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Jon Stewart podcast discussion on Hutchinson testimony

This is a LONG discussion, but worth listening to. Jon discusses with 3 guests the significance of Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony, the DOJ likelihood of prosecution, and Jon's view of what point in Trump's post election behavior proves criminal intent. Toward the end, they discuss their expectation that the Republicans will choose DeSantis as their leader and 2024 candidate. DeSantis has all of Trump's right wing extremism without the unpredictability and ignorance.

My prediction is that the 2024 Republican ticket will be DeSantis/Cheney.

Is your church addressing Christian Nationalism?

A recent newsletter from my church brings up Christian Nationalism as we approach the July 4 holiday.

Many churches, especially mainline ones, focus on religious faith, not politics. But when some religious denominations and individuals promote a merging of religion and politics, it becomes necessary to address the issue.

The newsletter that I received quotes Pamela Cooper-White on Christian Nationalism. She is the author of the book, Christian Nationalism: Why People Are Drawn in and How to Talk Across the Divide.

She says, "Christian Nationalism is a fanatical, radical departure from the teachings of Jesus and any faithful reading of the Gospels, and it is also dangerously anti-democratic."


Remembering this song today.

Joe Biden on overturning Roe.

Video - Joe Biden's remarks on overturning Roe

50 years ago tomorrow, 6/17/22 - Watergate break-in

And here we are again, with Congressional hearings about another Republican attempt to steal a presidential election.

I remember hearing just one broadcast news story about a break-in at Dem headquarters in DC right after the burglars were caught. I also remember thinking (naively as it turned out), "Wow. This is big. How will it affect the election?"

But that was it. No more news stories about it that day or the next. Hushed up. Until months later (after the election), when a few stories trickled out but were mostly ignored.

Not until the Congressional hearings did the country realize what was going on inside the Nixon administration regarding the Watergate break-in. Even then, we did not get the full story because Nixon resigned, was pardoned, and all further investigations stopped.

This time, we cannot let the perpetrators and co-conspirators get off so easily. Dig up every bit of information and evidence. Prosecute them. If that had been done 50 years ago, we might not be where we are today.

Papa lion and cub.

See pic in post #1 below.

Does anyone else think that

Stirewalt strongly resembles Hoss Cartwright (Dan Blocker) from Bonanza?

I kept waiting for him to put on a cowboy hat and ride out of the room on a horse.

Whiteout at the window this morning.

Like most cats, Ember loves looking out the window, especially in spring and summer when there is more going on. I have an upper floor apartment with a view for several blocks.

As soon as the sun comes up in the morning, Ember is on the window sill, checking for any changes that might have happened overnight. But this morning, there was a thick fog, blocking out everything except a building across the street, which looked weirdly like it was floating since the ground below it and sky above it were not visible.

Poor Ember looked startled at the scene. She stretched her neck forward as if she could not believe her eyes. I gave her some reassuring scritches, a kiss on the head, and a hug. Told her it would be "all right" later. She knows that the words "all right" mean nothing to get alarmed about. But I think she felt cheated. She jumped down to the floor and has not looked out since.

It is starting to clear up now. Once it does, I expect she'll be back at her window post.

Hybrid Neanderthal/Denisovan first generation child

DNA analysis of remains of 13 year old reveals a Neanderthal mother and Denisovan father. This is the first time that a first generation hybrid, with 50/50 DNA has been found.

The article suggests that part of the reason that Neanderthals and Denisovans no longer exist is that they were absorbed into the Sapiens population through interbreeding rather than due to disease or inter species fighting.

According to the article, everywhere in Asia and among Native Americans there is less than 1% Denisovan DNA. There is 5% Denisovan DNA in Papua New Guinea and among Aboriginal Australians.

One Denisovan legacy is a mutatin of gene EPAS1 that makes it easier for the body to access oxygen. This gene is found in 90% of Tibetans and 9% of Han Chinese.

I wonder if that gene variant accounts for the Native people of Peru where the people lived in the Andes Mountains and the Inca Empire used runners to carry messages at those mountain heights.


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