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Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
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I would be interested in comments on the following quote:

This quote concerning Sanders is from someone I consider a generally pretty astute commentator on the current political scene.

"Where I'm sitting, I see absolutely no way for him to become the
nominee, for a simple reason: Pledged delegates are getting split five
ways, and this is going to continue, even if there are some dropouts and
the split evolves to (say) a three-way split. Which in turn means it's
astronomically unlikely Sanders shows up on convention Day One with 1990
(50% + 1) pledged delegates, ergo all delegates will be then released
from any pledges, and it will become a brokered convention that is
highly likely to pick a consensus Democrat rather than a highly divisive

Anyone listen to Al Jazerra?

Been listening for a while now on my tablet. IMO the best outlet for world-wide news I have found so far.
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