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Biden Economist Defends Budget in Shot at Trump 2017 Tax Cuts

Source: Bloomberg

White House economic adviser Bharat Ramamurti defended President Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations by jabbing Republicans who voted for Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts.

“I’m not going to take a lecture from the same Republicans who voted for a $2 trillion tax cut a few years ago that had no discernible impact on business investment and that exploded the deficit by between $1 trillion and $2 trillion,” Ramamurti said Friday in an interview on Bloomberg Surveillance.

Ramamurti argued that Biden’s $1.7 trillion infrastructure package -- and his proposal to raise taxes on corporations -- is an investment in the U.S. economy and that it wouldn’t hamper growth. He said that essential components of the plan include increasing broadband Internet access in rural areas and removing lead pipes, particularly because some are in places where there are schools and childcare facilities.

“There’s clearly capacity for these companies to pay more in taxes to help finance the investments that, by the way, are going to be good for those companies in the long-run: better roads and bridges, broadband Internet and so on. This is a win-win scenario,” he said.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-28/biden-economist-defends-budget-in-shot-at-trump-2017-tax-cuts

The article continued:

The White House, which is expected to release its budget today, has been in negotiations with Republicans on the infrastructure plan. Republicans have underscored that they wouldn’t consider any rollback of the 2017 tax cuts they enacted.

Keep fighting for the little guy, Joe!

Helping working families is the only way we can prevail in the midterms. Lord knows the republicans will fight us every step of the way and obstruct every single bill. They want to stifle a recovery just to win back power in Congress for themselves.

Joe Biden is saying the right things and doing the right things that need to be done right now, god bless him.

Pfizer sees robust COVID-19 vaccine demand for years, $26 bln in 2021 sales

Source: Reuters

Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) on Tuesday raised its forecast for 2021 COVID-19 vaccine sales by more than 70% to $26 billion and said demand from governments around the world fighting to halt the pandemic could contribute to its growth for years to come.

The company said it expects to file for full U.S. approval of the vaccine in May for people over the age of 16, as it is now only authorized for emergency use. It also expects to hear soon from U.S. regulators on expansion of the vaccine's emergency use authorization (EUA) for children ages 12-15.

Revenue from the vaccine - developed with German partner BioNTech SE - is expected to account for more than one third of Pfizer's sales this year.

The forecast is based on contracts to deliver 1.6 billion vaccine doses this year. The company expects to sign more deals for this year and is in supply talks with several countries for 2022 and beyond.

"Based on what we've seen, we believe that a durable demand for our COVID-19 vaccine – similar to that of the flu vaccines – is a likely outcome," Chief Executive Albert Bourla said.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/pfizer-lifts-annual-sales-forecast-covid-19-vaccine-2021-05-04/

Josh Hawley Claims Media Trying To Silence Him -- During Event Hosted By Media Outlet

Source: Huffington Post

Josh Hawley is convinced that media organizations are out to get him, trying to take away his voice as a powerless, everyday Republican senator from Missouri.

On Tuesday morning, Hawley’s latest grievance was directed at The Washington Post ― the outlet that was giving him a prominent platform to promote his new book.
“Don’t try to censor, cancel and silence me here,” Hawley said.
“Senator, we’re hosting you here,” technology policy reporter Cat Zakrzewski replied.

Republicans have made railing against “cancel culture” a significant part of their platform on social issues, claiming that society at large is hostile to their ideas and trying to banish them simply because they’re conservative. They believe that they are the real victims.
They often make these claims that they are being silenced from their prominent positions in government, at think tanks, in academia and in the media.

Indeed, on Tuesday, one of the nation’s most prominent newspapers gave Hawley ― a man who cheered on the mob that attacked that U.S. Capitol ― 30 minutes to promote his new book on taking on Big Tech and to share his ideas about political issues.

Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/josh-hawley-washington-post_n_60916f62e4b09cce6c236eee


The sad thing is that 70% of all registered Republicans now buy this sort of bullshit.

Hillary Clinton warns of 'huge consequences' in Afghan US troop withdrawal

Source: BBC News

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned of "huge consequences" of President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan.
Mr Biden wants to complete the withdrawal by the 20th anniversary of the attacks later this year.
At least 2,500 US troops are currently deployed as part of the 9,600-strong Nato Afghan mission.
The president said the US pull-out was justified as American forces had ensured that the country could no longer be a base for foreign jihadists to plot against the West.

Asked about the president's decision by CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, Mrs Clinton said, "Our government has to focus on two huge consequences", notably the resumption of activities by extremist groups and a subsequent outpouring of refugees from Afghanistan.

She said the potential collapse of the Afghan government and a possible takeover by the Taliban could result in a new civil war.

Mrs Clinton said it was also important to protect the "many thousands of Afghans" who had worked with the US and Nato during the conflict, and said a large visa programme should be set up to provide for any refugees.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56966473

I support President Biden's decision. I firmly believe he has weighed the risks and has chosen his course of action based on the latest available intelligence.

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