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Member since: Fri Jun 28, 2019, 03:43 PM
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I always knew Joe Biden would end the Trump presidency

I just never thought it'd be this soon!! Well I know I'm counting my chickens, but even if Trump remains in office, he'll be deeply wounded going into 2020. Joe Biden is doing a public service by running for president! If he never launched his campaign, none of this Ukraine stuff would've happened. Biden would go down in history as a giant of American legends. If Trump is forced out, no way the Democratic Party would not nominate him.

Axios: Wisconsin women's focus group prefer Trump's personality to Warren

APPLETON, Wis. — Elizabeth Warren's left-wing populism is gaining popularity among some swing voters here, but they're not ready to embrace her for 2020.

Why it matters: In a small, all-women focus group, some participants suggested President Trump would win on personality if the contest was between him and Warren — and that their doubts about her aren't based on substance.

These were the main takeaways from our Engagious/FPG focus group last week, which included 7 women who flipped from Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016, and 2 who switched from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton.
While a focus group is not a statistically significant sample like a poll, these responses show how some voters are thinking and talking about the 2020 election in crucial counties.

The big picture: Most of the group preferred a left-leaning set of policies to a right-leaning set when no names were attached. But when listening to Warren talk about them in clips from the last debate, they were skeptical of her — and not because of the policies.

And the blunt language made it clear that Warren faces the kind of obstacles confronted by many strong leaders who are women.

We have to be prepared that a lot of people aren't comfortable with a female president, which is not right. But misogyny and sexism is real. The bad part is that women seem to do anything to find a reason to vote against another woman. Yes I know Hillary won the popular vote, but once again, we didn't get the turnout in states that mattered.


The candidate that can re-assemble the Obama coalition should be the nominee

I'm talking about progressives, the young, the old, suburbanites, urban dwellers, Latinos, and African-Americans. In Obama, we had a nominee that won freaking Indiana in 2008.

Yes, we need enthusiasm, but we need enthusiasm in the right places. IIRC, Hillary had plenty of enthusiasm too, which is why she beat Trump in the popular vote. But the problem with Hillary is that didn't have enthusiasm among African-Americans and Latinos (particularly in Florida). Hillary had lines of voters in LA and NYC which did absolutely nothing. Because of the lack of black voters in the Midwest, we lost the EC and lost potential senate pickups like Toomey and Johnson.

Elizabeth Warren has that enthusiasm, but once again, are we setting up a similar situation where we're not getting voters in the right states? I don't see anything from Warren that would make older black voters sit in line for hours to vote in Detroit, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Tampa, or Gary, Indiana like they did for Obama. And for Warren, talking about scrapping Obamacare is not helping her with most black voters either as it's his main legacy achievement.

This is the key to beating to Trump. We need to get voters excited in the right places to win.

Is Biden the one? Well I think so due to his deep and long connections with black people, but he'll need an African American VP. If not, then maybe not. Are there other candidates? Maybe Harris could be the closest one.

Republican insiders fear Biden as the nominee

On the Morning Joe roundtable, there was a reporter from the WSJ that I couldn't remember the name (sorry), and he said that the Republican operatives and insiders have told him they fear Biden more than any other candidate simply because he's more likeable than practically anyone else. Sure, they will try to tear him down, but there's something to be said for someone who is likeable.

Bill Clinton survived numerous allegations of infedility and impeachment due to people just simply liking the guy from Arkansas. This is Biden's ace in the hole. When people like you, they look over any issues they may have and they are more likely to vote you.

Elizabeth Warren praises a segregationist...major gaffe

During a speech to 20,000 supporters in Manhattan Monday, Elizabeth Warren hailed Frances Perkins, who became a workers rights activist after the deadly 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

But Perkins had a less admirable and less well known legacy later in life — as a critic of the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision that outlawed segregation in public schools.

Americans, she said at the time of the 1954 decision, “should be nice to Negroes,” but not necessarily have to go to school with them.

And that left the Massachusetts Democratic senator in a position that her staff didn’t want to talk about following her own harsh criticism of fellow presidential candidate Joe Biden over his tone-deaf comments about being pals with a couple of segregationist southern senators.

“I’m not here to criticize other Democrats, but it’s never OK to celebrate segregationists. Never,” Warren sniffed in June after Biden’s gaffes, in which he cited his friendships with Mississippi Sen. James Eastland and Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge as examples of how to work across the aisle in Congress.


Joe Biden caught a lot of flak for saying he had the gall to work with segregationists in the Senate, while Warren is praising a woman that is flat out racist as well. Why is Warren not being called out on this? Should she apologize if Biden has to as well.

Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) comments on Warren's chances in Michigan

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle said that Sen. Peters told him off camera that Warren will have a tough go at it in Michigan due to her Medicare for All plan as union members don't want to get rid of their health care plans.

I'm sure this is the same for other states in the rust belt as well. I'm not sure why Warren didn't leave herself some wiggle room on this issue like Harris did. I don't know why she attached herself so hard to Bernie's plan even though it's politically unpopular. If she doesn't win the nomination, it'll all be because of MFA. I can't imagine the party nominating someone that would almost assuredly lose the midwest.

Biden allies attack Warren's electability

While Warren won reelection easily in 2018, Biden’s backers point to her performance among independent and blue-collar voters as evidence she’ll fail to appeal to similar voters in the Rust Belt — just as Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

“The grave concern of many of us Democrats in Massachusetts is that in many of the counties where Sen. Warren underperforms, they are demographically and culturally similar to voters in key swing states,” said state Rep. John Rogers, who backs Biden.

“The tangible fear here,” Rogers said, “is that these Massachusetts counties are bellwethers for states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio — key states that Democrats can't afford to lose in the battle to beat President Trump.”


Klobuchar would make an excellent president

She has the best demeanor and temperament on the whole stage. She has that Angela Merkel feel about her...and that's a compliment. Her personality, skill set, and policies would do well in the WH. However, she doesn't have a prayer of winning. I think it's just sad that probably the best person to be president is not necessarily who can get the votes.

Beto impressed me as well tonight.

Castro can go kick rocks.

Poor Bernie was taking all the heat on MFA in the first hour while Warren was sitting there like a potted plant. I was telling my mom how unfair it was that they were all attacking Bernie on health care, but Warren is going untouched even though she endorses the plan. And she never bothered to interject herself either. I thought it was very cowardly in many ways. It wasn't fair Bernie was taking all the arrows on MFA. I'm not a Bernie fan, but I felt sorry for him.

Tonight's special election shows we can't afford a risky nominee in 2020

Trump still can get those hayseeds to turn out and it's going to be hard to win in FL, NC and GA, though not impossible. We can't think that we can put up ANY nominee against Trump and they will win. We need to select a nominee that shows strength in the swing states than can win the election. We need a nominee that can in WI, PA, and MI...period. I don't care about getting a nominee that's uber popular in Seattle, L.A., SF, and NYC. I don't think nominating a socialist-like/revolutionary type candidate is going to win in 2020. I think tonight was a reality check.

Only a Biden nomination will allow us to take back the Senate too

This is one of the reasons I support Biden. Biden is the only candidate I see that can secure a big enough victory in swing states that would also cause the Senate to flip. Biden will dominate the African-American vote and if he were to choose a black VP candidate, droves of black voters would come out in swing state suburban areas like Atlanta and Charlotte that would allow us to take back the Senate. He would also get voters to come out in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, etc....places where Hillary didn't do so well. With Biden, we can get a full trifecta. I don't see this with Bernie or Warren. Bernie and Warren would get droves of voters though in New England, California, Oregon, and Washington. They could even outperform Biden easily in those states.
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