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So the death rate might change

from 1 to ?

Hope not. Death is a high price to pay, especially for people who are innocent victims of other people's selfishness.

But it is premature to conclude that there is only one death victim from the increase in infections.

O.M.G!!! Delta has definitely arrived in my rural NY county.

After vaccines came out, our infection rate dropped until it reached days at a time with 0 new cases, 0 deaths, and 0 hospitalizations by mid June. Occasionally there were 2 or 3 new cases.

Then, 3 weeks ago, cases started rising, from 0 to 3, then 5 at a time a few days in a row. Then 15.

Last Friday, there were 40 active cases, with 4 hospitalizations. I just checked our county health department website. There were 53 new cases over the weekend, 4 hospitalizations, and 1 death.

It will get much worse. The full vaccination rate for the county is 43%. The partial rate (1 shot) is 46%.

There are two small cities in the county. I live in one of them. The rest of the county is small villages, and farms. There are quite a few anti vaxxers and anti maskers in this area. People are still acting like the pandemic is over, but in reality, the next wave has just begun and nobody seems to be noticing it.
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