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Member since: Fri Aug 16, 2019, 04:40 PM
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Gruntruck - Above Me


Stolen 400-lb slide from Pasco playground found in child's bedroom

On February 26, detectives came face-to-face with a 400-pound playground slide inside a kidís bedroom in a mobile home in Burbank. Pasco police say they made the discovery while investigating recent catalytic converter thefts, where thieves cut up your carís exhaust system just so that they can sell your cat converter to a scrap metal dealer for the value of the heavy metals inside it. The metals are valuable, but the cost to the victim is more, including the purchase of a new converter, the labor to weld the exhaust system back together, and the annoyance of driving around with straight pipes until it gets done.

Police arrested Dustin Allen Bushnell, 30, of Burbank, on investigative hold for Possession of Stolen Property for the slide. No charges have been filed for the converters.


Scorpions - In Your Park


Faith No More - We Care A Lot


Manchester Orchestra - Bed Head

New single from their soon to be released album.


The best living Rock drummer

Mario Duplantier of the band Gojira

Gojira - Born For One Thing


Othello Sandhill Crane Festival goes virtual for 2021

Kurt Braunwart, of the festival organizing committee, said the festivalís social media sites will be used in the next six weeks.

Traditionally, the festival includes a wide array of lectures and tours for birdwatchers, ranging from bird behavior to local geology. Those will continue in modified form on the Saturday of festival weekend, March 20.


Steven Stills - Sit Yourself Down


Johnny Marr - Hi Hello


Monster Magnet - See You In Hell

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