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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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and 22 years on from Greenwood


and on and on and on...2021


and America again has returned to the mentality that produced this in 1921. Again in 2016 and 2020. Thank the fates rational sane Americans could let the 21st century Confederate know uhh uhh ain't going to happen.


70million AmeriKKKans in 2016 and 2020 voted with the same mentality as this blood-thirsty, depraved, racist mentality that could perpetrate such a horrendous crime. All vets who are POC, African Americans specifically, should ask is this why I fought? As I am dying unnaturally as a disabled vet of the Vietnam conflict I am today questioning my service to this ungrateful segment of the population who revere their grand leader sitting in mar-a-lardo raging that he cannot continue to spread hate while he and his family plied their grift of our Treasury. I do ask why.

80 million disappeared from mar-a-lardos Inauguration fund this last election. Guess who was in charge of that? And that question like so many related to Lardo's term of office has faded from the general population's sight. Why. Do you think SDNY will get to that? Of course, I don't know.

At least lardo has allowed 70million plus Americans to vent their racist hate and show the world, it ain't over yet.

in my book

it's White America First. MTG is an apt representative for all RepubliKKKan simpletons in this time and place in America. The complete thing with trump and what he agitated in republikkkans is nasty wound painful and festering in that Party. Hope they can find their souls and conscience again.

This time in America is unsettling and a shameful embarrassment. If we heal, we will show the world what will be a true Democracy, just and equal. If not..


the emoji box doesn't appear for use when I log in. Any help.

nothing new

it's just that the racists are open and clamoring again for the "good old days" of white supremacists lynching, burning whole communities of POC, night riders in military camo and hoods...


America in the life

of Bill Withers. Loved his songs back in the day. And loved this article on him. He was smart. In knowing himself. He mentions Emmett Till in his reflections on his past. I was 11 when that racist travesty happened. I was living in Georgia during my summers helping out on the grandparents' farm. I remember my grandparents talking about that murder.

And lo and behold thousands maybe millions of insurrectionists and the GQP led by the ex-potus, a treasonous grifter conman want to return to these type "good old days". George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and many, many more, all prime examples of their racist behaviors and thoughts today as they did think yesteryears. Republikkkan fascists revel in public executions such as this. Micheal Brown lay in the street uncovered for 8 hours as a warning to African Americans. Repthug fascists are trying to return Americka to the days where they want POC in their place, under their foot-knee on our necks.

Bill Withers's story just reminded me this morning of the shit white racist Americans lay on POC EVERY DAY.


after 4 years

of trump and treasonous GQPers attempting to overthrow democracy, now senators from our own Party want to keep the POTUS begging for their vote. In these times, ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! Keep firing until overrun and dead or the battleship sunk. Our POTUS begging them for their support. This the 'horse trading' until they get what their republikkkan constituients want, bipartisan my ass. They want Manchin to do Republikkkan bidding. And other republikkkan led Democrats holding up progress to do the same. Republikkkans SPIT IN OUR FACE 4 long years. We should be passing every bill needed to help the American people without this BS.

Just an opinion. Hopefully, there is a plan to outmaneuver the GQPers...


what is the problem with the avatars?

AMEND:5/8/21My mistake. I had inadvertently turned it off on my #account page...did not think to look until my Saturday clarity klicked in... thanks to all who tried to help...

racist are here to stay they say

and this guy's eyes make me think he's challenged mentally. And on the police force too?!?...

trump allowed

people like this who were forced to keep their racist notions, held since 1619, are now allowed openly to fucking vent, rant and to destroy the African-American, any POC, democracy, decency, civility, intelligence, non-stupid as a rock behavior...and POC attacking other POC for whatever reason are still not getting it...this racist, the GQP, McConnell, trump are the problem.
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