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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
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Egyptian Mau video shows their colors and behaviors

Since earlier discussions in this forum about the Mau breed, I thought it was better to have an expert explain them, with videos of them in action.

These pics of unusual cat markings

have been shown in the DU Lounge before, but in case you missed them, here they are.


Arthur can wear those adorable ears with pride.

He is not alone. Kittens with large ears.






Remember when the film, Contagion, was just a thriller that we could shrug off after the theater?

It was just a sci fi projection of what could happen. Exaggerated for dramatic effects on viewers. My father used to say that today's science fiction is tomorrow's reality.

But the reality has turned out to be worse than the film in some ways. In the film, the virus was stopped by a vaccine developed several months into the pandemic. In real life, even AFTER vaccines we are in the 3rd year.

In the film, a huckster on the Internet gets rich with fraudulent claims of a cure. In real life, the huckster was the US president.

The film got many things about human nature right. But, fortunately, the supply chain did not totally break down in in real life as in the film. After an initial shortage of PPE, some shortages of certain foods and other household supplies, they returned to the shelves later. This is very fortunate because in the film, the government provided MREs to the population. In real life, that would never happen.

At least we are now past the days of no vaccine and no idea of which medicines work. We are getting a handle on covid.

But what about the next time? Are we preparing, based on lessons from covid?

Some cat antics to make you smile


Toddler steals the show at mom's wedding.


It's my toy, hooman. Get your own.

Cats video

My favorite is the cat watching a TV race.

Bear in the woods joke

A man is hiking in the woods when suddenly a huge bear jumps out at him. Terrified, without a gun or bear spray, the man prays, "Dear God, let this be a Christian bear."

Immediately, the bear falls to his knees and says, "Thank you, Lord, for this meal I am about to enjoy."

Hen shelters unusual babies.

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