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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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happy upcoming New Year eve

and hopefully, a nation healing New Year by being for all other than the most obstinate. A Party that will represent hope for a better future for all of us.

Please keep it safe.

white nationalists

anti-semite bigots, racists, intellectuals and business leaders saw Hitler and Moussolinis' movements as viable models for the U.S. to follow Charles Lindberg and William R. Hearst enthusiastically embraced Hitler literally and many other Americans figuratively and literally as the American Nazi Party proved. It's still here with Boebert, Jordan's and MTG's running wild in our Congress has proven.

How did our trump attempt at coup de tat' begin? Our so-called RW leaders tried in 1933 and 2020-21. Yet the latest coup attempt has shown that decent Americans did stand for our democracy. The mid-terms proved this. This attempt by trump and cohorts has just let me know, we must remain constantly vigilant against RW extremism. In business, MEDIA, our national and state elected offices and the armed forces. Also with the guardians of POTUS and family. During President Obama's 8 years, someone made it into WH and gained entrance to the front foyer before being stopped. In 2011 a disenchanted American shot at the WH with at least 7 bullets hitting the top windows.

Here is a little know article about the 1933 coup attempt

for our holiday

I love this Christmas carol. I'm so glad at 74 that I am still able to share this
on edit: stay safe peeps...

the lies, the lies

while I expect lies like this because the RW fascists are just following their leader. I am so very tired of their continuance even with the indisputable truth slapping ALL of them in the face. But I guess I just have to accept history(Hitler, WW2) and expect them to continue.

This perpetrator of trump lies cannot be believed by me for his out-and-out gall to tell this lie


Happy Holidays guys and stay safe. The drizzles have started here interspersed with snowflakes.

what has happened

is the moral rot of their brain. The big traitor and his 1-6-21 followers on the ground and in government have this problem eating away their morality, integrity and position(s). Their leader is the perfect example. Just to pick two egregious transgressions, 33 thousand plus lies during his 4 years in the highest office in this land. And his TOTAL disregard for members of our military. Cowardice personified by the ex. He metaphorically spat on Gold Star families. Normandy? God, I hated him for that!

rant finished, hope I don't offend the author of the post or any others.

per last question


true this

the so-called 'quiet' period, the period of 1933-39 entrenching hate for their neighbours who happened to be Jewish. Beware the so far mostly 'quiet' brownshirts(militias) that trump created and encouraged. "Proud Boys Stand back and by".

The first dry run was Michigan and the 2020 planning attempt of capturing Gov. Whitmer. She was to be tried and convicted of violating the U.S. Constitution and Michigan's, then hung. Remind anyone of the threats made on 1-6-21?

These people are a clear and present danger to our democracy as American fascists with no morality nor truth behind their creation(s) and manifestoes.


excellent post/analysis.

We as Democratic members of the Democratic Party would do well to openly put deSantis in his place. Shine a light on the dark corner(s) of his dirty laundry He's a terrible governor and as POTUS would make trump look like a republikkkan choir boy. Not by much mind you but truth as I see it

I'm already buying myself winter gear for the 2024 Ice Age blizzard(s).
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