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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
Number of posts: 20,386

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Fascism video - Description of its origins

I came across this on You Tube. It compares Italian and German fascism and the core ideologies. Relevant to our times.

Buffalo flood watch as temps rise and rain is forecast.

Covers Erie County, which includes Buffalo. Flooding expected to be mild to moderate.


Blizzard kills 27 in Buffalo area while searches continue

Some were found in cars and snowbanks. Others had medical emergencies at home but responders could not get to them due to the blizzard. Snow plow crews got stuck in snow and had to be rescued by snowmobile. City and county requested volunteers with snowmobiles to call a special number to get instructions on how they could help.

ON EDIT: Officials expect to find more deaths once the weather clears enough to find buried vehicles and do house checks where power went out. 3 days straight of blizzard conditions in the worst blizzard in Buffalo history.


UPDATE: 27 confirmed deaths, not the final total yet.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas from Snoopy

Illustrations with it and a good message at the end.

Made some chicken vegetable soup in the crock pot yesterday.

So glad that I did. The perfect lunch for today's cold weather after yesterday's storm.

Blizzard warning for Buffalo and Niagara Falls

The warning is from Friday morning through to Monday morning. Snow is likely to be only a foot of accumulation. The problem will be the wind which is now predicted to be around 70 mph.

The rainy portion of this storm starts on Friday and is expected to cause flooding in low lying areas. The temperature will drop very quickly and dramatically as it has in the West. On top of the rain and flooding, the sudden temperature drop will produce flash freezing. Then the snow starts.

In surrounding areas, the wind predictions are lower, around 45 to 50 mph and snow predictions vary from 18 inches to 4 or 5 inches, depending on specific areas.

Wind chill will be -20 and lower in some areas. Power outages are expected.

First holiday season for victims of shootings this year.

Tops Market in Buffalo, Uvalde elementary school in Texas, Club Q in Colorado Springs. For survivors and for friends and relatives of the victims, this is the first holiday season since losing their loved ones and being traumatized by the experience.

And those are only the ones that made major headlines. Across the country are hundreds of people who lost someone to gun violence. The loss will always be with them, but this year, while everyone else is celebrating, will be when they feel the loss as fresh and intense.

Early Clovis points found in Michigan

They date back to 13,000 years ago. So both the location and the age were a surprise. (Transcript has a few typos.)


Earliest known evidence of Maya calendar in Guatemala

Calendar fragment dates back to 300 BCE showing that Mayans did not simply copy from previous cultures but were involved in early developments of Mesaoamerican civilization.

Ten other text fragments were found along with mixed murals and texts from an earlier complex.


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