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Home country: Canada
Current location: Alberta
Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,880

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I would be interested in comments on the following quote:

This quote concerning Sanders is from someone I consider a generally pretty astute commentator on the current political scene.

"Where I'm sitting, I see absolutely no way for him to become the
nominee, for a simple reason: Pledged delegates are getting split five
ways, and this is going to continue, even if there are some dropouts and
the split evolves to (say) a three-way split. Which in turn means it's
astronomically unlikely Sanders shows up on convention Day One with 1990
(50% + 1) pledged delegates, ergo all delegates will be then released
from any pledges, and it will become a brokered convention that is
highly likely to pick a consensus Democrat rather than a highly divisive

Anyone listen to Al Jazerra?

Been listening for a while now on my tablet. IMO the best outlet for world-wide news I have found so far.

Heard (read) a pretty good one...

You know why the Republicans won't convict Trump?
They believe in carrying a baby to full term.

Some heartwarming animal rescues,

from a wonderful organization:


Has KD (Kraft Dinner) changed?

For the worse? Used to enjoy KD once in a while but hadn't had it for several years. Recently tied it again (the "original" version) and was surprised at how bad it was. The macaroni seemed as before but the grated cheese mix had an unpleasant, kind of burned taste and smell to it. It hardly tasted like cheese at all and was sort of a tan color rather than yellow. Tried another box a few weeks later and it was no better.

Has the recipe changed or is it just me??

Trump Lump(s)

Saw him on telly this PM (MSNBC) babbling about the Kurds being a no-show at Normandy. Noticed he has a large reddish lump (about 1" across) on each side of his nose.

From snorting drugs??

"Puttin' On My Top (tinfoil) Hat......"

I wonder if this recent Ukraine business is all just a nefarious Trump et al plot to force the Dem's hand on impeachment. It seems to me that the sometimes expressed here theory that Trump actually wants to get impeached because in the longer term it will help him in 2020 (assuming it is defeated in the Senate), may be credible.

The other Democratic option was to keep more informal investigations ongoing and culminating shortly before Nov/2020 to keep the pressure on Trump and the Repubs without risking defeat in the Senate and thus giving Trump a major talking point (more "exoneration", "vindication" etc).

This might help explain why the whistle blower docs were suddenly declassified and why McTurtle was sending signals that the matter needed to be investigated.

or ??


to American Dems from the Great White North.

A good day indeed.

Fun math geek question:

What is unique about the number 26?

And no, not the mystic/psychic 26 stuff.

Food, err Drugs, for Thought

Might be an idea to check who is manufacturing the generic drugs you may be taking:

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