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Member since: Wed Sep 25, 2019, 11:36 AM
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USPS irony, kinda...


A stamp about the stamp act? Bwah hah hah hah

(I kill me)

Hey wait! I thought I was the head of Antifa! N/t

Attn Republican impeachment manager staff: this was sarcasm. There is no Antifa organization, and there is no leader. Unless you include the agents provocateurs. I suggest you contact the Mercers to get a line on them.

What will they tell their grandchildren?

Current US Senators have kids, and grandkids, and great grandkids who will learn about George Washington, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and other hero’s of the American story. They will be taught American values. Lots of it they will just absorb from the ether, no matter what they hear from the family or in school.

They will eventually hear and wonder about that President who was in office when dad or granddad was in office. They’ll be able to review all of the information about his two impeachments.They’ll wonder how did dad or granddad respond? How did they vote when all the evidence—available in graphic detail from beginning to end on YouTube or whatever-was presented?

No matter what side of the political aisle you are, its pretty clear that the Democratic impeachment managers proved their case that Trump deserved to be found guilty. It will be even more stark for the next generation of internet kids. When they find out how Republican dad, or grandad, or great grandad voted, what will they think?

Tell me, Repblican Senator, who do you want your kids, your grandkids, your great grandkids to think you are? A hero? Or a villain.

I think the current Republican Senators know this. And they’re betting that in the next election, they’ll take back the Presidency and both houses, by voter suppression and gerrymandering, if nothing else. And they suppose that they’ll do so well in the new non-democratic America, and pass down to their progeny such a bountiful legacy, that this Trump-second-impeachment kerfuffel won’t matter at all to the next direct generations. Te winner, after all, gets to write the history.

I think that the current Republican Senators know they are voting to enable the next Republican/Trumpist demagogue. I think that they look forward to the increase of their own fortunes under the rule of the new order. They simply don’t care about democracy. They see government as a way to power and riches. They know that at this moment, their hands are on the levers.

Think about it. They, like you and me, cant help but be a little jealous of the lives of those who have more money or power than we do. I’d like a new car more frequently. I’d like to be able to upgrade my TV. Senators subconsciously (at least) wish they had a jet, the way George Clooney does, wish they had a private island, the way Richard Branson does. Had a massive compound in Florida, like Trump does. So they can’t help but think that using the tools at their disposal to get there is all right. Letting Trump off the hook is one of those tools.

Make no mistake, when Republican Senators vote to let Trump off the hook, they are voting to enable the transition from a democratic republic to a Hitlerian authoritarianism with themselves in positions of privilege, power, and wealth.

It’s that bad.

No means test for Covid relief!

I heard Jen Psaki at the press briefing going on right now imply that there will be an upper limit on income of $75,000 in order to get a Covid relief check. I’d just like to point out that in the San Francisco Bay Area there are many, many people working two or three jobs in order to earn enough to live in the area. Lots of them make $75,000 and still struggle. $75,000. Might sound like a lot. In many places it simply isn’t and House Democrats should understand that.

In addition, a means test requires a whole bureaucracy that itself costs money. A means test is unlikely to save enough to pay for it.

It’s a bad idea all around.

Sunday night. Rachell's not on.

Ever had one of those heavy weeks that flowed hard into a Sunday where you got up early, worked late, and got home tired, grabbed a beer, turned on the TV and Rachel’s on and you just know the shit has hit the fan. Again.

This ain’t one of those Sundays. Beer. Chips. No Rachel. All’ss right with the world.

Job that sucks: Secret Service for Trump

How’d you like to be on the Trump secret service detail? Down in Florida, being treated like shit s at Mar-a-lago one moment and as a status symbol another. I guess it could be worse, assigned to Jared and Ivanka

What would healing look like?

Republicans want us to “heal.” Ok. But what would that look like? Here are some ideas.

First, every Republican Senator and Representative should admit that they were wrong about Trump. They should say, “I was wrong about Trump. I should never have supported him. I was wrong. Sorry.” No weasel words.

That’s not going to happen, of course. What Republicans mean when they say we should come together as a country is that Democrats should abandon their ideals and ideas for a better democray and a better future for every citizen and instead, adopt Republican positions on everything. But I digress.

What do you think “healing” would look like?

Rep Jimmy Panetta is soft on impeachment

I spoke with my Rep Jimmy Panetta D 20 CA and urged him to support impeachment. He said certifying the election and waiting Trump out is sufficient. I told him I think that’s not enough

Feel free to reach out and tell him what you think. Use this area code: 95001-5049

Here’s the link to his office email:


Ready for the next putsch?

In a thoughtful piece over on DailyKos, one Dratier write:
For four years, our government has been lax to the point of anarchy. Our leaders have lost the meaning of discipline, focus, coordination and cooperation, as our supreme leader golfed, cursed, insulted, ranted, reversed himself, and self-praised to his heart’s content.

As a result of this moral and mental laxity, our Capitol is not just a lame duck, but a sitting duck, as Wednesday’s events proved.

We saw that law enforcement authorities can protect the Capitol when BLM demonstrated peacefully there. Barriers and personnel were everywhere evident and overwhelming force was waiting in the shadows. Never mind that they weren’t needed, BLM not being a terrorist organization. The place was locked down solid. Call it the gold standard for suppressing violence simply by being adequately prepared.

The question now is, will they be that prepared again? Leadership of the main forces involved has been removed. Right wing sympathizers have not.

What will we see as inauguration draws nearer.
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