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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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love it

long shot here


Analysis: Joe Biden cranks up the pressure as Vladimir Putin mulls Ukraine invasion
Analysis by Step

With trump and Putin being such 'good friends', can up to and including invasion of Ukraine be a way for Putin/fascist Americans to try to show Pres. Biden as weak? And give the GOPhers a big chance to turn the Russian and fascist American leaders' fantasies of war into one of their "Big Lies"? And these machinations only to cause big fear of a WWIII by election time. Americans fearing war? Probably. Yet only with Pres. Biden/NATO/EU showing admirable restraint can war be averted. Without firm and resolute pushback against Putin and the prior administration RW rabid greedy snakes such as trump, Bannon, Stephen Miller et al. and military hawks' can we NOT hand the republikkkans a big tool. I can only hope some kind of political solution is found here and trust in our leader's strength and resolve.

I wouldn't be surprised if all this happening now wasn't discussed when trump and Putin in their private calls expected he would get 4 more years. And old school KGB man Putin's ego would not let him back out of that which would have been made easier if trump had retained power. Just my speculation this Monday morning.

what a sea showing

the faces of infamy...confederate flags always enrage me. They represent the fight of whites to keep African-? slaves in perpetual bondage. Jan 6 21 showed me, with all their confederate flags, this is what trumpers want again. America is represented by the thousands shown in this photo. And the millions who openly showed their allegiance to slavery voted for those seeking fascists-authoritarian power to perpetuate the sickness of the soul that Amerikkka has deep within our culture...well this time..uhh uhh. No going quietly. They may have the guns but they DO NOT represent anything right about the sickness trump agitated to the surface with his racist dog whistles. Every drop of blood spilt on 1/6 is on his hands and that blood WILL NEVER wash off. As so with the deaths of almost 1 million Americans WHO HAVE DIED from COVID also.

All of Those deaths are directly his fault because of his lies and misrepresentation of the lethality of this disease. And he was warned of that lethality early on. And those faces in the photo want this bloodsucker to run again??? Yep. No accounting for their stupidity, ignorance, racism based on fears of 'others'. Sick and goddamn tired of their hate.

1 1/2 hour

of Joni Mitchell music. Very refreshing in these dangerous times.

the 'mob' leadership of 1/6/21

would not have stopped executions if opposition leaders had been found. The 'mob' was already a dog with rabies. It was an attempt to overthrow an election. Of a legally elected POTUS. If that's not a coup attempt...well I just don't know what is...

Colorado fires...wow

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