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The Unvaxxed NEED to face economic consequences

In trying to justify the government's actions to slow the spread of Covid, the comparison of the seatbelt law is often used as an example of a commonsense rule that the government imposed for public safety that we all have agreed to follow.
But we forget that the seatbelt law was hardly eagerly embraced by the public. Of course, we had no Fox News to clamour about tyranny, no Tucker to tell us to call Child Protection Services if we saw a child restrained in a seatbelt. But there definitely was resistance to comply with the law. Many saw it as an intrusive inconvenience into their personal lives (my body, my choice, if you will). So what finally won over those beltless, freedom-loving drivers? Was it data that showed that the belts did indeed save lives? Was it the PSA commercials on our TVs, showing crash-test dummies flying through windshields in slow motion?
No. What finally won them over was the simple slogan "Click It or Ticket!". It was the enforcement in the form of fines, fines that dramatically increased with each infraction, that ultimately made the US population into a nation of seatbelt wearers. Also, the knowledge that their auto insurers may not pay for injuries to an unrestrained client.
So, Joe was right to make Covid vaccinations a condition of employment for many Americans. THE UNVAXXED NEED TO FACE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES!
Raise their health insurance premiums. Make vaccinations a condition for Medicare and Medicaid. Make their children show proof of vaccination to enter public schools.

So.... Does this mean that a state can outlaw the ownership of assault rifles

merely by creating a bounty for neighbors who report their owners?
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