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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
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New Year - Remember when 2020 was so bad?

We looked forward to 2021. Had to be better. Couldn't get worse. We had elected a Dem president. We had vaccines.

But then - an insurrection attack on Congress right off the bat in January. Vaccines were distributed after a slow start. Masks were discarded. Everything opened up again.

But then - the delta variant. By mid summer it was taking over as the dominant strain. A least twice as infectious as the previous variant. We needed masks again but state governors made vaccine and mask mandates illegal. Magats refused both vaccinations and masks. Vaccine efficacy was wearing off after 6 months. Boosters were approved. For sure the boosters would help those who wanted help.

But then, omicron. It breaks through vaccines. Even more infectious than delta. Maybe not as severe. And that's where we're at.

Should we look forward to 2022? I'm almost afraid to.

Brownie for breakfast? Why not?

They looked so tempting to me this morning. Already made. No need to scramble eggs, mix up pancake or waffle batter and cook. No need to even fill a bowl with cereal and milk. Just grab a brownie and eat. Mmm.

Full of nutitrious ingredients, too. Eggs for protein and biotin. Mono and poly unsaturated oil. Walnuts for omega 3. Chocolate for BP. Add a dollop of Greek vanilla yogurt and it's a healthy breakfast, right?

Ember the cat watched my town's Christmas super spreader event tonight. She did not approve.

The Christmas parade route goes past my apartment building. So, instead of joining the unmasked, shoulder to shoulder hordes on the sidewalk, I watched from a window, with Ember on the windowsill in front of me. She spends a lot of time looking out that window, so she knows the difference between a real car and colorful sparkly light monsters. Real cars have small white lights in front and little red ones in back. Sparkly monsters have many lights all over them in multiple colors, especially red and green. She was not fooled. She growled feline warnings at them.

They made musical sounds, but again, Ember was not fooled. She knows that real music comes from radios, telephones, and movies. She growled. "Back off! I am a guard cat."

Ember knows that people walk the sidewalks by themselves or in small groups. She stretched her neck back and forth to see the big crowds swarming the sidewalks. Oh no! What were they doing out there with sparkly light monsters rolling down the streets? She growled. "Look out you silly fools. The monsters will get you."

Ember loves children. She watched them run up to the sparkly monsters who threw little wrapped up things at the kids. She growled fiercely. "Hurt those little kiddies and you'll have me to answer to!"

She did her best to protect the neighborhood and our home. Eventually, it worked. The monsters moved down the street and no more of them came along. The crowds dispersed. Mission accomplished. Ember jumped to the floor and groomed herself with great pride.

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