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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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"that other guy"

really has brought out the best and worst in our American citizen(s). The racial/ethnic tribalism has become evident. It seems this division is planned as an ongoing fight from the fascist right led by ersatz leader(s) trump/miller. This encouraging their right-wing fascist 'brownshirts' in an army embedded in their 65 million Amerikkkan person base to openly support words that are designed to separate and hate. This is pure Amerikan apartheid based on the ethnic/racial dichotomy that is a continuance of trumps past 4 years.

And now we know, openly, police and military forces are infiltrated by virulent murderous RW soldiers of trump getting trained. The RW is brazen, with complete disregard to justice, law and human and equal rights. This suppressing of voting rights of POC who don't pass their smell test is just testing vulnerabilities in our laws and constitution. They are testing the wire. The takeover of Michigan legislature, 1/6/21 a second test. What's 4th on their list of dismantling democracy in favour of their fascist matrix?


would like to acquire

a star membership, but don't have a Paypal account and will never be part of that site...any other suggestions? And struggling with what info needed. My e-mail, I understand but won't accept the password. Is it DU password or e-mail password? No tech brain here.
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