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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 08:01 PM
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Lawmakers Not Told of Police Request for Backup


Political Wire, January 16, 2021 at 10:38 am EST
By Taegan Goddard 44 Comments

New York Times: “The Capitol Police asked the sergeants-at-arms to request that the National Guard be placed on standby. But the sergeants-at-arms, Michael C. Stenger of the Senate and Paul Irving of the House, rejected the request without raising the issue with either the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, or Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

Source: https://politicalwire.com/2021/01/16/lawmakers-not-told-of-police-request-for-backup/

NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/15/us/politics/capitol-riot-national-guard-request.html

Patel helped screw Biden, America, NATO and Ukraine for Dump - Stooge's Stooge

Nunes protégé fed Ukraine info to Trump

Kashyap Patel, a senior National Security Council staffer with no official role on Ukraine policy, had a direct pipeline to the president.


Detailed timeline:


He needs Borges.

The Zahir

By Jorge Luis Borges

In Buenos Aires the Zahir is a common twenty-centavo coin into which a razor or penknife has scratched the letters N T and the number two; the date stamped on the face is 1929. (In Gujarat, at the end of the eighteenth century, Zahir was a tiger; in Java a blind man in the Sukarta mosque who was stoned by the faithful; in Persia, an astrolabe that Nadir Shah ordered thrown into the sea; in the prisons of Mahdi, in 1892, a small compass, wrapped in a shred of cloth from a turban that Rudolf Karl von Slatin touched; in the synagogue of Cordoba, according to Zotenberg, a vein in the marble of one of the twelve hundred pillars; in the Jewish quarter of Tetuan, the bottom of a well.) Today is the thirteenth of November; last June 7, at dawn, the Zahir came into my hands; I am not the man I was then, but I am still able to recall, and perhaps recount, what happened. I am still, albeit only partially, Borges.



GRU knows how to appeal to many Americans' most basic instinct.

QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded

by Gregory Stanton
JustSecurity.org, September 9, 2020


QAnon true believers think Donald Trump will rescue America from this Satanic cabal. At the time of “The Storm,” supporters of the cabal will be rounded up and executed.

The QAnon conspiracy theory has now spread to neo-Nazis in Germany, where over 200,000 German QAnon accounts infest the internet. A faction known as “Reichsbürger,” or citizens of the Reich, orchestrated a brief storming of Parliament on Aug. 29.

Many people are perplexed at how any rational person could fall for such an irrational conspiracy theory. But modern social science shows that people in groups don’t always think rationally. They respond to fear and terror. They blame their misfortunes on scapegoats. They support narcissistic demagogues they hope will rescue them.

In the 1930’s, millions of Europeans were unemployed. Violent battles between Nazis and Communists raged in city streets. Democratic governments were powerless. Fascist dictators ruled Spain and Italy. Hitler took power in Germany and conquered Western Europe. Stalin’s Communists conquered the East. The Hitler-Stalin Pact sealed totalitarian rule over most of Europe. It took World War II and the deaths of millions to defeat the Nazis’ genocidal tyranny, and another fifty years to free the gulags of the Soviet Union.

Today the American people suffer from a Plague. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Angry mobs roam American cities and battle militarized police and heavily armed militias. The American government seems to be paralyzed. Dictators rule Russia and China. Islamic fascists rule Saudi Arabia and the old Ottoman and Persian empires. The American President appeases Russia, scapegoats China for the pandemic, and looks the other way as Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman murder their opponents.



Dump really loves to be the center of attention.

You know how the rabid Reich calls us "Commies"?

Well, I never saluted a North Korean general. Have you?

They threw the MK ULTRA at him.


AKA Ali Akbar

Robert Mercer Bankrolled PAC Advised By Notorious Fringe ‘Philosopher’ Ali Alexander

By Davis Richardson
The Observer • 10/30/18


Alexander is one of the many New Right media celebrities orbiting Trump land who built a brand through livestreaming musings on political warfare. Like many New Right figures, he also has a history of dog whistling to the nationalist wing of the MAGA movement.

Source: https://observer.com/2018/10/robert-mercer-bankrolled-pac-ali-alexander/

News For Immediate Release


McCloskey reported the truth about Pat Robertson during Korean War.

Barracks Mate Paints Unflattering Portrait of Pat Robertson

AP, December 3, 1987


Robertson’s action against McCloskey stems from a 1986 letter in which McCloskey said Robertson used the political influence of his late father, U.S. Sen. Willis Robertson, to avoid combat duty in Korea.

McCloskey, who sailed to Korea on a troop ship with Robertson, said Robertson told fellow Marines that he called his father from Japan and arranged to be taken off the vessel.

Robertson was assigned to a training facility in Japan for several months before he was sent to Korea.

Most of the deposition, taken at Brosman’s New Orleans home, dealt with what Brosman had heard from others about Robertson’s assignment to the Japanese facility.

He said before he met Robertson, a Marine acquaintance introduced him to a third Marine who said he had been shipped over with ″the son of a United States senator. The senator had used his pull to get the son taken out ... and assigned ... in Japan so as to avoid having to go to Korea and probably be in combat.


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