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A tale of Covid folly

A guy in Germany took CDL (chlorine dioxide) for suspected Covid, spurned hospital treatment and died.

The English translation:


The story of my death. Told about my son.

The narrative begins as early as July 2021. In May I cycled 35km and reached a top speed of 40km / h. Skating at 30km / h wasn't a problem for me either. But in July I couldn't do that anymore and needed strophanthin to get my circulatory weakness under control. I could no longer achieve top performances. I spared myself and was then able to do without strophanthin entirely.

On a bike tour with my son's family, I had to take several breaks on the way home. My son and his wife persuaded me to have this examined. I knew about all sorts of problems and was convinced that I could get rid of them with a healthy fast. I spared myself and recovered and I no longer needed strophanthin, I have firmly decided on healthy fasting.

In the last week of October I was already weak when I gave my interview on October 26th at the demo in Vienna. Because I had diarrhea from October 24th to October 26th.
After that I got really sick. From October 27th to November 2nd I got a fever of up to 40 ° and coughed very hard and a lot. During this time I was lying in my bed with great pain in my limbs. When I could no longer lie on my back, I had to think for a long time with which movements I could then turn on the left or right side. I slept whenever I could - but had a lot of coughing. Because of the illness, I didn't eat much and was in ketosis.

I took CDL and also made high-dose CDL enemas. As it turned out later, I successfully fought COVID 19 with it. The self-tests I had done were all negative.
At that time, however, I did not know that and I suspected poisoning and then radiation exposure, which could possibly have triggered Corona.

On November 2nd, I wasn't feeling so bad in the morning. Is got up and went to my dogs. I sat there and felt the sun on my skin. The exertion then forced me back into bed and from then on it got worse. The oxygen level in my blood was getting less and less. Depending on the condition, it was just under 70 - 80%. By the time I focused on breathing and took deep breaths, I reached 84%. But that was very difficult for me and it hurt me. I asked my son to take me to a doctor in the north of Vienna.
There I was in the oxygen tent for an hour. After that, my oxygen level was around 75%. With additional oxygen through an oxygen bottle and mask, my blood oxygen level was increased to up to 87%. Additional measures should give me even more energy.
My heart rate was over 110 beats per minute the whole time. This can be easily explained: because the heart tries to supply the organs and the brain with more blood through the low oxygen content in the blood and thus beats faster.

Tired of the procedures, I drove home with my son.

Narrator: At the beginning there was talk of a blood sample and an infusion in the clinic. Unfortunately, that was not done. Furthermore, we did not get any oxygen home. At the time, I did not have the information that the low levels of oxygen in the blood would damage the organs. Less than 90% of the time, the lungs are affected first, followed by the heart.
I trusted my father and his choice of doctor. I didn't know at the time, but we absolutely had to take oxygen with us.

When we were in the car and driving home, I vomited twice right after starting the trip. My son asked me if I was feeling better. I had to say no. He said that we would then have to do something different. Every bump in the road hurt and I had to concentrate on my breathing. When I got home I was grateful to my son and went to sleep straight away, I was very exhausted.

On November 6th I was recovered from the exertions of the previous day. But my condition didn't get better. Over the course of the day until the next morning, my condition had gotten worse. I slept most of the time. I hadn't noticed any visitors during the day.

The next morning on Sunday, November 7th, my son was with me and asked about my well-being. I knew I needed help and agreed to call local and local doctors and ask if I could get an IV. My son described the course of the disease. In short, 10 days in bed flu symptoms, weakened, barely ate and drank. So he asked for medical assistance for me.
After the third call and always the same statement from the doctors: "Your father has to go to a hospital", I didn't think much differently than to the Wr. Hospital. Neustadt to drive. With the words of my son: "If it does not suit you, I will pick you up again immediately and bring you home." I was then convinced.

We drove to Wr. Neustadt and came to the porter. He wouldn't let us go any further and called a doctor from the ambulance. My son brought me a wheelchair and I was able to sit down. The way from the car to the hospital had already exhausted me. When the doctor was there, my son told them about my flu, the 40 ° fever and that I had hardly eaten or drunk anything in the last 10 days and would need an IV. The doctor said that a family doctor would have to do this and wanted to send us away. Even after the statement that the doctors sent us to the hospital, the doctor was from the Wr. Neustadt to send us away. It was only when my son mentioned the low level of oxygen in my blood that the doctor changed his mind and accepted us for further explanations.

The first question was, “Are you vaccinated?” I said no. I couldn't see the doctor's reaction and my son didn't tell me about it while I was alive. She was derogatory. I was taken to a treatment room and had an antigen test done. This one was positive. Then 3 of 4 hospital employees left the room together.
Narrator: I had a direct view of the access doors to the treatment room from the waiting room and heard how the 3 hospital employees spoke about it.
"Positive & not vaccinated". A doctor presumably phoned a corona station when he passed me and told me about my father. I approached him and explained that my father had circulatory problems in July and that there was probably something wrong with his heart. The doctor's statement was: "That has to be clarified for sure, but first we have to treat Corona." At this point in time, I did not have the feeling that you would like to treat my father as a patient who has an overall condition, with all his symptoms and that Previous history, but "only" wanted to treat the Corona disease. From then on I was afraid for my father.

The last hospital employee took care of me and did a PCR test. I was told that I would now be taken to an isolation room and waited for the PCR test result. I was transferred to a hospital bed. On the way there, my son asked if I knew what was happening to me now and if I was okay with it. I knew I needed help and an IV would be good for me. But I wouldn't agree with cortisone. I replied: The doctors want to give me cortisone, but I don't want that. Let's take a look. My son assured me again that I would pick me up immediately if I asked him to. Then I was taken to the isolation room in the corona ward. Another lung x-ray was done and I was given a NaCl infusion.
The result of the PCR test was there and positive. The CT value was 29.5 and, according to what I said, it should have been clear that I had left Corona behind me and now I only suffered from an oxygen deficiency and pneumonia, which the lung x-ray had confirmed.
I spoke to the senior doctor and declined the proposed treatment plan. I expressed wishes about my treatment. But I was refused them. There is a treatment plan for corona patients and this must be adhered to. Even if the CT value of 29.5 showed that I was no longer an acute corona patient, the senior doctor insisted on corona treatment. According to her, different rules apply in the hospital and I am still an acute corona patient. My condition is critical and life-threatening. Well, I was in the hospital for a reason.

I decided to leave the hospital and called my son and asked him to come and pick me up. He immediately went to see me.

I saw the possibility of leaving the hospital with an infusion line and administering the necessary treatment myself. I pulled my jacket over the entrance and arranged for my discharge.
My son was waiting downstairs and we drove home. When I got home, I was exhausted again and went into the house. I immediately ordered infusions and all the material I would need. Or what I could get.

For the next two days, my family tried to get medical help. I needed fluids and oxygen. The doctors' statement was, "I should have stayed in the hospital" & "I cannot visit you during the quarantine period" or "I should call the emergency doctor who would then take me back to the hospital."
Narrator: My father tried a few other things to regain his strength. He waited for his orders and kept asking about them.

The day of death 11/10/2021

In the morning of 11/10/2021 the NaCl solutions arrived at our home. My family support me when I try to give me the NaCl infusion. Unfortunately, the entrance was blocked by then and we couldn't get it free. My plan was to let NaCl enriched with CDL flow through my veins and thus increase my blood oxygen level.

I knew it slowly, I was running out of time. And I couldn't help myself anymore. I remembered a doctor who could help me and asked my wife to find the phone number. Unfortunately, I didn't get to her right away. When my son was back with me, he made one more attempt to reach her. I myself could only speak very slowly and with difficulty. He reached her in a moment.
My son started the conversation by saying: We urgently need your help. The answer was: "Of course what happened." My son described again in quick words what had happened. When he got to the point, "The oxygen level is between 70% - 80%" the doctor interrupted him.
“I'm still with a patient now. After that I'll be going home straight away, because I still have to take things with me that I don't have in the car, and I'll get in touch when I'm home. ”

Relieved, my son thanked him and went to his children, who had been alone for a while . He took the cell phone with him to answer immediately. Another call came after about 15 minutes. He came to me and asked if I wanted to call back.
I said no and wanted to know whether the doctor had already called.
My son answers "unfortunately no". I told him that was bad and that I didn't have much time left. He called the doctor, who had already arrived at home and only had to go up the stairs. She would be back in a moment.
Three seconds later my heart stopped.

Narrator: My father suddenly felt that something was wrong and raised his right hand. Something was wrong. Suddenly he tensed the neck muscles and the head tilted back about 10 °. His eyes rolled up. He clenched both hands with the balls of his fists up towards his upper body and was then passed out.
I screamed for my pap and waited for a reaction. I pulled him close and felt his lifeless body. His wife next to him screamed, Ooo no O my God Johann and cried.
I put him in bed horizontally and tried to hear a heartbeat, and then started resuscitation.
Heart massage & ventilation.
Lena (my stepmother) called his brother, who was with us shortly afterwards. After that, she will support me in resuscitation. My uncle called the ambulance and gave me the instructions from the ambulance. I put my father on the floor and continued resuscitation.

I can't say how long it took for the ambulance to see us. But again Corona was the first topic. I was relieved and everyone else went out to change. After that, they tried to resuscitate my father for 25 minutes. But he was dead.
Officially, he will be included in the statistics as a Corona victim. But I know better

The 25 minutes passed like two minutes for me. The following two nights were bad for me and I looked to be close to my children and my wife in order to get some sleep at night. Again and again I woke up and saw my father in front of me in his last moments.

I've told this story about 40 times since his death. It was painful but it also helped me. Everyone who called was indignant and many offered their help and support. I want to say thank you for that. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the phone numbers that I should have remembered. I'm still trying to inform you all about the funeral and when you will have the opportunity to say goodbye in person.
Expected: Friday, November 19th, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Kottingbrunn cemetery.


The original at:


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