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There's quite an impressive democratic gubernatorial candidate for Tennessee

I'd better let Dr. Jason Martin speak for himself.

We weren't taught about the history of segregation, and it shows.

I'm in my late 60's, white, college educated, raised in the Northeast. I discovered in the last few months that I know NOTHING about the history of segregation in the South.

My awakening came about because my wife and I moved to a VERY small town in a rural Tennessee county. One of the first townspeople to befriend us was a black gentleman about the same age I am. I'll call him 'Daniel' for the sake of anonymity. Daniel is proficient in an absurd variety of skills, and will drop anything he's doing for a chance to help a neighbor. Which I am very thankful for, because I'm an inept but determined do-it-yourself'er.

I noticed a poor, decrepit little wooden building next to a small cemetery on the outskirts of the town proper, that looked like an old one-room schoolhouse. There was even a wooden outhouse still standing in the woods behind the school. I assumed that the schoolhouse was a relic from the depression era, that just by chance was still standing. So I asked Daniel about it.

It turns out, it WAS a one-room schoolhouse, built in the 1920's, for the local black children grades 1-8. And, DANIEL WENT TO THAT SCHOOL!

Up until 1965, while the local white children went to a nice, brightly lit school, where there was a lunchroom, a gymnasium, a teacher for each age group, and indoor plumbing, my friend Daniel went to a school just two streets over, that had 30-35 children ages 6-14 taught by ONE teacher, two out-houses (one for girls, one for boys), and books that were hand-me-downs from the white school.

Desegregation came just in time for Daniel to start high school in the white school. But I learned that the black TEACHERS were not integrated; it would have upset the racial hierarchy too much to have white students taught by a black teacher.

God forgive me, I honestly thought that before desegregation, that the schools were somewhat EQUAL! Why wasn't I taught about that?


The Unvaxxed NEED to face economic consequences

In trying to justify the government's actions to slow the spread of Covid, the comparison of the seatbelt law is often used as an example of a commonsense rule that the government imposed for public safety that we all have agreed to follow.
But we forget that the seatbelt law was hardly eagerly embraced by the public. Of course, we had no Fox News to clamour about tyranny, no Tucker to tell us to call Child Protection Services if we saw a child restrained in a seatbelt. But there definitely was resistance to comply with the law. Many saw it as an intrusive inconvenience into their personal lives (my body, my choice, if you will). So what finally won over those beltless, freedom-loving drivers? Was it data that showed that the belts did indeed save lives? Was it the PSA commercials on our TVs, showing crash-test dummies flying through windshields in slow motion?
No. What finally won them over was the simple slogan "Click It or Ticket!". It was the enforcement in the form of fines, fines that dramatically increased with each infraction, that ultimately made the US population into a nation of seatbelt wearers. Also, the knowledge that their auto insurers may not pay for injuries to an unrestrained client.
So, Joe was right to make Covid vaccinations a condition of employment for many Americans. THE UNVAXXED NEED TO FACE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES!
Raise their health insurance premiums. Make vaccinations a condition for Medicare and Medicaid. Make their children show proof of vaccination to enter public schools.

So.... Does this mean that a state can outlaw the ownership of assault rifles

merely by creating a bounty for neighbors who report their owners?

Gov. Bill Lee's (now former) pastor was at DC rally Jan 6, and blamed Antifa for riot

I'm a little disappointed in myself. I consider myself an informed citizen, though I readily admit that I don't follow local politics as much as I should.

Steve Berger has since stepped down as pastor of his church.

Arkansas Gov. tries to reason with anti science constituents

who have been told that the covid vaccine causes infertility in women. He is drowned by booing.

"He then turned to Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, the Arkansas Department of Health Medical Director for Immunizations, who reiterated that getting vaccinated will not lead to infertility."

"I think it's important for people to have factual, accurate information," she concluded.
"We'd love to but you keep covering it up!" an audience member yelled at her."


So, for those members of society who object to the teaching of 'Critical Race Theory'

would 'Congratulatory Race Theory' be an acceptable alternative?

Gotta love The Onion


Adults Film Themselves Attacking Kids for Wearing Masks-

Just like Tucker Said to.
And then they uploaded it to social media.
If anything, the video just shows the adults being complete ignoramuses.

Biden torments Trump by seeing his ex

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