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Member since: Wed Sep 25, 2019, 12:36 PM
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CA Gov recall: which Dem alternative?

In the California Governor recall election voters have two choices. One is a yes or no question: Should Gavin Newsome be recalled. I’m voting no, of course. But voters can also vote for a replacement candidate no matter how they vote on the first question.

The California Democratic Party urges Dems to vote “No” on the question of recall. But in an incredible act of hubris, they have not put forward or endorsed a Democratic alternative candidate should the recall pass.

In fact, if I understand the situation correctly, they suggest that Dems select no replacement candidate, thus leaving the selection up to Republicans if the recall succeeds. How f’ing stupid is that? Go to the CA Democratic Party website to see how lame their action there is.

But that’s not the point of my post.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonable Democratic replacement candidate to vote for? The apparently front runner, Kevin Paffrath, seems to be an equivocating, lightweight. But, I dunno? Is he the best we can do? I d rather have a lightweight Dem than any of the front running Republicans

Who should we rally round?

Wear an N95 mask to own the dummies..

I wore an N95 mask that I got off Amazon into a convenience store in rural Idaho today. Of course I was the only one in the store wearing a mask of any kind.

I picked up all the important food groups, six pack of Uinta Brewing Hazy Nosh IPA (you can get good beer almost everywhere these days), a box of Wheat Thins (an American classic), and a Hagen Das Dark Chocolate ice cream bar. Standing waiting my turn at the register, a guy crossed the store to ask me why I was wearing a mask. Before I could answer, he said, “you know that masks don’t protect you, don’t you? They only protect other people.” And he said it in a way that implied I was dumber than he was.

I stepped into his space and said, “you got it wrong pal. It’s those blue masks that protect other people. This is an N95s mask that protects me from people who don’t wear masks. I don’t really give a shit about anybody but me. That answer your question?”

I held his gaze while he fish mouthed for a few seconds then turned away.

The moral of this story is that it’s easy to get N95 and KN95 masks which really do protect the wearer from exposure to airborne viruses like Covid. They’re not 100% effective but way, way more than those blue and white masks are at self protection. There’s a ready supply from various well known suppliers like 3M on Amazon. Since a large percentage of the general population refuses to do the decent thing and wear a mask to try to protect the people around them, you may as well protect yourself from them by wearing an N95 mask.

Use Clapton to promote COVID immunity

Let’s sponsor an Eric Clapton tour that provides unvaccinated attendees free tix. They can all get together, swap viruses, and those who survive will possess some measure of immunity, thus helping those of us who get the shot!

Prepare for disappointment

Mueller’s report goes clunk. Manafort and Flynn got off. Cosby walks. We sigh. We listen to Rachel and her panels talk on about what could be coming next. Don’t worry, there is supersceeding stuff that could happen to make this mess right. hope burns eternal

But what if none of those carrots we hold out in front of ourselves don’t deliver the comeuppance we hope for. What if the Trump Org indictments deliver less than we hope? What if all these initiatives drag on to the mid terms, one disappointment after another until gerrymandering voters rights occluding Republicans retake the House and Senate (and they will unless we see some real progress somewhere).

Prepare yourself. That is the likely scenario.

We talk here about fighting like Republicans do.

Prepare yourself to do that on the street level. Prepare yourself to be the Antifa that Republicans talk about and fear but that we are not actually-yet.

Lamest of the four?

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged. Schumer won’t even require a talking filibuster to make it a tiny bit harder for Republicans to use the filibuster to thwart democratic lawmaking.

Now Nancy has identified four ways Congress might move forward to instigate the January insurrection. I have a pretty good guess which one it will be. The answer, when it comes, will say a lot

My Dad was ANTIFA

He joined the Army Air Corps when WWII broke out. He flew B17s and later B29s in the Paccific with missions over Iwo Jima and then Japan. He flew transports into and around Korea during that ‘police action’. He did the same during the Vietnam War. He retired as a colonel.

Though often gone for long periods, he was a great dad. He didn’t talk much about his war experiences. However, we were station at an Air Force base that had an active rod and gun club. After shooting skeet, my Dad and his shooter pals would sit around drinking beers and telling stories at the club’s bar. My brothers and I and the sons of other Dad’s would sit quietly drinking our Cokes at nearby tables listening, sometimes looking at each other with wide, shocked eyes from what we heard. About two thirds of the stories ended in laughter. The other third ended with all the men getting quiet and staring off into the distance.

My Dad was a an Eisenhower Republican who voted for Carter because he said that submarine guys were nuts, but you could always trust them to be cool and do the right thing. I believe he voted for the first Bush because of his service record. He called the second Bush “a dumb son of a bitch’, the worst thing my Dad could say about anyone.

He’s buried at the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl in Hawaii.

Boulder: I know only two things..

When my wife told me that there had been a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, a place where we lived once long ago, I knew that gun violence tragedy had struck again. When she told me that the gunman had been taken alive, I knew he was white.

She got mad at me a week ago when she told me about the Atlanta Asian hate crime murders. She said that the shooter had been taken alive, and I said, “he’s a white guy, right?”

“You don’t know that,” she said. “Why would you say that?”

I’m a white guy. She’s a white woman. She believes, way more than me, that people are are the same where ever you go, whatever their color, creed, lived experience. (Yup. Acknowledged. The definition of white privilege). We’ve lived in a lot of places and traveled to many more where meeting the people on the way make it seem that she’s right. But we’re in gun happy America. I’m so sorry that she’s again confronted with the truth that she’s wrong.

Wells Fargo sucks!

Wells Fargo not only waited until the 17th to release the ARP money they were to distribute (so they could make money on the “float”, of course), but they have also placed a hold on it. Seriously. The money is there, but it’s shown as a “pending” transaction. Presumably they’ll release it at midnight. But who knows?

You know that if my account was down to zero and I wrote a check against it that they were able to process today, they’d charge me an overdraft fee. I wonder how many folks this will happen to.

One thing I do know is that Wells Fargo, a corporate entity that has paid millions and millions in fines for fraud on an epic scale, has never had an executive go to jail for any of their malfeasance. They’re a “person” for political donation purposes, but otherwise,., they’re a chimera.

Wells Fargo sucks.

USPS irony, kinda...


A stamp about the stamp act? Bwah hah hah hah

(I kill me)
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