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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
Number of posts: 6,193

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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

Journal Archives

just planted my

Biden/Harris yard sign in the front yard. And I had two neighbours that wanted one also. If we just can get rid of the POS in the WH

"Get Your Knee Off My Neck" rally


It will get worse

trump wants this to work his base into a murderous frenzy. They'll kill first but the victims will be blamed. BLM and Jacob Blake should not be shackled to his bed.

whenever I see POC like this indivudual


all I see are the Africans in Soweto during the height of apartheid, being beaten by the black Afrikan security forces during their protests against SouthvAfricaninjustice. I see the same in the fact that NOT ONE police officer of colour or conscience speaking out against the murders perpetrated by their white police officer compatriots.

This character is in American slave era history this type of slave: "Massa! Massa! The ungrateful ingrates are running away, they went that way".

and this number will grow


Selfish, selfish people that have probably endangered untold numbers of innocent people.

whenever I'm talking to trmp chumps

and they bring up Democrats giving away American manufacturing prowess, I point them to this

On this, day 1 of the GOP-trump bullshit fest

Americans claiming "freedom" are responsible for not helping to stop the spread of this trump caused American pandemic of coronavirus. They will all be cheering on their leader in bars and closed spaces maskless and drunk. EVERYTHING from 250,000 bikers, 99 per cent maskless, meeting in a small town in Dakota for the worship of motorcycles or just fighting to enter a crowded store maskless and even killing sometimes for their right to enter maskless can be laid at trump's feet. All deaths attributed to the continuing spread of this wildfire trumpvirus is because of the outright stupidity, meanness and wilful ignorance of trump's base of deplorable virus spreaders.

If anyone votes for trump Nov 3rd, they are not true patriots protecting our country and its citizens. They are traitors and cowards to all they infect. Just like their leader.

didn't General Mark Milley join

trump in that partisan political stunt at the church with the upside-down bible, while he was in uniform?

"A simpering, lying, frightened fool"

The truth will set us free

mailbox removal, destroying sorting machines in the Post Office TO HANDLE THE HUGE VOLUM OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS THAT THE POSTAL SYSTEM has to handle, PROVES PEOPLE ARE PISSED AND the trump chump machine know they are on the way out, deny overtime in the Post Office to take care of a legal, constitutional right every American has to vote, have a Postmaster General appointed who is a republican crony who with his wife hold major stock in competing mail movement companies like UPS and others, WE ARE STILL GOING TO WIN

I have watched Midway 2019,

this Trump Era 3 times in the last 24hrs and for the life of me, I saw not one brown face, whether African-American cooks and/or service personnel cleaners, cleaners of captain's quarter, helping in the Mess, mopping up the puke from drunken sailors etc. Not even an honourable mention of Doris 'Dory' Miller who while untrained manned an anti-aircraft gun and fought back, he had watched and figured it out, eh? Not one Japanese-Hawaiian face either. Nor the intense racism they faced during the Pearl Harbor attack and afterwards. Yeah, yeah this was about the great American victory of the white race over those pesky Japanese at Midway. Which turned the tide of the 2nd WW and that saved America to continue it's the racist march to the present day where the POTUS is openly a racist and a mass murderer. But NOTHING ELES MATTERS except the victory in this entertainment paean to white supremacy, right? Breath. It's just entertainment, with yeah maybe a few small oversights, but just entertainment, right?

Folks after Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and a list longer than your arm of unarmed and usually innocent of any felony African-Americans murdered by modern-day lynch parties led by the badge and gun authority holder, no more will I ignore or minimize just how deeply ingrained racism is in the American culture/psyche. Folks enough of American racism and hatred now led by this POTUS that openly disrespects black and brown Americans, kidnaps brown children and cages them to be forever separated from their parents. Nothing much in the MSM these days though about that human rights violation. Whether intentional or unintentional. Unintentional mentioned, did I forget to say, because of deeply ingrained race hatred in American culture? And MSM's need to minimize the race hatred in America.


I will leave it alone, observation(s) over. Stay safe and have a good day now ya hear?

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