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Home country: Canada
Current location: Alberta
Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
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I don't get it.

Please help, I've stared at this Far Side cartoon for 5 minutes and cannot figure it out. It's the second one from the top; two guys in the jungle:


Dr Fauci on TWIV podcast

This Week In Virology

Listened to it this morning. Discussed COVID - well worth listening to.


What a pleasure listening to this guy in an intelligent conversation unhindered by the White House barrel scrapers.

Idle Question

There has been talk of the Dems stacking the Supreme Court if they take the presidency & senate.

Was wondering why the Repugs aren't (haven't been) doing that now.

"Net zero houses and buildings means

no windows, no nothing". "How are your eyes because they won't be good in five years".

So says the idiot.

"We'll man it, and woman it"

So says the idiot.

"Tankers, we built incredible tankers"

So says the idiot.

Covid news:

From Bloomberg today:

"Gilead Sciences Inc. advanced after reporting its Remdesivir treatment cut Covid-19 mortality risk by 62%, helping to ease concern about spreading infections."

No other details but looks encouraging. 62%, if verified, is major.

Keep Covid Great

Did Trump actually say last night

that defacers of statues or monuments should get 10 years minimum in prison?

He gets more insane with each passing moment...
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