaching about slavery and segregation and ban using the 1619 Project in state school curriculums. One Texas bill would “promote patriotic education” by omitting the introduction of slavery when Texas achieved independence from Mexico in 1836. Another bill would ban exhibits at the Alamo that show major figures in the Texas Revolution were slave owners. Another bill would constrain teachers from discussing how racism determined the legal system in Texas. The bills do not address how to teach about the Texas state constitution which legalized slavery the day it was passed, but “playing down” references to slavery isn’t going to help.

Earlier this week, the University of North Carolina refused tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones, last year’s recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for her role in creating the 1619 Project. She had been hired by the university’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media to be Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism, a position which in the past had come with tenure. Stories in the Times, The Hill, the Charlotte Observer and elsewhere attributed the refusal of tenure to “a backlash among conservatives” on the UNC Board of Governors. Ms Hannah-Jones accepted a five year contract as a professor with an “option” for tenure review on completion of the contract.

This kind of stuff has been going on for a long time and it’s not stopping. But it is folly. They can pass all the laws they want, but they’re not going to erase the fact that slaves built Monticello, slaves built the United States Capitol, slaves built the White House, and slaves built practically every capitol building in every southern state, not to mention most of the county courthouses throughout the south. They can ban the 1619 Project from public schools, but they cannot hide from what it says about slavery being a part of the founding of this country.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Fri Jun 4, 2021, 12:28 PM (42 replies)

Tom Hanks: Stop whitewashing history to avoid discomfort for students

One of the reasons Tom Hanks is an American hero and a national treasure:

Tom Hanks: You Should Learn the Truth About the Tulsa Race Massacre

By my recollection, four years of my education included studying American history. Fifth and eighth grades, two semesters in high school, three quarters at a community college. Since then, I’ve read history for pleasure and watched documentary films as a first option. Many of those works and those textbooks were about white people and white history. The few Black figures — Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — were those who accomplished much in spite of slavery, segregation and institutional injustices in American society.

But for all my study, I never read a page of any school history book about how, in 1921, a mob of white people burned down a place called Black Wall Street, killed as many as 300 of its Black citizens and displaced thousands of Black Americans who lived in Tulsa, Okla.

My experience was common: History was mostly written by white people about white people like me, while the history of Black people — including the horrors of Tulsa — was too often left out. Until relatively recently, the entertainment industry, which helps shape what is history and what is forgotten, did the same. That includes projects of mine. I knew about the attack on Fort Sumter, Custer’s last stand and Pearl Harbor but did not know of the Tulsa massacre until last year, thanks to an article in The New York Times.
How different would perspectives be had we all been taught about Tulsa in 1921, even as early as the fifth grade? Today, I find the omission tragic, an opportunity missed, a teachable moment squandered. When people hear about systemic racism in America, just the use of those words draws the ire of those white people who insist that since July 4, 1776, we have all been free, we were all created equally, that any American can become president and catch a cab in Midtown Manhattan no matter the color of our skin, that, yes, American progress toward justice for all can be slow but remains relentless. Tell that to the century-old survivors of Tulsa and their offspring. And teach the truth to the white descendants of those in the mob that destroyed Black Wall Street.

Should our schools now teach the truth about Tulsa? Yes, and they should also stop the battle to whitewash curriculums to avoid discomfort for students. America’s history is messy but knowing that makes us a wiser and stronger people. 1921 is the truth, a portal to our shared, paradoxical history. An American Black Wall Street was not allowed to exist, was burned to ashes; more than 20 years later, World War II was won despite institutionalized racial segregation; more than 20 years after that, the Apollo missions put 12 men on the moon while others were struggling to vote, and the publishing of the Pentagon Papers showed the extent of our elected officials’ willingness to systemically lie to us. Each of these lessons chronicles our quest to live up to the promise of our land, to tell truths that, in America, are meant to be held as self-evident.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Fri Jun 4, 2021, 09:12 AM (92 replies)

Another isolated incident of racism that doesn't say anything negative about America

because not ALL organizers try to stop audiences from hearing about the Black people who founded Memorial Day on Memorial Day.

Organizer cuts off veteran's mic when he discusses role Black people played in origins of Memorial Day

The audio was cut on a veteran’s microphone at a Memorial Day event in Hudson, Ohio, shortly after he began discussing the role Black people played in the holiday’s origins in an incident that local media report was no accident.
During his speech, Kemter, whom the Journal reported was the keynote speaker for the event, discussed the history of the holiday, including the discovery of newspaper clippings and handwritten notes that showed a group of freed Black people were among the first to commemorate the holiday following the surrender of the Confederacy.
But about a minute after, Kemter’s microphone was cut roughly halfway through his address. The veteran could be seen trying to alert someone off-camera about his microphone after realizing something was wrong, continuing to address the audience.

According to the Journal, an organizer for the event confirmed to the outlet that either she or another organizer had the audio cut.

The organizer, Cindy Suchan, told the paper that the portion of Kemter’s speech in which the audio was cut “was not relevant to our program for the day” and that the “theme of the day was honoring Hudson veterans.”


Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Jun 2, 2021, 11:52 PM (13 replies)
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