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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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interesting house


just reading different topics, and stumbled on this one...

racist trumper in charge

and now at OPM. Hiring and firing chief. If he used racist language and made many sexually inappropriate comments to staff, why in the hell is he still in charge of anything?

This country post-trump is ugly, ugly ugly. Its racism and white, white, white supremacist thinking, now truly out for the world to grasp by white racist trumpers, is insanity. And 74 I am truly glad I may not have to be sickened and repulsed by the gross racist actions(George Floyd) and hypocrisy(total inequality still preferred by millions) of humans much longer.


this lying

dumpster trumper is now governor of an American state? The people of Arkansas who voted for this lying idiot are just pitiful human beings with hateful mean spirits, period. And since she is a trumpster voted in by these very same people I feel POC are in deep doo-doo. But this is Amerikkka full-blown now for the world to see. As a people with masks off showing the true real nature of its horribly tainted historical underbelly of strife updated to the 21st century of our American democracy.


Will these Americans who vote for trumpsters like this ever wake up from the nightmare they are putting us all through? Six damn years of hateful mean governance and post-leadership of trump of a major political Party! After his national governance, it is clear to me we are in a battle for our lives and more importantly our democracy for the unforeseeable future.

Thank god, President Biden and the Senate have our backs for the next 2 tumultuous years.

no surprise

yet 1 person at a time is taking too long. Racial reconciliation will never happen in ANY recognizable form. In any country. Ever.


The other day I was waiting in a rather long line for my prescription. A white man took advantage of an opening in the line ahead and just pushed his cart from another direction into that space. I don't like it, in my book everyone must wait for their place in line. There were some Hispanic people directly in front of me. I had been moving up slowly. There were 3 males 2 older and one teenager. 1 female 12 or thirteen. I spoke up, "sir the line starts back there" I pointed to the 4 behind me. He looked at me and swung his hand as to say the gap in the line was there and he took it. So f... you. I said again, "sir the line starts back there" pointing to the rear. The female looked my way and looked back at me and gestured for him to stay there. I was flabbergasted. I mean what's fair is fair always.

First, she stole a quick glance at me with a smirk on her face. Her male members, whom I assumed were father and two brothers one at a time took a look in my direction but never made eye contact. No one behind spoke up. So I had to suck it up and stay still. Yet I looked at the Hispanics and they were all light bright damn near white and it dawned on me, they saw a man with light brown skin and figured n***** as the white man has. A great question always on my mind is how African-Americans can be slighted at any time with not much if any blowback ever.

to qualify me as to skin colour, my birth mother was German. My father was Cuban and African-American. My grandfather found his true love in Cuba during the Spanish-American War(Hearst's incursion). And since my grandfather was one of the soldiers that got recognition for winning at bloody Kettle Hill and immediately needed at San Juan Hill to pull Theodor Roosevelt's troops out of what was turning into a defeat for TR's troops. And he was rewarded with bringing grandmother Lola to America. Yes, the forces from the Kettle Hill battle helped turn a certain defeat into a rather bloody battle victory.

So like I said, I left it alone and just turned my sad heart to the resolve to at least speak up when slighted. And at 75 this month in a CCW state if I get beat up or shot so be it. For reference to the doubters out there, my father and I had a rather long conversation in Saigon over drinks when I visited him with a 2 day pass out of the boonies in Vietnam-68-69. He told me about Grandfather. My father, rather light-skinned himself was one of the few black officers to go on the beach at Normandy. He ended up in Patton's Red Ball Express, a unit very instrumental in helping relieve the german siege at Bastogne. And history passes over the fact, the Red Ball Express was a black unit. So my father was also at 'frozen Chosin' when the Chinese joined n. Korea in the Korean war.

So hurt feelings or not because no one had my back, trump's loosening of restrictions on disrespecting POC with help from even lighter-skinned Hispanics was revealed to me in spades.

Here I am a Vietnam vet having served deep in the Mekong Delta in a unit during the Tet Offensive, I do not understand open, open racism STILL!!!!??? Even with the Confederate flags flown openly in some tents But what am I but a naive idealist who must accept that RACISM, in my life as it affects millions of POC worldwide and especially here in this land, will NEVER END? And don't believe worldwide or especially in my AO America with trump and his hateful, racist, sexist minions running things from now into perpetuity?

Okay. This is not a rant just soul-cleansing at 75.

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