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Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
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Biden did well tonight,

especially considering the circumstances.

But, I kinda wish he wouldn't grin so much when Trump lies or says something inane. I would prefer a scowl or look of disgust - I believe that would get the message across more effectively. IOWs, Trump isn't merely laughable, he is contemptible.

The markets seem to like it:

Dow futures up 158. Guess they view a Biden win as a good thing!

Wondering about this:

If expanding the Supreme Court is such a good and viable idea, why are the Repugs not doing or at least advocating the same thing now? Surely they recognize the advantage would work for them equally as well.

Recommended Podcast: Covid re-infection and the "Covid Invented in China" claims


TWIV (This Week in Virology) discusses both topics with a group of virologists.


. reported declines in Covid immunity are apparently gauged only by increases in infection (as evidenced by antibody level increases in re-infected patients) but NOT by increases in disease i.e. some may be re-infected but don't get sick.

. the claims from the Rule of Law Foundation that Covid-19 was invented by China are nonsensical pseudo-science.

Highly recommended...

RBL gets fact checked:

Ramble, Babble & Lie gets fact-checked by Daniel Dale.


Can someone please provide context for this video:

My RW neighbour sent me it. The two aholes who got decked sound to me more like RW fascist/white suprem types.


Noticed On YouTube

Trump claimed he "does not have a racist bone in his body". The comment:

"The only person in the White house who does not have a racist bone in their body is Melania. And, that's because she keeps the bedroom door locked."
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