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Member since: Fri Sep 20, 2019, 03:40 PM
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We are about to see a major shift in the primary.

Sanders is done and Biden is about to fall.

Sanders: Sanders was already on a downward trajectory. His heart attack is going to end any possibility of a comeback. He will continue to raise very large sums of money but he is going to be relegated to the bottom tier of candidates. This will stop any possibility for him to gain any type of meaningful delegates. He will end up with almost none. This is really what he was in for anyway. Going into the convention with some clout. By the time the convention rolls around I am willing to bet that the only clout he will have will be his endorsement, and that will be pretty insignificant at that point.

I do think Sanders is going to stay in until the end. No career politician drops out when they are pulling in huge sums of money. Money is now his power.

Biden: Biden is about to go down to what we have been referring to as second tier candidates. Interestingly enough, considering the front-runner status he has held, that will really just bring more candidates up to the first tier.

This is about optics. Sanders heart attack is going to hurt Biden. It will make people second guess him as a choice. Image is everything. The tactic Trump is using will also have a great impact on Biden. It doesn't matter if people know it is fake or not. People don't want to go into the general with a candidate surrounded by controversy and scandal, and Biden is surrounded by both. His name is in the papers every single day and is attached to Trump. He is being cleared left and right but the coverage is still there. At the present time, I think people are completely done with "but her emails." That is too recent history.

Biden's fundraising haul wasn't all that good. It paints a picture at a time when he is getting hit from every angle.

We now have candidate after candidate, elected official after elected official, coming out to support Biden against Trump. Many are almost doing so more powerfully than Biden himself. Again, back to optics. People are even clamoring for others to come out and fight for Biden. While that should be expected, it doesn't paint a pretty picture. It portrays him as a seventy something year old man who needs help in a fight. People should stop that narrative. Specially when demanding other candidates jump in more forcefully. It has the image of Biden being weak and it is going to hurt him.

"He can beat Trump is not a good slogan." It is based off of so little and all people have to do is put a ding in that one piece of armor. Either by creating doubt or by others polling close to him in head to head match-ups with Trump. This narrative has been built up so much that many people don't think of Biden as someone presenting policy. More that he is simply someone taking on Trump.

Biden's only saving grace will be in an absolute drag out fight for delegates. How many can he get? He is polling great in some states. I think over the next two weeks we are going to see a pretty big dip in his polling. It's still going to leave him in the delegate hunt for those states. I don't think Biden is going to crater like Sanders who will not realize many delegates by the end of the process.

While I have great respect and admiration for many politicians, I don't do the fan club thing. Biden is one of my favorites but I can fully see what is happening and understand the impact of optics in politics. I think Biden has had a great career and if he goes down it won't bother me. He is a great guy and will be just fine in life. I would probably feel differently if we didn't have such a solid field.

My list of ones to watch:


While Warren will become the clear front runner over the next two weeks, look for the field to become closer as Biden and Sanders supporters shift to other candidates. Warren will be a great front runner but there seems to be a bit of nervousness with many who are eyeing her.

That's what I think.

So Republicans would call this good politics?

Nancy Pelosi on camera: To the Ukrainian President, just a reminder as you open up the Biden investigation.... Our next President will be a Democrat. You might want to turn over all communication you have had with the Trump administration. You might want to really think about whatís in your countries best interests considering Trumps shelf life is very limited.

People donít think any of this is ok.

I wrote Rubio yesterday telling him his silence and timid support of Trump is the act of a traitor. You donít have clean hands if you turn a blind eye to these acts.

CNN report on Sanders just now.

The campaign official wouldn't tell CNN if he was in the hospital or not. Wouldn't say which state he is in. A campaign person simply told them that he will be in the next debate. Says the campaign is being extremely quiet about the situation.

This is how it was just reported on CNN.

We are currently in a trade war with China.

It is costing both of our countries billions and no one thinks we aren't in a trade war with them. No one.

Trump just requested that a country he is admittedly in a trade war with, and views them as hostile toward us, to investigate one of his political rivals. In damn near the same breath he reminded them about negotiations with them in DC next week.

Can I please use the word treason now?

Volker has handed over documents to the committee ahead of his appearing.

Sounding like more than a copy of his opening statement. Iím guessing that part of it is one hundred percent of his communication with Giuliani. Who knows about the rest. Volker is not a Trump sycophant.

I truly believe that we are on our way to a single payer system.

Congress isn't holding us up. The American people are. Congress lags behind the will of the people. It's actually one of the greatest aspects of our government. It helps to maintain stability and certainty. Current polling can be used as fodder for all sides of the argument. The polls show uncertainty among the populace yet they are used by all sides of the argument to show where the support is. It all depends on the wording of the polls.

I support the push for M4A even though I think it's a foolish name for it. What is being pushed does not resemble medicare. But the general concept is there and people don't view medicare as a failure. I get it.

M4A is being pushed mainly by activists. It hasn't reached the true level of being a possible legislative reality. This push has my support. I'm not going to shit on the payment mechanisms or anything lacking in their proposals. The biggest players pushing it, like Sanders, don't understand how to write legislation. They aren't nuts and bolts people. They are grand idea people. They are some of the most important people to our cause. They move society over time. There are a couple of wonks pushing it but they are smart enough to understand they are building support for an idea, not detailed legislation. They are people like Warren who will eventually be the ones who see it across the finish line. We need to be more like the Warrens out there. Willing to dangle it out there with the understanding we are building support, not legislation.

I really think we on the left should stop hammering these people on how it will be paid for. We know how it will be paid for. Taxes. Let the right hammer the issue of how it will be paid for. They don't need our help. I'm not saying people on the left who bring up this concern are carrying water for the right. It's a real concern and we are in the middle of campaign season. It's fair game. Here is what I tell people. It will be paid for using a progressive taxation scale. If someone is living in poverty, or additional taxation would put them under the poverty line, they will see no tax increase as a part of a healthcare package. Bill Gates will be paying for the health care for 1000 people, Ricky over on avenue D living in poverty will not be paying for healthcare, and that middle class family over there will be paying for their own healthcare. Bill Gates will still be able to afford the worlds largest yacht, the costs for the middle class family will slightly go down because of costs controls, and Ricky will have one less thing holding him back as he tries to move vertically in society instead of horizontally.

I don't care if that is true or not. It sounds good and makes sense. I'm trying to build support for universal healthcare. I believe healthcare should be considered a right. I'm selling an idea, not a package.

This topic does not sway my vote except that the person must be moving in a direction that covers more people, not less. I personally favor a public option at this point. That doesn't mean I can't support activists who are fighting for what I want and the clear direction we are going. I do not demand all of the details on something that is a decade away under the most perfect of circumstances.

I'm a bit out of the loop on the pending civil war.

Up front, I do understand that the numbers of those truly willing to attempt something is so small that they would end up holding a ďCivil War March.Ē

I do have two questions that I truly donít know the answer to.

Are there really people who think they are going to take up arms or is this more of a political revolution they are talking about?

If they are talking a call to arms, who do they plan on taking by force?

I was going to buy an impeachment shirt today and decided not to. Trump and his cohorts have been fomenting violence and we will see more of it soon.
Iíve gone to protests in my area and will continue to do so. Iím not cowering in fear. I just think such a shirt puts me alone with a target on my back. I donít give these right wing extremists a pass but what Trump is doing to the most paranoid segment of society seems like holding a match to a gas can.

I know there wonít be some civil war. I also know there will be ďcivil warĒ casualties. I just donít know how many or who the targets will be. Right now their general seems to be putting a target on a lot of people.

The civil war will be completely one sided.

By that I mean it will be the right against the right.

When Trump leaves office the timing is going to bring us right into an election. The warriors on the right are going to see Kasich and Romney stepping up to the plate to lead Republicans. The Breitbart right hates one thing more than Democrats. Thatís Romney like Republicans. The Brietbart right will have to immediately put all resources into electoral politics after Trump is gone.

They amassed so much power that they actually got Trump and Bannon in the WH. The fight on their hands will be against republicans trying to fill the power void when Trump leaves.

8/27/2019 Florida Man Gets 15 Months for Threatening to Decapitate Bernie Sanders

Florida man left three voicemail messages at Sanders' Vermont office where he made anti-Semitic threats and threatened to kill Sanders by beheading him in an 'ISIS-style' video

A Florida man was sentenced to 15 months in prison on Friday for threatening to behead U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, federal prosecutors said.

The man, 58-year-old Robert Pratersch of Kissimmee, in September 2018 left three voicemail messages at Sanders' Vermont office where he made anti-Semitic threats and threatened to kill Sanders by beheading him in an "ISIS-style" video.


Additional Source: Orlando Sentinel

I did a quick search and didn't see this posted.

We know enough.

The facts currently in front of us makes it clear that the President is a traitor. Public opinion on impeachment is shifting but we are in an emergency situation. The President is a traitor and still presiding over the executive branch. He is ramping up investigations into his political opponents against the best interests of the country.

This is an all hands on deck situation. Itís time for Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama to pen an op/ed. Time to move public opinion along faster. Time to remove the traitor sooner rather than later.

Iím of the beliefs that Democrats are doing a great job. Itís time for past leaders to jump in. Itís time for our past presidents to speak with a united voice.
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