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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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we are in so much trouble

as a species destroying our home. Slowly but surely. These record temperatures, more violent storms. To save the earth we all have to work at it and we don't, won't, can't. We damn sure can hate each other. What must happen to wake humanity to the ever-growing danger?


still relevant

given the attempts to still enslave minds with fear of the white supremacist/nationalist/racist whose current god is trump. DWB happens to one race consistently. WWB. Same. Serving in the military while black. Same. So...



chauvin the convicted murderer

The only thing I know about this stupid murdering POS is that IF he had been in an alley, maybe at night. Mr George Floyd would be the 'bad' guy this very day. He would possibly have been murdered in the same manner, but a 'throwdown' would have been planted on him, a shot fired from it, a bullet in Mr Floyd to show shoot back and chauvin and his cop buddies would be yukkin' it up this very day.

He is like the president he and his buddies voted for a stupid man, white entitled and privileged who truthfully expected to get away with this murder. His only mistake: daylight and witnesses who could not be impugned.

not surprising


Patience with racism, genocide, and the lies that have turned into 'The Big Lie' is admirable. I mean admirable in the recipients of the hate that the 'Big Lie(s)' have concocted for generations in this country and the lies get old sometimes for some people. Thus the truth running thru this mind.

I almost died today because I refuted someone's notion that my color means I'm stupid and old meant vulnerable. I fought back verbally and the hate of the person I was engaged with almost spilled over into violence. It is mean out here. I was prepared to do what I must to let the idiot know he was in a fight. I wanted an ear, an eye... But was helped by 3 women. The aggressor backed off. And the women were truly concerned about the old man that I am. Simple parking lot altercation when I asked why so close to me with your car? He stopped, jumped out, and started toward me. I thanked my angels of mercy, forgot about shopping, and left. He would have f***** me up. I did not give up ground though.

Yet this openness is interesting in speaking about "fantasy" and metaphor coming from a person of color...just because.

for the great state of texas

I give you this. Especially the line: Stephen Austin said while jousting with the Mexican government over slavery in Texas, "nothing is wanted but money and Negroes are necessary to make it". This is not theory, this is a fact. As is most of the bullshit passed off as history about the westward expansion during the genocidal accumulation of landmass by the offspring of thieves, murderers, and the mentally challenged psychopaths-sociopaths) called early colonists/settlers.


This is what white supremacists want to keep from the minds of the willfully ignorant and the young people studying history who might learn the truth about the blood-soaked ground they may be standing on.


my emojis/smilies ARE NOT working. Just stopped being available to me. What can I believe. Either someone didn't like my use of them as a member of this forum. Or is it just my computer that is not registering the smilies? I love them. They accentuate just words here, I feel. If some kind of punishment is being meted out because of some of my opinions. So be it.

it seems to me

in observing just the last 7 months of the American struggle for its soul. The GQP, RW-MEDIA, and Qanon forces had thousands of their armed tactical forces and their agitated unarmed human shield forces attack with lethal and murderous violence, the Legislative branch of our government. This attack, a literal attempt to overthrow a legally, by citizen vote, elected change of our national governing Party. In favor of what? Some matrix again favoring a Jefferson Davis/Confederate clone living in Florida and NJ. Who happens to be a very poor, sadistic, pathetic imitation of a 20th century fascist like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin. He is though a fascist/racist, sexist pig, who also is a very real tool of another government.

With this Internet, the overwhelmingly white fascists movement and allies worldwide are uniting against immigrants/liberals and allies based on race and culture. Nothing new. This type of political seeking of power and control over overpopulated masses is not without precedent. 16, 15, 14, 13th centuries all have had evil, wicked leaders. And on and on down to savage tribal forces attacking each other for sheltering caves, food, and spoils of war. Now in 21st-century America Nazis, white supremacists, people with perceived feelings of entitlement and privilege based on skin color and class feel under attack. And they are getting serious pushback. What I call these self specified aggrieved racist/fascist parties are whites intent on total control of movement and thought over citizens of our still strong democracy. Who at this post trump time in American political/racial distress and under the cover of "the big lie" are definitely trying, fighting to keep majority control over the growing majority of different cultures and races who want to keep two political Parties/Party's supposedly balanced by the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches under our governing system?

And the last election put us in the driver's seat.

this type of history

enrages me. Charges usually found out to be a lie. But it was a white woman allegedly despoiled by the black raging...think Emmitt Till. Innocent until proven guilty...not. Summary racist agitated executions that happened to thousands of unknown POC, African-Americans specifically.



there are still statues revered by the ignorantly racist pigs that will back a Confederate traitor to our Union of States that have stood for over 100 years and more. And modern Confederate traitors are still spewing feces from their pieholes. Amerika, what shame is too much until the ignorantly racist wake up to the con man, a sexual predator called d.trumpthepig. And I won't forget he sponsored a Junior Miss pageant at one time who then took strolls through the dressing rooms while the young contestants were dressing. And KKKristains vote for this man


Simone Biles


what can be expected in the post-fascist years of lardo's racist administration that poisoned the soul of Amerika...Biles is a dream for some and because of who she is, and for others a nightmare reminder that spits in the face of their stereotype(s).
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