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Member since: Thu Jul 11, 2019, 09:13 AM
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CNN: Whisper Campaign to impeach Trump Circulating Among GOP

Jamie Gangel on CNN now reports that there is a whisper campaign among influential Republicans underway to convince Republicans to convict Trump in the impeachment.

Not a whole lot of details yet...

She says she saw a nine point memo. Showing it on TV now.

EDIT: Here is the story


Washington (CNN) - As the House prepares to send articles of impeachment to the Senate on Monday, CNN has learned that dozens of influential Republicans around Washington -- including former top Trump administration officials -- have been quietly lobbying GOP members of Congress to impeach and convict Donald Trump. The effort is not coordinated but reflects a wider battle inside the GOP between those loyal to Trump and those who want to sever ties and ensure he can never run for President again.

Pittsburgh government official smacks down Ted Cruz. LOL

A great 30 second video clip from a government official from my home area of Pittsburgh

The clip went viral and now people are saying the official looks similar to the actor Jeff Daniels.


WashPo: Michael Flynn's brother was on the call and resisting emergency pleas for the National Guard



NEWWWWS -- Michael Flynn's brother was on the call and resisting emergency pleas for the National Guard when the Capitol was under attack Jan. 6. The Army falsely denied it for weeks.

Avril Haines confirmed by the Senate

Off to a good start


Breaking: The Senate has just voted to confirm Avril Haines, Joe Biden's pick for Director of National Intelligence. Haines is the first Biden nominee to be confirmed by the Senate.

As mentioned by a poster, the vote was 84 yes, 10 no

Joe Biggs, a leader of the Proud Boys, has been charged in connection with the Capitol riot

We're rounding them up!


NEW: Joe Biggs, a leader of the Proud Boys, has been charged in connection with the Capitol riot.

USCP Officer Eugene Goodman will escort the VP!

This is awesome.


A Biden aide confirms to CNN that USCP Officer Eugene Goodman, seen in video holding off and thwarting rioters from entering the senate chamber on January 6th, will escort VP Kamala Harris in his new role as Acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms

Mitch didn't wait for his wife and just walked into the building. LOL

Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao just arrived at the Inauguration. Mitch got out of the car and just booked it straight into the building. He didn't wait for his wife, who was getting out the other side of the car and went into the building after him. LOL.

The Obamas and the Clintons each walked into the building together.

Update: Joe Biden waited for his wife.

WSJ: Trump wants to start his own party?

I'm all for it!


NEW: Trump has talked to associates in recent days about starting a new party after he leaves the White House.

He wants to call it the Patriot Party.

Good: For second time, a DC judge has ordered an insurrectionist stay in custody for now

This is the now the second time a DC judge has intervened to prevent the immediate release of one of the insurrectionists. Of course, he may eventually be released before his trial, but I'm glad the DC judge is pausing this.


Now: Chief Judge Howell in DC has agreed to temporarily keep Thomas Hale-Cusanelli in custody pending further review of his detention status, after a NJ magistrate judge granted release and the govt filed an emergency motion to stop that from happening (see thread)

Georgia has certified the Senate races


NEW: Georgia’s secretary of state has certified the results of the Senate runoff victories by Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, clearing the way for the two Democrats to take office on Wednesday and flip control of the Republican-held chamber.
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