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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 02:26 PM
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Dr. Avis on the recent press coverage of Kamala Harris


Dr. Avis

A word about the rash of hit pieces on the Kamala campaign. First let me say I’m a political scientist. And my entire adult life I have worked directly in politics from the electoral and/or policy apparatus side and studied politics from the academic perspective...

From those standpoints I will say, it’s not unusual for the media to pick it’s darlings for an election cycle, those they ignore, and those they tend to cover from a negative perspective. What is unusual here is the sheer volume of pieces this early in the process that collectively seem to have as its goal essentially forcing a candidate to end her campaign before one vote has actually been cast. The extraordinary level of singular focus on a campaign that despite its challenges STILL polls above several others that go completely without critical analysis IS highly unusual. But at the same time it feels all too familiar in that it is the type of double standard that I’m sure EVERY Black woman in America has experienced in her career.

I find it interesting, for example, that we’ve seen more negative coverage of Kamala’s campaign woes than of the seemingly out of the blue collapse of the Beto campaign.

I also find it interesting that more ink has been spilled on her staffers than on a rival’s staffer who actual STOLE data from Kamala’s campaign.

Also, ain’t it funny that none of the uncovered video footage of Mayor Pete palling around with Tea Party Members, or insulting Black children & families came from any of those fine journalistic institutions like @politico @washingtonpost or @nytimes that seem so fixated on...
Kamala’s shortcomings? And wouldn’t you think one of these great bastions of investigative journalism would be interested in finding out exactly why Pete chose to fire a Black Sheriff for reporting racist activity in his police department rather than fire the racists themselves?

I, for one, would like to read that story. But apparently they’re too busy penning the 5011th Kamala implosion piece.

In fact Kamala’s coverage is so singularly and consistently negative it seems to me the goal may be beyond this specific campaign cycle and ultimately meant to do permanent damage to her political career... as well as serve as a warning to any future Black woman considering running for President, “This ain’t for you, Boo” —while also messaging through other coverage that instead, it’s perfectly okay to run as “The Help” (aka Vice President)

One day some ambitious graduate student will do a content analysis on the news coverage in this pre-primary period and document the blatant bias occurring in this campaign cycle.

Until then, I’ll be waiting for the white boy hit pieces that apparently never seem to materialize. 💅🏽

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun Dec 1, 2019, 01:08 AM (9 replies)

I am so glad Pelosi didn't launch impeachment immediately after the Mueller Report was released

All she had to go with then was a heavily redacted report that Barr and Trump had a weeks-long headstart and the assistance of a gullible/complicit media to frame and distort the narrative. The key witnesses were Trump campaign and administration officials who would never comply with subpoenas and, even if they did show up, they'd just invoke executive privilege or the Fifth Amendment.

Nothing would have come of it. We probably wouldn't even gotten enough Democratic votes to impeach. And it would be over. Impeachment would now be just a failed effort we're looking at in the rearview mirror.

Even now, after a stream of extremely credible, compelling witnesses who testified unequivocally about, not some murky, difficult to understand and more difficult to prove conspiracy with Russia, but very clear, obvious bribery and other corruption by Trump himself and obstruction of justice in plain view and in real time, the public is still not yet clamoring for impeachment and removal.

Fortunately, Pelosi played this perfectly, not just waiting for the right time to move, but spreading the process out over several months and several separate committees so that a solid case can be built. And the Democrats are in full charge of the rollout, trigger points and outcomes.

This may be moving slowly, but we're in full control.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Nov 30, 2019, 09:53 PM (20 replies)

Michael Harriot: The 8 Kinds of Black Donald Trump Supporters

While Trump supporters may be a small minority of black people, it is important to know who they are, why they choose to support the dimwitted, tanning booth-weathered love child of Pennywise and Lord Voldemort and—most importantly—how to spot these rare creatures in the wild.

As a member of the growing subset of wypipologists who study Trump-related subjects (a Lie-entist, if you will) I have cataloged every single genus and species of black Donald Trump supporters for your edification:

1. MAGA-scots
2. Dummies
3. Churchless Pastors
4. Black Conspiracy Theorists
5. “Different” Black People
6. True Believers
7. Opportunists
8. Kanye West


Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Nov 30, 2019, 08:53 PM (9 replies)

Trump: "Grass iz purpil"


Strictly 🌊 📻
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Nov 25th 2019, 11 tweets, 2 min read


TRUMP: *tweets* Grass iz purpil.

EVERYONE WHO HAS EYES: Is he saying that grass is purple? Um, no it’s not. It’s green.

FOX NEWS: Grass is purple.

CNN: Breaking news: New debate rages about whether grass is green or purple.

EVERYONE: I’m sorry, what? Grass is green. There’s no debate.

CNN: Well we have to be fair and legitimize both sides.

EVERYONE: Grass is green. There is no other side.

TRUMP: *addresses news media on White House lawn*

REPORTER: What about the green grass that you’re literally standing on?

TRUMP: You’re very rude. The fake news media is very unfair to me!

TRUMP BASE: *chanting* Grass is purple! Grass is purple!

KELLYANNE: The democrats are trying to shove green grass down your throats because they’re all SOCIALISTS.

RUSSIAN TROLL ONLINE: Hillary Clinton has child slaves underneath a pizza parlor in Queens stealing everyone’s purple grass and painting it green.

TRUMP: *retweets Russian troll*

NEWS MEDIA: *legitimizes retweet by airing footage of it all day*

TUCKER: The Democrats are coming for your grass! 2nd amendment!!!

SCIENTISTS: Um, actually, we have irrefutable scientific proo...

JIM JORDAN: *screaming louder than all the scientists* NONE!!

HANNITY: Anybody that tells you grass is green is part of the deep state.

YOU: But grass IS green.

YOUR GRANDMOTHER AT THANKSGIVING DINNER: Are you part of the deep stage?

YOUR COUSIN IN PENSACOLA: *posts Breitbart meme on Facebook of cartoon frog smoking purple grass*

TRUMP: *tweets* Deep state! Socialists! 2nd amendment! I saw green grass the other day but it was artificial turf! That’s proof that all green grass is FAKE!

NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINE: Grass still green.

NOBODY: *reads newspapers*

RNC: *already mass producing purple hats with clever 2020 re-election slogan all made in China*

CHINA: *laughing in Chinese* Americans are assholes.

BARR: The report states that Trump is totally exonerated.

EVERYONE: There is no report.

LANDSCAPER IN INDIANA: It’s against my religious beliefs to plant green grass.

TRUMP: *already onto the next scandal*

EVERYONE: Oh for fucks sake. Sure. Grass is purple. This is too fucking exhausting. Who cares anymore.

UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED FACT: Grass is now both green and purple at the exact same time.

PLANET EARTH: *heats up to the point where grass no longer exists*

Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Nov 28, 2019, 11:47 PM (9 replies)

"It's Your Responsibility to Challenge Bigoted Relatives Over the Holidays"

The dinner table is one of the most sacred places in the household. For many families, it is the place where difficult conversations, delicate family dynamics, and restorative fellowship all come together. These complex events come to a head here because the dinner table is a safe place. Often, during the holidays, the dinner table feels so safe that many family members are comfortable uttering their most racist, transphobic, queer antagonistic, misogynistic, and generally ugly ideas over their turkey and cranberry sauce. Some white people who see themselves as nonracist will just play nice instead of clapping back directly at these problematic family members. This year, consider doing something different.
Neighborhood segregation means that many white Americans don’t see many nonwhite people as members of their communities, and certainly not as their next-door neighbors.
Not only are white Americans often isolated by race where they live, they are unlikely to be surrounded by friends and loved ones who are nonwhite. If anti-racist white people do not muster up the courage to challenge their bigoted family members this holiday season, no one else will be there to do it.

These forms of isolation mean that many white Americans don’t have to confront racial differences in their personal and daily lives. Because of white privilege, many of them can simply opt out of difficult conversations that challenge internalized stereotypes or beliefs about people who aren’t like them. These attitudes are shaped from an early age. As University of Rhode Island history professor Erik Loomis put it in a recent piece in the Boston Review, when citing a study of white school children in a specific town in the Midwest, “almost none develop a meaningful critique of structural racism, question their own privilege, or think seriously about how to combat racial prejudice.” They may “oppose overt racism,” he continued, “but they also see themselves as deserving of every advantage they have received.”
What it mostly boils down to, though, is not being passive. Quietly forking away at your yams and green beans while Aunt Susan spews hateful messages about Black people, immigrants, or gender nonconforming people won’t do anything to change the status quo. It’s just another way of allowing these toxic ideas and beliefs to permeate throughout generations and social networks every day. How about stepping up to do something about it?

Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Nov 28, 2019, 07:51 AM (21 replies)

Rules for Black Thanksgiving

The 2019 Rules and Revisions for Black Thanksgiving

For black families, Thanksgiving is an entirely different holiday than the traditional feast enjoyed by the dominant culture ... Here are the 2019 rule changes and revisions:

Food certifications

In 1962, BLACC’s executive macaroni committee decided to limit all macaroni and cheese making to grandmothers, aunts and anyone over 50 with a sufficient supply of the upper-arm fat known as “church lady muscles.” In 1984, we extended those qualifications to dressing and sweet potato pies ... We have also removed the age limit for Kool-Aid, iced tea and other beverages technicians, although measuring cups are still not allowed. It does not matter if you are a STEM graduate from a prestigious HBCU, the “Holy Ghost technique” is still the official BLACC method for drink-making: You pour the sugar into the container until God speaks to your heart and tells you to stop.

Menu requirements

While Thanksgiving meals vary depending on geography and tradition, all BLACC-approved Thanksgiving menus must have the following:

Turkey: This goes without saying. It can be fried, baked or even smoked but if there is no turkey, you’re just having a family meal. A big hunk of turkey breast does not count, but turkey wings or legs do.
Dressing: Not that stovetop bullshit either. That’s “stuffing.”
Macaroni & Cheese: Aside from the above rules, there must also be someone present to regulate the size of macaroni scoops so you won’t run out of the “good” macaroni. Mac & cheese should be served in descending order from best to worst because anyone who is late doesn’t deserve top-level, auntie macaroni.
Giblet gravy: Anyone who serves packaged gravy at Black Thanksgiving is eligible for excommunication and must immediately surrender their black card.
Greens: Turnip, collards, cabbage, mustard—it doesn’t matter as long as they are sufficiently cleaned.
Pies: Cakes are cool for church picnics and birthday parties, but there must be at least one pie present at Blacksgiving. After an emergency hearing, our sweets committee has determined that peach cobbler qualifies as a pie...

Dinner conversation

Unlike White Thanksgiving, no subject is off-limit at Black Thanksgiving. Feel free to talk politics, religion or even money.

*A brief word about white people

While all are welcome at Black Thanksgiving, all non-black attendees are required to pass an oral examination before arriving at the festivities. Usually, this quiz is given in the car on the way to the event. This is not racist. It is for everyone’s legal and physical protection.


Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Nov 27, 2019, 09:10 PM (15 replies)

Kudos to Michael Harriott for raising uncomfortable questions and kudos to Mayor Pete for reaching

out to him and trying to answer them and not trying to play victim.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Nov 27, 2019, 05:53 PM (11 replies)

The Supreme Court just temporarily stayed the order that Trump turn over his tax records to Congress

But don't get excited or frustrated. This is SOP to grant such a stay pending filing of the petition for a writ of certiorari.

Moreover, the Supreme Court gave Trump until noon December 5 to file his petition. If it's not filed before then, the stay terminates upon expiration of the deadline. If the petition is denied, the stay will terminate immediately.


The application for stay of the mandate presented to The Chief Justice and by him referred to the Court is granted. The issuance of the mandate of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, case No. 19-5142, is stayed Pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, if such petition is filed on or before December 5, 2019, by noon. Should the petition for a writ of certiorari be denied, this stay shall terminate automatically. In the event the petition for a writ of certiorari is granted, the stay shall terminate upon the issuance of the judgment of this Court. If no petition for a writ of certiorari is filed on or before December 5, 2019, by noon, the stay shall terminate.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Nov 25, 2019, 06:48 PM (21 replies)

McGahn must appear - can invoke executive privilege where appropriate

Sounds right.

Edit to add:

[As] far as the duty to appear is concerned, this Court holds that Executive branch officials are not absolutely immune from compulsory congressional process—no matter how many times the Executive branch has asserted as much over the years—even if the President expressly directs such officials’ non-compliance. Today, this Court adds that this conclusion is inescapable precisely because compulsory appearance by dint of a subpoena is a legal construct, not a political one, and per the Constitution, no one is above the law. That is to say, however busy or essential a presidential aide might be, and whatever their proximity to sensitive domestic and national-security projects, the President does not have the power to excuse him or her from taking an action that the law requires. Fifty years of say so within the Executive branch does not change that fundamental truth.

Nor is the power of the Executive unfairly or improperly diminished when the Judiciary mandates adherence to the law and thus refuses to recognize a veto-like discretionary power of the President to cancel his subordinates’ legal obligations. To the contrary, when a duly authorized committee of Congress issues a valid subpoena to a current or former Executive branch official, and thereafter, a federal court determines that the subpoenaed official does, as a matter of law, have a duty to respond notwithstanding any contrary order of the President, the venerated constitutional principles that animate the structure of our government and undergird our most vital democratic institutions are preserved.

This is HUGE

Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Nov 25, 2019, 05:59 PM (23 replies)

Bishop Talbert Swan speaks some truth

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun Nov 24, 2019, 09:59 PM (0 replies)
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